squalid sätze

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Squalid sätze (in englisch)

1. It opened on to a squalid courtyard.
2. She stopped beneath the squalid light.
3. The office was squalid, dark, cluttered.
4. He was down the hall in a squalid hole like Louie’s.
5. He took off the rest of his squalid street bum ensemble.
6. We found him in a squalid hotel in the Mission District.
7. These were the squalid circumstances in which the ‘Great.

8. The condition of the lil bomber’s squalid apartment made.
9. He saw the squalid tract of her vice, miserable and malodorous.
10. I'd have to care quite a lot to come to a place as squalid as this.
11. You're in, you are, Libertyville, the squalid mainland of fend for.
12. She very evidently cared nothing for the squalid tragedies of human fate.
13. Formless, and the common, the poor, the squalid, and mean will come to you.
14. I saw several gangs of youths walking together along these squalid streets.
15. His almost squalid attire was not perceptible in the obscurity caused by the shade.
16. Then he returned to the squalid trailer to retrieve the all-important oxygen tank.
17. Hurrying to her squalid deathlair from gay Paris on the quayside I touched his hand.
18. Neither the squalid Picts nor the apish Atlanteans have any contact with other tribes or peoples.
19. Hidden under the cover of the now squalid vegetation, we looked carefully for the best way to go.
20. Trillian was reminded unavoidably of the London Underground, though it was less thoroughly squalid.
21. Brussels had conveniently turned a blind eye to the squalid and medieval conditions of its prisons.
22. In 1867, the family came together again and lived in the squalid tenement flats at 3 Sciennes Place.
23. All major cities had their slum areas where the poor lived in filthy, squalid, and unsanitary conditions.
24. A bunk built against the rough stone wall, a bare table and a bench completed the furnishings of the squalid chamber.
25. The squalid and withered person of this hag might well have obtained for her the character of possessing more than human cunning.
26. Bordering on the Merchants’ Quarter, it offered more refined surroundings than the squalid areas they had passed through earlier.
27. It is only fit for shops and counting-houses, and ought not to disgrace the seat of sovereignty by its squalid and vile appearance.
28. In both, there were several knots of loungers, squalid and miserable, but now with a manifest sense of power enthroned on their distress.
29. When Aureliano Segundo decided to go see what was going on, he found only the corpse of the horse and a squalid mule in the ruins of the stable.
30. He stared hard into the shadows of the squalid buildings, but saw nothing, though once he caught the faint rasp of cloth or leather against flesh.
31. Their homes were squalid, their children half-starved and raggedly clothed in grotesque garments hastily fashioned out of the cast-off clothes of charitable neighbours.
32. Packed into squalid cabins, smallpox, typhoid when they were ill in slave days, they did not know how to nurse themselves or their and tuberculosis broke out among them.
33. The meaning of the dark and squalid church is: the Church has lost its dignity and power, as a result of its disgraceful and shameful acts for the sake of wealth and glory.
34. Well, no one can ever resist going to see her own present, so that was quite a success, but the reception Rex gave next day at the Savoy for the wedding guests was very squalid.
35. As we approached the forbidding and squalid inn, with the sign of a game-cock above the door, Holmes gave a sudden groan and clutched me by the shoulder to save himself from falling.
36. The ultimate white-knight fantasy: He steals the abused princess from her squalid circumstances and places her under his gilded protection in a castle that no one can breach but him.
37. As we approached the forbidding and squalid inn, with the sign of a game-cock above the door, Holmes gave a sudden groan, and clutched me by the shoulder to save himself from falling.
38. It was all horribly free and easy there, and though officers and wealthy merchants sometimes frequented it, there was a squalid filthiness about the place, though that was an attraction to many.
39. Enclaves existed in the searing desert heat without the kind of infrastructure for food production or even a water supply; such a squalid existence only maintained by the occasional aid supply drop.
40. Within walking distance of the greatness of their ancestor’s architectural accomplishments, the descendents lived out their lives in squalid barbaric conditions, a mere shadow of their former glory.
