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Stellar sätze (in englisch)

  1. He barked Stellar at the others.
  2. The glare became almost stellar.
  3. His name was really long in Stellar.
  4. A convoy from Stellar arrived with a.
  5. Eretz and Stellar have known that for years.

  6. Stellar and Agatha of having committed this.
  7. Without you, their stellar path will never shine.
  8. You’ve done such a stellar job and have earned.
  9. Add some stellar vocals and it turns into a winner.
  10. Furthermore, these stellar realms serve the Creator.
  11. Oh, man, that was stellar! Five stars, Frank!.
  12. Stellar would send a convoy after the harvest was in.
  13. They were at stellar distances from her present world.
  14. I sold out at just over 100% profit, which was stellar.
  15. To say that 2011 was a stellar year for vampirism would be.

  16. This is a stellar return, but not one I expect to maintain.
  17. Welcome to Stellar Interstellar Headquarters, Miss Stoll.
  18. Stellar at least two hours before the surgery, and well, the.
  19. It’s extremely long in Stellar, but you can call me Julius.
  20. She looked up at me and said something in Stellar, quiet and calm.
  21. Stellar Interstellar’s internal data collection would be second.
  22. And the several years that followed 1999’s stellar return of 69.
  23. Several Stellar depots have been attacked although none have fallen.
  24. Based on her stellar performances with the Chaplain of the House of.
  25. The experts in the Linguistics Department can’t figure out Stellar.

