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Successively sätze (in englisch)

  1. Randolph twice successively moved an adjournment.
  2. She took successively all the other papers out till the drawer was empty.
  3. How can you have two successively lower closes and still be a raging bull?
  4. Empowering beliefs tend to result in a life of successively higher achievements.
  5. Let the numbers in this table be added successively, beginning at the bottom, to the log.

  6. In a proper pyramid, the trader adds successively smaller units as the trend progresses.
  7. Then this exercise is closed with a prayer in English by one of the brethren successively.
  8. Pinkney, all honorable men, had successively represented the United States in Great Britain.
  9. Yes, look at yourself in that glass; you have turned pale and then red successively, three.
  10. Usually positions that have been opened successively in time are not closed in the same order.
  11. Quite amazing thing is that the people are pursuing the logic successively on basis of which ZTA was formed.
  12. Since the parameters are optimized successively rather than simultaneously, the order should be determined.
  13. The conventionary doubted not that he had successively conquered all the inmost intrenchments of the Bishop.
  14. Substituting Stephen for Bloom Stoom would have passed successively through a dame's school and the high school.
  15. Figure 7-9: On the left, starting with point G, we multiply G successively to create new points at 2G, 3G, and 4G.

  16. Franz took it with a nervous trembling, and repeated the letters of the alphabet successively, until he came to M.
  17. He unbraced successively each of six minus one braced trouser buttons, arranged in pairs, of which one incomplete.
  18. Each woman with the condition is desperately and successively trying all the antidotes her friends have recommended.
  19. The two Beatons, Cardinal David and Archbishop James, also successively its abbots, give it a more ambiguous reputation.
  20. We have selected, more or less at random, four companies which are found successively on the New York Stock Exchange list.
  21. Another variation of this same idea has a market holding successively higher highs into the resistance level, as in Figure 6.
  22. The savages were successively and successfully charged and driven until daylight, when they disappeared like the mist of morning.
  23. On the other hand, they pull it successively a deal after another like when man drinks leben, pulling it gradually a sub after sub.
  24. According to one view, he was followed successively by four kings, Ra saa ka khepru, Tut ankhamen, Ai, and Horemheb, in peaceable succession.
  25. One common variation of the trading range idea sees the market making successively smaller swings, as if zeroing in on a target price level.

