sulky sätze

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Sulky sätze (in englisch)

As though he were sulky.
He was sulky, and so I came away.
Something felt sulky, as if it would not rouse.
The unknown gentleman was sulky and ill-humoured.
Razumihin works! But I turned sulky and wouldn't.
He said nothing, but looked dull, not to say sulky.
As he grew older the boy’s manners and his sulky disposition.

She assumed a sulky air, invented a thousand excuses, and finally.
The girls looked a little less sulky and stared at the two townees.
As a secondary business, they bred and trained horses for sulky racing.
Petrovitch, much gratified at this agreeable banter, though still sulky.
Now I’d have to put up with another one of his sulky moods, yet again.
Joe reluctantly handed the chicken to Toby’s wife, a pretty, sulky type.
But the Red Queen looked sulky, and growled 'Pudding—Alice; Alice—Pudding.
He looked at her, trying to read her face, and saw only a sulky obstinacy there.
She wasn’t so keen on the sulky bear of a man who had thrown her into the sea.
But if this whale be a king, he is a very sulky looking fellow to grace a diadem.
Jezebel his wife held Ahab through unrighteous acts, as he was a sulky and moody King.
Each as sulky as the other, they walked away in the direction of Kilt’s Cove Cottage.
Clara, walking with a kind of sulky abandon, watched it half-fascinated, half-contemptuous.
She was a thin girl, with brilliant cheeks and dark hair, sulky just now, or stiff with sitting.
As she meditated, at about nine o'clock, he opened the door and came in, slinking, and yet sulky.
He was frowning and sulky, as if he had just been weeping over his misfortune on that unlucky day.
I wonder again, because Aphrodite doesn't seem to be bored or sulky now, she looks cheerful and lively.
She assumed a sulky air, invented a thousand excuses, and finally declared that perhaps it would look odd.
Could have taken a train, he complained in a sulky voice, the one he used when he couldn’t get his own way.
It was enough to make any good-looking young man sulky, the mixture of mystery and aloofness about Miss Neumann-Schultz.
Manfred felt sure of it and still castigated himself for his sulky mood that had prevented him from seeing it at the time.
Her fine eyes flashed with resentment and her red lips were sulky, but submission had been taught her during her captivity.
But instead he lapsed into sulky silence, hugging his knees, and rocking back and forth, muttering Kf, all the while.
Drummle didn't say much, but in his limited way (he struck me as a sulky kind of fellow) he spoke as one of the elect, and recognized Mrs.
Still at a little distance the sulky stopped; the driver gave the reins to her escort, and sprang out with the light, certain leap of a cat.
The first drag made his head swim; he hadn’t touched tobacco since the sulky week or two that had followed his football injury in college.
Between the plaza and the bath houses lay an empty space of beach, and down that glittering white perspective came a horse with a light sulky.
She was a finished artist in the work, he said to himself as he leaned against the wall, his handsome face flushed, his eyes sulky, watching her.
In a sulky triumph, Drummle showed his morose depreciation of the rest of us, in a more and more offensive degree, until he became downright intolerable.
You will find your horses in bad condition, from the results of this accident; they seem thoroughly stupefied, as if sulky and vexed at having been conquered by man.
For, I cannot adequately express what pain it gave me to think that Estella should show any favor to a contemptible, clumsy, sulky booby, so very far below the average.
They could make out two people in it: a man, holding on his hat; a woman bareheaded, driving—driving so that one wheel of the sulky spun the foam of the receding water.
The corners of her mouth were pulled down by the weight in her cheeks, giving her a constant expression of glumness, and she looked like little more than an old, sulky child.

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