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    take back

    1. "I take back everything I said about you, Wambach

    2. Do you really think there’ll be a time when you’ll take back the world? Is that what the Americans tell you? Is that what they say in your chapels?”

    3. "We need to take back the ship

    4. And because Jesus gave His life willingly, it was His life to then take back up

    5. shook his head as he continued to take backward

    6. Rolling over she would’ve given anything to take back her words

    7. He asked Dionysus to turn everything back to the way it had been and take back his golden touch

    8. When you take responsibility you take back the ability to respond

    9. "When these army boys came through here to try to take back the city," he gestured to the tanks

    10. “No“ said Rita equally unfazed at the unfazed “I’m wearing new boots and bought a new bra which I’ll have to take back, so all in all I would really appreciate a tea with little effort or movement at this moment in time, thank you

    11. That you will take back to the world knowledge of immense value and the rest of the world will, in time, come to us without fear or hatred

    12. After a quick shower and something to eat, Frank rang the courier who’d been handling his business for the past few days and arranged to take back his deliveries

    13. After dinner, Ingrid suggested they grab a couple of bourbon and cola cans to take back to the van with them

    14. Why not go and call? He remembered that Ellen had asked him to drop in sometimes and there was Rosemary's book to take back--he ought to take it back before he forgot

    15. He had an uneasy suspicion that there were a great many books in his library which he had borrowed at sundry times and in divers places and had forgotten to take back

    16. A fuchuan would return twice a year to bring his instructions and take back any dispatches

    17. where we have hurt someone and wish we could take back what we

    18. In between insults, she kept angrily insisting that Josie belonged to her and that Roger could never take back Josie’s love from her

    19. looking around the room to see what she could take back with her

    20. take back with her and Mick to what was teasingly being called

    21. and he insisted they take back roads into the city rather

    22. Walter Thompson and Kincaid Advertising I was asked by my father to come home to straighten out the outdoor division he owned and restore it to profitability? And why after a couple of years, when that was done, did my father hire professional managers to run the company and move me into his broadcasting company? And after the outdoor division had slipped back into a loss situation, five years later, why was I asked to either take back its management or find another job? Was it because my father and I differed on which direction it should go? It was not easy to come to blows in the office and try to act like nothing had happened sitting around the dinner table at night

    23. Ever since the USAF became a separate service in September 1947, the Army had wanted to take back the missions the Army Air Force had performed below 10,000 feet

    24. “You also wrote that you wouldn’t take back a word you said to her before

    25. If the husband do not take her back he sins and brings a great sin on himself; for he ought to take back the sinner who has repented

    26. “Tonight, we take back what is ours, our city, and our dignity! We are the chosen

    27. Everyone loads in and you take back to the highway

    28. “Yeah, well, I can’t read,” Jai replied defiantly, wishing inside that he could take back his challenge to the frog

    29. I wanted to take back the comment but it was useless

    30. It was a day that Coolidge wished she could take back and it was the day that Margaret Coolidge was introduced to Keith Menendez

    31. Printing off what she could, she set up a personal file for herself and anything which she thought was a bit suspicious, she added to this file for her to take back home to read through more carefully

    32. forgot to take back the string or wasn’t watching when the cat

    33. super caffeinated drinks to take back with us to the Eaton

    34. I will try to break you from their clutches once you have made an attempt to take back the key

    35. The sub-commander finally decided that he needed to take back his trucks, so that he would at least have a reasonable chance to save what was left of his force

    36. Now leaderless, the surviving Taliban fighters decided to follow their last received order: to take back by force their trucks at the East end of the town

    37. concerned, and I related this in Take Back The

    38. Take Back the Earth, so I will try not to repeat what I wrote

    39. Since that time, I have not seen a recurrence of the problem but I still take backups

    40. I mentioned this idea in Take Back the

    41. He is also the editor of Take Back Your Time, which is tied in to

    42. he didn't take back what he said about her mother

    43. Even in the construction of the areas where bombs were produced during the Manhattan Project – which took place in towns and cities besides the obvious, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Hanford, Washington and Los Alamos, New Mexico – as well as parts of the country described in Take Back the Earth, such as Rocky Flats, the earth was destroyed with the creation of the mud, horrible conditions and erosion

    44. The lot of them had been moved to the small town near Edge in preparation for the Flame of the Phoenix's last raid, for the glory of Wutai, to take back the lands from ShinRa that they felt Wutai should have owned as well

    45. Before the missile crisis of 1962, in early 1961, the CIA had trained an army of Cuban refugees living in Florida to help take back the island

    46. As the jeep drove away to take back its defensive position around the perimeter, Ingrid saw that her five pilots were already in their cockpits, their engines turning, while a mechanic had already started one of her two engines

    47. could take back some of the things he’d done and said as of late

    48. What is your heart saying? Is your heart full of joy or is your heart filled with the sadness, pain, and regret of living an unfulfil ed life? It‘s NOT too late! You can take back the life that you‘ve always wanted to live! I believe in you, maybe even more than you believe in yourself

    49. “We need to return to The Stables,” said Evans, “but we should take back-up

    50. If the public were empowered to police themselves and look after their own neighborhoods, they could take back control of high-crime areas where decent citizens are afraid to walk the streets

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    reinstate re-establish restore requite render return