  26. They only spoke Stellar to me at first, and I only spoke English to them.
  27. You don’t exactly have a stellar reputation inside the administration.
  28. After that we will see about integrating them into the Stellar organization.
  29. I learned that the president of Stellar Interstellar was on the command ship.
  30. Other hobbyists have tried them with less than stellar results when it comes to.
  31. He renounced his claim as heir to the management of Stellar Interstellar Freight.
  32. He was able to translate enough of the Stellar to realize they were like cyanide.
  33. What did she think of me? She took a timid step forward and spoke in Stellar again.
  34. Seduced by stellar earnings gains, investors bid the stocks to unsustainable levels.
  35. He was an assistant to the harbor-master at Stellar Headquarters when I was there.
  36. The convoy had departed three days earlier bound for the nearest Stellar freight depot.
  37. A number of such companies exist, and their performance has been stellar in recent years.
  38. The Queen Elizabeth was redeployed to Stellar Headquarters and refitted for her role as a.
  39. Captain Solomon-Cohen, welcome to the headquarters of Stellar Interstellar Corporation.
  40. BEAM was a stellar example of Wall Street's patience and forbearance in the business of hope.
  41. And what am I supposed to do? Communicate with the Stargazer? I don’t even speak Stellar.
  42. After awhile, he became more relaxed in my presence, and would often joke with me in Stellar.
  43. The stellar intelligence inhabiting the Sun initially flared up at the turn of events, as it.
  44. The Staff Allocation Department at Stellar Interstellar had worked overtime to build her crew.
  45. Furthermore, these stellar realms are full of eyes (composed of character and spiritual.
  46. There were those in the Stellar Security Service for whom this was their favorite type of duty.
  47. The Federation High Command expressed its gratitude to Stellar for funding Rachel’s initiative.
  48. While these are still very good numbers, they are not as stellar as the 1963–2009 data indicate.
  49. At least the owner did have some taste in appearances, even if the reputation was less than stellar.
  50. Stellar ships were built with structure that allowed them to sit on their tails during construction.
  51. Stellar had purchased the entire shipment for their own use and had sent back a large order for more.
  52. Kim, Wren and Tracker had been on station two weeks when a pair of Stellar convoy escorts hailed them.
  53. Wren’s uncle Timothy, chairman of the family council that ran Stellar Interstellar, sat at the head.
  54. Some said the beginnings of stellar civilization might go back as much as a hundred thousand years ago.
  55. Stellar Interstellar prided itself on the confidentiality with which it conducted its clients’ business.
  56. This level of volatility is disturbing, even though McDonald’s has been a stellar performer for many years.
  57. The connection to Stellar Interstellar did not become apparent until after the battle at Stonebridge was over.
  58. Headquarters Complex of Stellar Interstellar Freight would roll over and surrender to a force merely double its size.
  59. Stellar Interstellar Corporation’s headquarters and shipyard was built on a moon orbiting a planet the size of Earth.
  60. He said he mapped in the specific point he picked for us to breach space based on tidal shifts in local stellar gravity.
  61. Following the stellar gains of 207 percent in February 2000, the group went on to lose 71 percent over the next 12 months.
  62. The green digits on the dashboard clock counted backwards as a series of tumultuous noises erupted from the Stellar Cruiser.
  63. Plan Orion says we find the nearest Stellar Interstellar Freight depot and hope that they recognize Tracker and Huntress.
  64. A stellar stallion rushed to its master, who scattered a spread of blooming flares overhead as they broke for the foothills.
  65. The entire sky, although lit up by stellar radiation, seemed pitch–black in comparison with the whiteness of these waters.
  66. He had no means of contacting the Stellar Cruisers that passed by the planet, now that the Link was smashed and his UPS gone.
  67. As an adult, half-Stargazer, half-human, it was considered ‘wild,’ and could not communicate either in Stellar or English.
  68. The negotiations were held at a Stellar depot on an airless moon of a large planet under heavy guard by Stellar security forces.
  69. Three weeks of research and planning paid off with an entirely new career—a pretty stellar return on the investment of my time.
  70. Those light trails emanating from it are usually caused by the white dwarf pulling stellar matter away from the companion star.
  71. He thought about how beautiful space had once seemed: the wonder of the stellar cycles and every potential that provided for life.
  72. You can have a great peace-of-mind knowing your policy is managed and backed up by a 132 year-old company with a stellar track record.
  73. The Huntress and her 'girls' were sitting right on top, beside and beneath the formation tucked deep inside the dusty stellar nursery.
  74. In view of the stellar performance of your crew in combat during the war, I believe that won’t be a problem in the case of your ship.
  75. As many as five different writers worked on the script, culminating with Walter Bernstein’s final work, which was anything but stellar.
  76. Their stellar record of financial strength and claims-paying ability positions them as one of the most highly rated companies in America.
  77. The decision was made to repair the freighters in the Stellar shipyard but repairs to the military craft would be sub-contracted to others.
  78. I’ve talked to countless physicians about his condition, and they often throw their hands up because Rufus’ health is otherwise stellar.
  79. I saw the (stellar) winds of Heaven which swirl around and bring into the circumference of the sun and all the stars into their trajectories.
  80. By properly fulfilling its mission, Stellar Interstellar will provide safe, fulfilling and lucrative careers for its employees and stakeholders.
  81. Although his mother had retained her affection for him, Sridhar’s stellar performances in studies made it difficult for her to ignore Sridhar.
  82. If you still want to know what my stellar stocks were, I can tell you that the ones with positions still open at the end of the experiment were:.
  83. Furthermore, the presence of the Artooroian fleet would most likely mean that no Stellar Cruisers would be dropping by in the foreseeable future.
  84. I shook my head at her, frustrated that we couldn’t communicate, frustrated that if I was a Stargazer, why didn’t I know how to speak Stellar.
  85. Bankrupt debt provided rich opportunities in the late 1980s, until large funds, attracted by the stellar returns, showed up with big pools of money.
  86. I know you don’ t think of Stellar Headquarters as your home, but we have always felt that you are as much a part of our family as my own children.
  87. Thereby, 360, 72, and 5 are all closely associated with cyclic time, as well as circular, solar, stellar, precession, zodiacal, and astrological math.
  88. We have determined that several shipments of grain exported by Trans Stellar Grain Exporters were tainted with the bacteriological pathogen ZX401B5W.
  89. There were very few who surpassed her skills in oratory, as witnessed by another stellar keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in 1992.
  90. Two days out of Eretz, she dropped out of hyper drive and changed course heading for one of the private freight depots operated by Stellar Interstellar.
  91. They all knew that this was but a step in the training that would one day put one of these four in the chairman’s seat of Stellar Interstellar Freight.
  92. On the other hand, the four beasts (creatures) in the midst of and round about God’s throne are stellar realms located at the four points of the Zodiac.
  93. He would walk away from the potential riches and restrictions due an heir of the Stellar Interstellar Freight mega corporation and strike out on his own.
  94. Normalcy that certainly included Mercer’s acrimony and Penelope’s stellar ability to excel in a calling she had literally walked into on that fateful day.
  95. It is in the best interest of Stellar Interstellar that the two of you go to the Space Force Academy and for security reasons that you go as a married couple.
  96. Mom’s English wasn’t stellar, on account of her years of isolation, encountering America through a tube, but you wouldn’t have known that to look at her.
  97. In the silence that followed, Faye Anne said, I think we should send a courier to Stellar and have them put this planet on a regularly scheduled freight route.
  98. Greg said, Under the terms of the Federation charter and Stellar company policy we delivered one of your ships and we defended one of your convoys from pirates.
  99. After the introductions of the other people in the room had been made Timothy said, So, Greg, you have seen a lot of the weaker side of the Stellar organization.
  100. My man, Wrigley? My man down on the prospecting console? He can read the distortion a foil wrapped prophylactic makes in a stellar mag field from 120,000,000Ks out.

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