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    1. He sustained he had no recollection of that, since he was not himself while under her influence

    2. same ease with which you create love, joy and sustained happiness

    3. Shaun is half way down his pint and the bottle of Grouse has sustained substantial damage

    4. When the mortuary technician found him on his knees in the mortuary’s ante-room, he tried to help, making a sustained but weary effort to persuade Billy to sit down and have a cup of tea, assuming that he was related to the girl on the trolley, but there were no handles by which he could get a hold of the flaking singer

    5. He shook it off as if he had sustained similar

    6. The forecast was for a sustained increase rising to its maximum forty centigrade on the Sunday and that's when the Cleary boys decided on their plan to eradicate the Perols from the area

    7. "We wish the planet really could have sustained you

    8. "It could have sustained him," Victoria said

    9. So is turned into matter the idea that is sustained and cultivated

    10. As to religious answers, they appear to be based much more on fear and mythical hope than on logical and sustained reasoning

    11. That dream was intense, emotional and sustained

    12. To your subconscious mind, which is the entity that holds the power to create new conditions of life for you, the absence of a strong, sustained, and clearly imagined wish is equivalent to the acceptance of the present situation

    13. The great question is: “How can I modify the realities - past and present - of my life?” The answer is: “by working on it in an intelligent, methodical, and sustained way”

    14. be sustained for periods long enough to grow roots in the brain and starts the process of growing new physical structures in your gray and white matter

    15. Monk-Key 1 responded, “The cross wiring of the random Emotions sets forth new considerations of word relations Which while not communicating in standard idiom still Manage to produce idioms randomly to the accommodation Of sustained communication without linear deliberation—

    16. He took in our group and the injuries that Ash and Liam had sustained

    17. The injuries had been sustained when he’d tried desperately to defend himself

    18. “Ignorance is the field for the others mentioned after it, whether they be dormant, feeble, intercepted, or sustained

    19. He thought of that natural constancy of the rivers, which had sustained people along their banks for centuries

    20. When the breach of contract consisted in the non-payment of money, the damage sustained could be compensated in no other way than by ordering payment, which was equivalent to a specific performance of the agreement

    21. Did it think this was extraneous information? He knew the wormhole couldn’t be sustained for the journey back, in any case, and would have to wait it out in the ship

    22. “Negative, sir,” stated the computer unexpectedly, “The fire could not be sustained once the atmosphere within the aft section has been exhausted

    23. It augmented, however, their trading stock, it being equally liable with the other three millions two hundred thousand pounds, to the losses sustained, and debts contracted by the company in prosecution of their mercantile projects

    24. 35 A continuous mist watering system would also have ensured sustained plant growth all through the year all over the earth as plants would not have been dependent on rainfall for their water

    25. The village we heard had been abandoned in 1914 and the lane as it passed through was now overgrown some of the cottages had sustained damage but others were intact so these were used as Battalion offices and aid posts

    26. Millicent had sustained only one small injury – a minor cut to her lip, which bled lightly

    27. The only damage sustained was that a

    28. They put on their own sustained drive and kicked a 36 yard field goal for a 23-21 lead with 3:30 to play

    29. By the latest reports, the regularity of attendance has been sustained, the Cuban officials have without exception proved satisfactory

    30. But tactful administration today, sustained by Cuban officials elected by the people, will assuredly foster the desire of the people to become an integral portion of the United States

    31. A sustained practice of creativity and a continued willingness to

    32. She called out the one thought which sustained her, which kept each foot placed after the last, which glowed through her soul

    33. As a graying sixties generation quickly approaches middle age, sustained by a wistful desire for the ―good old days‖ that typified its youthful idealism, many can‘t help reflecting on those formative years without forlorn regret over a progeny whose slackening awareness and indifference to social ―causes‖ and other immediate issues that continue to trouble our society has given way to self-gratifying designs, like amassing ―huge‖ fortunes, for example

    34. emit a sustained bleating that gets louder as they become more hungry

    35. She tried again; this time sparks flew, but they didn’t result in a sustained flame

    36. Spring had not yet arrived, however, and there were few days when the sun was in the sky for any sustained period

    37. To keep with the fire-related analogy, the huffing and puffing started in earnest almost as soon as the Presbytery of Aberdeen first sustained the call to Queen’s Cross

    38. Because it lies in a geographically north to south alignment, the beginning of the last retreat of the ice sheets covering the northern latitudes could have poured vast, sustained floods of meltwater over this double river system

    39. “Since the race has progressed beyond two-thirds distance; and due to the damage sustained by the actual track safety features, including the energy-absorbing barriers, it has been decided that it would be unsafe to continue, not just for the drivers, but for the hundreds of thousands of spectators scattered all around this facility

    40. She tried to hold on as the spasm ratcheted up the pain and was surprised as she felt her mouth form the plea “Mamaaa!” It was more a softly sustained moan than words that escaped her tightly pursed lips this time

    41. EPA officials admitted that, “asbestos was harmful only if breathed at high levels and over sustained periods of time

    42. could be sustained under the existing constitution

    43. Decorated veteran officers Miguel Sanchez, age 41 and Jamal Harris, age 44 sustained gunfire from the vehicle which caused their police cruiser to crash into an abandoned building on West Kinney Street

    44. Each time that we are allowed to reenter a physical body, our new life has to be entirely organized and sustained by the Higher Forces

    45. We couldn't have sustained the intense heat at lower altitudes

    46. Their wisdom and patience sustained Maureen, Audrey and me

    47. He said Nick may have sustained a concussion from the fall

    48. He could have invaded Japan and sustained huge

    49. prevailed because of the tactics of Major Ringgold, who sustained fatal wounds

    50. helped, and the Lord sustained me

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