  26. But the American cuckoo is in this predicament, for she makes her own nest and has eggs and young successively hatched, all at the same time.
  27. The fact that the same shadowy hand promptly and successively plugged a normal-sized injection through the center of both papercuts did not help.
  28. He had talked successively to three of them, and now a pretty young woman with black eyes, who was holding a petition in her left hand, approached.
  29. The crowd’s suggestible state guarantees that such price movements are highly likely to snowball as members of the crowd successively take flight.
  30. Successively describing the technology of criteria application to solving each of these problems, we assumed that the two others were already solved.
  31. Sometimes this can occur after the stock has been wedging upward, in other words moving higher within its pattern on successively lighter volume.
  32. The opinion of all the commercial men was that, under the reverses which had successively weighed down Morrel, it was impossible for him to remain solvent.
  33. I do not know; I have only heard that an emperor of China had an oven built expressly, and that in this oven twelve jars like this were successively baked.
  34. Far better to simply hit a bid to get out than to offer at successively lower prices, as your offers will add pressure that will drive the price still lower.
  35. In practice, these tasks can be executed either simultaneously or successively (by consecutive reduction of the three-dimensional matrix of the initial set).
  36. Before the erection of the Royal African company, there had been three other joint-stock companies successively established, one after another, for the African trade.
  37. What imperfections in a perfect day did Bloom, walking, charged with collected articles of recently disvested male wearing apparel, silently, successively, enumerate?
  38. He was not at either of his offices, nor at Farrell's, but at each place successively Carton left a message which told the story and which he could hardly fail to receive soon.
  39. Holders of the earlier issues of Series E bonds have had the right to extend their bonds at maturity, and thus to continue to accumulate annual values at successively higher rates.
  40. It was one of the many odd jobs she took and left successively in those days until several years after our marriage she landed a post as the Middle East representative of Philip Morris.
  41. At the end of the lesson, and after performing their communication with God, the spectators came successively to greet their guide, then taking their leave of him in a very polite manner.
  42. Praxis put them successively through a variety of jobs during the afternoon, gradually shifting Tera, then Boecia to kitchen or laundry duties while keeping Heracles for the truly physical work.
  43. All that we are here relating slowly and successively took place simultaneously at all points of the city in the midst of a vast tumult, like a mass of tongues of lightning in one clap of thunder.
  44. It is there that the traveller, in passing from the Atlantic to the interior, crosses successively the most important formations of the earth, from the most recent alluvial to the oldest primitive.
  45. Maclure and myself successively as we passed by him, without any previous intimation of his presence, owing to the inaudible smallness of his rattle, and its having but three joints; he was killed by Mr.
  46. In the genus Lingula, for instance, the species which have successively appeared at all ages must have been connected by an unbroken series of generations, from the lowest Silurian stratum to the present day.
  47. For two consecutive years he made her order the household meals in his presence and receive the rents, and he taught her slowly and successively the names and remunerative capacity of his vineyards and his farms.
  48. All statistical procedures require that at least one of the following successively stronger assumptions be satisfied under the hypothesis of no differences among the populations from which the samples are drawn:.
  49. Indeed, when the forty plates were successively associated in pairs, of copper and zinc, though suspended in a fluid held in a common recipient without partitions; there was considerable intensity of Galvanic action.
  50. The month of Ramadan soon came and as the days of fasting successively followed the nights of eating and rest, Mohammad Amin and his friend counted them impatiently one by one until the first twenty nights had passed.
  51. Restless, energetic people from the older sections of The people who settled the town called successively Terminus, Marthasville and Georgia and from more distant states were drawn to this town that sprawled itself.
  52. And as the same pieces of money can thus serve as the instrument of different loans to three, or, for the same reason, to thirty times their value, so they may likewise successively serve as the instrument of repayment.
  53. But with the working ant we have an insect differing greatly from its parents, yet absolutely sterile; so that it could never have transmitted successively acquired modifications of structure or instinct to its progeny.
  54. That revenue, therefore, cannot consist in those metal pieces, of which the amount is so much inferior to its value, but in the power of purchasing, in the goods which can successively be bought with them as they circulate from hand to hand.
  55. In an instant he had cleared every obstacle away, and he saw successively the lock, placed between two padlocks, and the two handles at each end, all carved as things were carved at that epoch, when art rendered the commonest metals precious.
  56. Those capitals may be greater, in almost any proportion, than the amount of the money which serves as the instrument of their conveyance; the same pieces of money successively serving for many different loans, as well as for many different purchases.
  57. Substituting Bloom for Stephen Blephen would have passed successively through the preparatory, junior, middle and senior grades of the intermediate and through the matriculation, first arts, second arts and arts degree courses of the royal university.
