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    1. Lack of sleep and a surfeit of caffeine threaten a short circuit

    2. or reading – having had their surfeit of promenading in

    3. When she finally ventured out and started to walk again, every step was agony as the blisters on her feet burst and bled and the lack of liquids ensured that her joints and muscles were stiff and painful due to the surfeit of lactic acid that her dehydrated body could no longer drain away

    4. from very surfeit of their joys

    5. They have surfeit of self-knowledge, they want

    6. For those who drink it to surfeit do these things: neither does a brother pity his brother nor a father his son nor children their parents but from the drinking of wine come all evils such as murders adulteries fornications perjuries thefts and such like; And nothing good is established by it

    7. Socialism promised a surfeit of material goods and brotherly harmony, and its ultimate reward would be the

    8. The folk here reveled in it, however—adults foreseeing renewed hunting, and anticipating a surfeit of crops

    9. The entrance price was steeper than the stairs – three hundred franks! [At least $500 in today’s currency] He apparently enjoyed a surfeit of money because he didn't turn a hair, paid for me and bought mineral water at twenty times the normal price

    10. But with so many imitating the existing, or writing out of the libraries, there is a surfeit of pseudo fiction

    11. While the BJP had a surfeit of ticket aspirants, the Congress had a very different problem—in some states like Bengal, it wasn’t even finding enough candidates to contest

    12. You can liken their state to that of a man who feeds himself to excess then he admits that his suffering from surfeit comes as a result of his excess

    13. In this case, would it be reasonable for the doctor to leave him writhing in pain from what had settled inside his belly?! Would he not prescribe an influential laxative for him, which would repel these poisons and rid him of this surfeit material?! Similarly, a wicked yearning that has been strengthened inside the spirit because of its shunning of its Maker is indeed the surfeit of the spirit and the disease of the heart

    14. What, I ask myself uneasily, can be the matter with this apparently healthy, well-cared-for young man? And then, forced to the conclusion by unmistakable symptoms that there is nothing the matter except a surfeit of good things, I have perhaps pounced upon you with something of the zeal of an aunt moved to anger, and given you a spiritual slapping

    15. She had it in surfeit, this fire and I was glad I was able to respond

    16. The surfeit far from bringing satiety stimulated her need

    17. A strange thing--when you come to think of it--this love of Greek, flourishing in such obscurity, distorted, discouraged, yet leaping out, all of a sudden, especially on leaving crowded rooms, or after a surfeit of print, or when the moon floats among the waves of the hills, or in hollow, sallow, fruitless London days, like a specific; a clean blade; always a miracle

    18. I will not go into other particulars, as for example want of shirts, and no superabundance of shoes, thin and threadbare garments, and gorging themselves to surfeit in their voracity when good luck has treated them to a banquet of some sort

    19. Saturday; but as things turned out, two days after this the bitch died of a surfeit, and senor planet-ruler had the credit all over the place of being a most profound astrologer, as most of these planet-rulers have

    20. desires generally terminate in, when they die of a surfeit of satisfaction!

    21. His art, more than the art of feudalism as Walt Whitman called it, is the art of surfeit

    22. To men like that, time was a surfeit, a barrel they watched slowly drain

    23. And now, with conspiring nature, and my industry, strong to aid him, he pierces, penetrates, and at length, winning his way inch by inch, gets entirely in, and finally, a home made thrust sheaths it up to the guard; on the information of which, from the close jointure of our bodies (insomuch that the hair on both sides perfectly interweaved and incircled together), the eyes of the transported youth sparkled with more joyous fires, and all his looks and motions acknowledged excess of pleasure, which I now began to share, for I felt him in my very vitals! I was quite sick with delight! stirred beyond bearing with its furious agitations within me, and gorged and crammed, even to a surfeit

    24. And in the superintendent's private room the privileged passenger by the Ceres, or Juno, or Pallas, stunned and as it were annihilated mentally by a sudden surfeit of sights, sounds, names, facts, and complicated information imperfectly apprehended, would listen like a tired child to a fairy tale; would hear a voice, familiar and surprising in its pompousness, tell him, as if from another world, how there was "in this very harbour" an international naval demonstration, which put an end to the Costaguana-Sulaco War

    25. This private language of quotations, back slang, and inverted logic was all fun and sport for a while, but a steady exposure to cinematic dystopia and paranoid ranting probably didn’t help any, when your equilibrium was already under constant assault from fatigue, a surfeit of stimulants, and too much attention

    26. I won’t have lords saying that I run short of food or drink before they were surfeit

    27. Where the latter suffered a paucity of information, investors today confront a surfeit

    28. For, as a surfeit of the sweetest things

    29. So thou, my surfeit and my heresy,

    30. Sometimes, having had a surfeit of human society and gossip, and worn out all my village friends, I rambled still farther westward than I habitually dwell, into yet more unfrequented parts of the town, "to fresh woods and pastures new," or, while the sun was setting, made my supper of huckleberries and blueberries on Fair Haven Hill, and laid up a store for several days

    31. You shouldn't eat sweets,' and my uncle is always asking me things like, 'When did Edward the Third ascend the throne?' and, 'Who died of a surfeit of lampreys?'"

    32. Next day the houses were filled with the bodies of these poor wretches, dead of their surfeit of food and drink

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    repletion surfeit glut oversupply excess overabundance cloy