41. He was the keeper of a low den in which I used to lodge in Swandam Lane, where I could every morning emerge as a squalid beggar and in the evenings transform myself into a well-dressed man about town.
42. As from the filth of the kennel and common sewer, spread the pestilence that carried havoc through a great city, so from this squalid, outcast, homeless wretch sprung the scourge of military despotism.
43. Seeping through the squalid air of the police station, the sour smell of dirt and disinfectant, came the sweet, rich smoke of a Havana cigar - of two Havana cigars, for the sergeant in charge was smoking also.
44. I ordered it to be repaired, bought some furniture, and took possession, an incident which would doubtless have occasioned some surprise had not all the senses of the cottagers been benumbed by want and squalid poverty.
45. In our conversations during my two days with Laura, she hinted that Telly had parallel dalliances even while he was with her but again I was torn between wanting the details and the need to remain aloof and above Tellys squalid behavior.
46. As he drew near the squalid hovel of a certain leprous man, the afflicted one, having heard of his fame as a healer, made bold to accost him as he passed his door, saying as he knelt before him: Lord, if only you would, you could make me clean.
47. Batam-Al-Bur had not seen her since the shade of Saint Cipriano was so thick that concealed the squalid figure of the woman, but Tula did see him and was asking herself intrigued what so slovenly young man was doing in a place as sacred as the temple.
48. I don't know why, but I always like the early workaday morning in Petersburg in spite of its squalid air ; and the self-centred people, always absorbed in thought, and hurrying on their affairs, have a special attraction for me at eight o'clock in the morning.
49. Those who had been greedy with the staves of the cask, had acquired a tigerish smear about the mouth; and one tall joker so besmirched, his head more out of a long squalid bag of a nightcap than in it, scrawled upon a wall with his finger dipped in muddy wine-lees--BLOOD.
50. When he saw the soldier placed in this unfortunate situation, and the squalid unfortunate troops pointed at as objects of pity, and when this situation was the result of a want of attention in those who had the care of them, he could scarcely give utterance to his indignation.
51. And a tall gaunt man with a scar on his temple sat with his elbows on a wine-stained table in a squalid cellar with a brass lantern hanging from a smoke-blackened beam overhead, and held converse with ten desperate rogues whose sinister countenances and ragged garments proclaimed their profession.
52. They could see the sprawling yellow clinker-brick complex of the AEG Kabelwerk factory just outside town, but they could not see the thousands of slave laborers that would soon be put to work there, manufacturing electric cables, laboring twelve hours a day, living in squalid camps nearby until they died of typhus or malnutrition.
53. Unfortunately, our history is full of tales of refugees, sometimes whole ethnic groups, chased from their homes by wars or natural catastrophes, only to end up rotting for years or even decades in squalid refugee camps providing them only bare subsistence means, while the rest of the planet either forgot about them or stopped caring for them.
54. Aureliano Triste stood on the threshold waiting for the dust to clear and then he saw in the center of the room the squalid woman, still dressed in clothing of the past century, with a few yellow threads on her bald head, and with two large eyes, still beauti-ful, in which the last stars of hope had gone out, and the skin of her face was wrinkled by the aridity of solitude.
55. If the native girls can come from their cabin homes into such an institution and be thus thoroughly trained, the axe is then laid at the very root of the tree of a squalid life of illiteracy, and a life of Christian culture and hope comes in its place, where Christian mothers throw angelic brightness over their households, and families of children are trained to act well their part in this great and growing nation.
56. She did not see the girls diving into the transparent rivers like tarpons, leaving the passengers on the train with the bitterness of their splendid breasts, or the miserable huts of the workers all huddled together where Mauricio Babilo-nia’s yellow butterflies fluttered about and in the door-ways of which there were green and squalid children sitting on their pots, and pregnant women who shouted insults at the train.
57. By exclusive Hamilton and squalid Lytton,.
58. They had excited sensations similar to those I have felt, in viewing the squalid inhabitants of some of the lanes and back streets of the metropolis,.

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