  58. As an epicure snatches a taste of every dish which is successively brought to table, he not having allowed himself time to enjoy the one before, so have I gone from one subject to another without having discovered what I sought at first, the nature of justice.
  59. We can thus understand how it is that new species come in slowly and successively; how species of different classes do not necessarily change together, or at the same rate, or in the same degree; yet in the long run that all undergo modification to some extent.
  60. Neither Hamlet, nor Macbeth, nor Othello, nor Douglas, nor The Gamester, presented anything that could satisfy even the tragedians; and The Rivals, The School for Scandal, Wheel of Fortune, Heir at Law, and a long et cetera, were successively dismissed with yet warmer objections.
  61. But should it hereafter be found that air stones contain matters not found on our globe, the fact will afford no absolute proof of the foreign origin of these stones, as we are successively discovering earthy and metallic principles of distinct characters from those already known.
  62. But supposing for an instant, in this and other such cases, that the record of the first appearance and disappearance of the species was complete, which is far from the case, we have no reason to believe that forms successively produced necessarily endure for corresponding lengths of time.
  63. But the power of purchasing, or the goods which can successively be bought with the whole of those money pensions, as they are successively paid, must always be precisely of the same value with those pensions ; as must likewise be the revenue of the different persons to whom they are paid.
  64. She was forced to, however, by her own public opinion, and she did it vigorously, thoroughly, blackly, all the rest of the day, all the way home; and neither cakes nor chocolate nor ices earnestly and successively applied to her by Ingeborg at the pastrycook's were allowed to lighten the gloom.
  65. And this criticism would be perfectly just, if the transition from one conception of life to another were only accomplished by the single process of all men, separately and successively, realizing, each for himself, the emptiness of power, and reaching Christian truth by the inner spiritual path.
  66. As to the civilian convicts, who were stripped of all civic rights, branded, cropped, and shaven, these were to remain in the fortress to finish their time; but as no fresh prisoners of this class were to come in, and those there would get their discharge successively, at the end of ten years there would be no civilian convicts left in the place, according to the arrangements.
  67. When they scientifically got to know of His mercy and compassion for all of creation, and witnessed His endless beauty and perfection, they became attached to that lofty Presence where they could be overwhelmed by the Godly manifestation; they were covered with the light that was coming successively upon their spirits by dint of their limitless honesty before Al’lah and their great love for Him, the Almighty.
  68. With respect to the transverse septa, I think their presence may be accounted for by supposing that as the animal elongates its tube in consequence of an increase of growth, or in order to maintain an equal elevation with the adjacent tubes, (rendered necessary by the origin of young tubes in the interstices) it gradually vacates the basal portions of its tube, and sustains itself at the different elevations, by successively uniting the parietal lamellæ so as to exclude the vacuity.
  69. He unbuttoned successively in reversed direction waistcoat, trousers, shirt and vest along the medial line of irregular incrispated black hairs extending in triangular convergence from the pelvic basin over the circumference of the abdomen and umbilicular fossicle along the medial line of nodes to the intersection of the sixth pectoral vertebrae, thence produced both ways at right angles and terminating in circles described about two equidistant points, right and left, on the summits of the mammary prominences.
  70. If, before it came to the person who presents it to the acceptor for payment, it had passed through the hands of several other persons, who had successively advanced to one another the contents of it, either in money or goods, and who, to express that each of them had in his turn received those contents, had all of them in their order indorsed, that is, written their names upon the back of the bill; each indorser becomes in his turn liable to the owner of the bill for those contents, and, if he fails to pay, he becomes too, from that moment, a bankrupt.
  71. Every phase of the situation was successively eviscerated: the prenatal repugnance of uterine brothers, the Caesarean section, posthumity with respect to the father and, that rarer form, with respect to the mother, the fratricidal case known as the Childs Murder and rendered memorable by the impassioned plea of Mr Advocate Bushe which secured the acquittal of the wrongfully accused, the rights of primogeniture and king's bounty touching twins and triplets, miscarriages and infanticides, simulated or dissimulated, the acardiac foetus in foetu and aprosopia due to a congestion, the agnathia of certain chinless Chinamen (cited by Mr Candidate Mulligan) in consequence of defective reunion of the maxillary knobs along the medial line so that (as he said) one ear could hear what the other spoke, the benefits of anesthesia or twilight sleep, the prolongation of labour pains in advanced gravidancy by reason of pressure on the vein, the premature relentment of the amniotic fluid (as exemplified in the actual case) with consequent peril of sepsis to the matrix, artificial insemination by means of syringes, involution of the womb consequent upon the menopause, the problem of the perpetration of the species in the case of females impregnated by delinquent rape, that distressing manner of delivery called by the Brandenburghers Sturzgeburt, the recorded instances of multiseminal, twikindled and monstrous births conceived during the catamenic period or of consanguineous parents—in a word all the cases of human nativity which Aristotle has classified in his masterpiece with chromolithographic illustrations.
  72. Arranged successively in ascending powers of hierarchical order, that of gardener, groundsman, cultivator, breeder, and at the zenith of his career,.

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