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    1. “I think I preferred you as an untameable stallion

    2. a parasite on the arse of an Arabian stallion, and yet, like that flea, this dull object

    3. Joris rides a jet black stallion called Black Hofnarr … I shall have to find out what that means

    4. A scruffy teenage boy appears almost immediately, offering assistance, his eyes brightening up when he sees the stallion Berndt is riding

    5. where he took 3rd out of 30 head in the stallion

    6. The stallion in the adjoining stall was also terrorized

    7. would have felled a rampaging stallion at twenty paces

    8. They had just come in from feeding the horses a few apples while Elmore described the lineage of the stallion and the records he had set

    9. The short man with honey-blond hair met the tall Nord just outside the city walls with a fresh stallion, and eagerly pocketed the shimmering coins in return

    10. He let his eyes quickly rove over the crowd to see if he could perhaps get a glimpse of him or even his stallion somewhere down there

    11. By that time, a soldier had arrived leading his black stallion, along with others for the Ael Tarael and Alit’aren to mount

    12. She moved too quickly and the stallion snorted

    13. Some of the horses obtained legendary status, and many a senior officer was seen with tears in his eyes when he talked about his stallion from the early years

    14. Upon entering, she was astonished to encounter an equally surprised Caroline Steepleton, the fiancée of the owner of Club Hollywood where Herminia had worked as a child whore, grooming a magnificent, snow-white Andalusian stallion, with its mane and tail brushed to resemble fine, flowing silk

    15. She helped Beth select a chestnut thoroughbred stallion that snorted eagerly when led from its stall, and which she described as a great mount for an experienced rider but slightly headstrong

    16. “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to do your own grooming,” she said while cross-tying the stallion in the center isle and presenting her with a brush and pick

    17. The stallion soon accepted his new rider as master as she worked it through walking, trotting and cantering with minimal signals from her legs, although the beast toyed with a touch of sassy insubordination

    18. Deep in the valley, beside a footbridge suspended over swift water, she found a one hundred-year-old cantina constructed of two-foot thick mud walls where she enjoyed snacks of chicharrónes and a cold beer, while outside the stallion munched the leaves of a coffee bush

    19. Beth arrived bubbling with exuberance about Puriscal, the feisty stallion and the intoxicating charm of La Hacienda

    20. Since childhood, dressage had been a special thrill and, as it required absolute obedience of the mount, it was particularly important that hers be male, a stallion, not a gelding, and of the very finest breeding

    21. She bought a birthday present for herself from her husband; an Andalusian stallion, fifteen hands high, snow white, and with bloodlines to some of the best stables in Spain

    22. Expensive as the stallion was, by North American standards, it was a steal

    23. For Caroline, it was perfect: not only was she able to slip her veterinary bills in with the others and feed her enormous stallion on grain Sylvia paid for, but she was also relieved of shoveling horseshit

    24. He needed something more macho - suitable to his stature - like the chestnut thoroughbred stallion that stomped and snorted in a nearby stall

    25. She trotted her stallion and watched in silent delight as Kevin struggled to keep his bouncing bottom centered

    26. Kevin came close to flipping over his mount’s head as the stallion, without direction from his rider, suddenly reversed then danced nervously sideways as he tried to dismount, kicking his animal and tugging at the reins

    27. Even as Kevin attempted to mount, the stallion completely ignored the confusing series of tugs he applied to the reins, and tossed its head to slacken them, spinning in tight disobedient circles

    28. She called out that perhaps he could gain better control if they trotted and, without another word, signaled her stallion to increase its stride while her hips picked up the rhythm, moving as one with the animal

    29. “Shit!” he grunted as the stallion beneath him flexed its great hind legs and he was thrown back in the saddle, his head snapping to horizontal, looking skywards

    30. The great black stallion reared, striking out with steel shod shoes taking several spiders in mid-flight

    31. She mounted Vanil and rode next to Elior and his white stallion, Oloty

    32. The stallion thundered up over the meadows

    33. - Come, Oloty! she whispered lovingly and led the stallion towards the door

    34. The large stallion tilted back his ears and swished his tail in nervousness when she with her hand on his nose led him into the room

    35. The stallion whinnied lowly when he saw his Elior and walked the rest of the way on his own and put his nose against Elior's cheek

    36. The old stallion was going to jump over the fence into the mare’s pasture one more time

    37. She sat up on Oloty and from the back of the white stallion, she could see out over the meadows where all stood ready to march

    38. At that time that kind of thought was like introducing the thought of John Stuart Mills to an Arab stallion who’s headed towards a mare that is high

    39. 6 A stallion horse is as a mocking friend, he neighs under everyone who sits on him

    40. Above: Wimpy, the grand champion stallion

    41. Even Danny the Italian Stallion dropped his

    42. She looked up and Danny the “Italian Stallion” was hefting

    43. “Like you, Mark, he is a young stallion who is the largest of his kind, and he loves to run

    44. Moshe sat slumped in near exhaustion, astride the golden-maned stallion

    45. The sudden nickering of his stallion jarred Moshe out of his reverie

    46. On this stallion, he places a bridle of wild bells, and reins made of fire

    47. No matter how loud and terrifying he and the stallion are, and no matter how bright their anger, they can never harm us

    48. If once, by some strange miracle, he fell to us, then his voice would become nothing but a whisper, and his wild stallion only the young fawn you see in the woodlands in spring

    49. At the center of the open area was one man mounted on a magnificent cream white stallion

    50. I stared at the horse who had just sprung from the wheelchair: a huge white stallion

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