stratagem sätze

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Stratagem sätze (in englisch)

  1. But the stratagem was defeated by the weather.
  2. Sir James, glancing at her, repented of his stratagem; but Mrs.
  3. Skelda's invasion of Brock's body marked another successful step in his stratagem.
  4. My switch from seducing her to telling her stories wasn’t an ingenious stratagem.
  5. This masterly stratagem created something like a panic in the ranks of the Forty Thieves.

  6. As if his departure were a signal, a roar of laughter from within followed his stratagem.
  7. Necessity excused stratagem, but stratagem was limited by the dread of offending Dorothea.
  8. The entire project had an air about it which smacked of insidious stratagem and political deception.
  9. Then they tried the stratagem of making the whole army turn about and march a few paces in the direction of the Yemen.
  10. The Iroquois who attacked the Geese Island and killed the Moyen couple used the same stratagem to try attracting more French into their trap.
  11. She simply continued to be mild in her temper, inflexible in her judgment, disposed to admonish her husband, and able to frustrate him by stratagem.
  12. My stratagem had given me a fair start—call it twenty minutes—and I had the width of a glen behind me before I saw the first heads of the pursuers.
  13. Feeling the need to review stratagem he turned to face his kindred and discoursed: Those of you adept at close-quarter combat will sortie with me shortly.
  14. I told the Ani’ Yun’-wiya story about the Stone Man (Nun Yunu wi) who had been overcome by an unusual stratagem and gave up all his secrets as he lay dying.
  15. Even while he was saying good-by to Lise, the thought had struck him that he must attempt some stratagem to find his brother Dmitri, who was evidently keeping out of his way.

  16. But as if perceiving this stratagem, Moby Dick, with that malicious intelligence ascribed to him, sidelingly transplanted himself, as it were, in an instant, shooting his pleated head lengthwise beneath the boat.
  17. But they allowed the poor wretch to kneel in the road, surrounded by a fictitious family group consisting of a woman and a few borrowed children, when the Emperor was passing by, and this stratagem saved his life.
  18. He avers that he saved my life by not exposing Akoulina Pamphilovna's stratagem when she spoke of me to the robbers as her niece, but it would be easier to me to die than to become the wife of a man like Chvabrine.
  19. Few families in the north end of town slept that night for the news of the disaster to the Klan, and Rhett’s stratagem spread swiftly on silent feet as the shadowy form of India slipped away into the windy darkness.
  20. You remember how you escaped them by some ingenious stratagem; then you doubted if they were really deceived, or whether they were only pretending not to know your hiding-place; then you thought of another plan and hoodwinked them once again.
  21. With a stratagem, he has managed to convince Zeus to let him return to the world of the living with the pact that he would return to the world of the dead as soon as he completed the task for which he asked and obtained permission to return to earth.
  22. His Mother was due to be transported to the Plantations after her Lyin’-in, but by some Stratagem escap’d, Martin with her, an’ resum’d her Life o’ Crime, bringin’ the Boy up in the Trade ere his Swaddlin’ Clothes were outgrown or his Bum dry.
  23. Berthier’s letter to Kutuzof, received on the day of the evacuation of Moscow, descanting upon the theme of humanity and love of one’s fellows, was a military stratagem intended to throw dust in the eyes of the Russians and gain a day of undisturbed retreat.
  24. Sancho fetched him his clothes; and while he was dressing, the curate gave Don Fernando and the others present an account of Don Quixote's madness and of the stratagem they had made use of to withdraw him from that Pena Pobre where he fancied himself stationed because of his lady's scorn.
  25. Neither is it in the power of the petitioners to avail themselves of force or stratagem, whereby to regain possession of the aforesaid slaves and their increase, because they would be liable to punishment for a violation of the statute of the United States regulating intercourse with the Indian tribes.

  26. And all this goes on throughout Russia in the autumn of every year, in broad daylight, in the heart of a great city, witnessed by all the inhabitants, and the stratagem is so skilfully managed, that though men at the bottom of their hearts realize its infamy, still they have not the power to throw off the yoke.
  27. Containing a better Explanation for the Prevalence of Pyracy than any Authors, ancient or modern, have yet advanced; together with our Heroine’s tragick but true Realization that most Revolutionaries are none where Women are concern’d, and what ingenious Stratagem she made Use of to alter this sad State of Affairs.
  28. Don Quixote overheard the conversation and said, "Haply, gentlemen, you are versed and learned in matters of errant chivalry? Because if you are I will tell you my misfortunes; if not, there is no good in my giving myself the trouble of relating them;" but here the curate and the barber, seeing that the travellers were engaged in conversation with Don Quixote, came forward, in order to answer in such a way as to save their stratagem from being discovered.
  29. But for all she tugged at it the barber would not give it up until the licentiate told him to let her have it, as there was now no further occasion for that stratagem, because he might declare himself and appear in his own character, and tell Don Quixote that he had fled to this inn when those thieves the galley slaves robbed him; and should he ask for the princess's squire, they could tell him that she had sent him on before her to give notice to the people of her kingdom that she was coming, and bringing with her the deliverer of them all.
  30. And this thou art bound to do for one reason alone, that, being, as I am, resolved to apply this test, it is not for thee to permit me to reveal my weakness to another, and so imperil that honour thou art striving to keep me from losing; and if thine may not stand as high as it ought in the estimation of Camilla while thou art paying court to her, that is of little or no importance, because ere long, on finding in her that constancy which we expect, thou canst tell her the plain truth as regards our stratagem, and so regain thy place in her esteem; and as thou art venturing so little, and by the venture canst afford me so much satisfaction, refuse not to undertake it, even if further difficulties present themselves to thee; for, as I have said, if thou wilt only make a beginning I will acknowledge the issue decided.

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