tending sätze

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Tending sätze (in englisch)

  1. He is tending your tired.
  2. I miss tending the potatoes.
  3. I was tending it the whole day.
  4. Boehm is tending to the matter.
  5. As he was tending unto his affairs.

  6. Eloise was also a poor maid, tending.
  7. Imagine that! Maeve tending a garden.
  8. Colonel Gaunt was there too, tending.
  9. The cook is tending a big old stewpot.
  10. All, all toward the mystic ocean tending.
  11. Even we are kept very busy tending them.
  12. If you haven’t been tending your.
  13. Only the old man was there tending the bar.
  14. The one who stayed home every day, tending.
  15. He saw you sleeping while I was tending you.

  16. Still tending bar here at his private location.
  17. I’m absorbed with tending to my grandchildren.
  18. Colling asked the man tending the bar for vodka.
  19. She lit the fire, and started tending the flames.
  20. I was home, tending a pot of farfalle on the stove.
  21. Freameck’s estate, and were happily tending their.
  22. Tim just grunted and went on tending his flower bed.
  23. Her family should be tending the fields and orchards.
  24. Ludwig suddenly stopped tending to the wounded driver.
  25. We found Cal tending Lobo with bear grease once again.

  26. Abram sat on a rock watching Ishmael tending the flock.
  27. But Rogojin understood how things were tending, at last.
  28. There are several aspects to a book that need tending:.
  29. And who are fully as well worth loving and tending as M.
  30. Roric found Krista in the hot houses tending her flowers.
  31. But now it needs tending to of the stock selling variety.
  32. Varion and Dixon were still tending to her down the shore.
  33. There they were tending to their sick, resting and eating.
  34. Most entertaining, he’ll be tending his ego for a month.
  35. She had been tending him lovingly all the days of his trial.
  36. Gloria Weaver was busy tending to the morning breakfast and.
  37. It was just my leg that I was tending to, the wound was deep.
  38. Thing: Zombie wife, tending to the needs of her still living.
  39. Whether tending toward the narcissistic or tending toward the.
  40. Before I quit the bar tending job, though, a monumental event.
  41. They stayed on the surface another two weeks tending to details.
  42. He was a simple stoker, shovelling coal and tending the furnace.
  43. As long as the many are diverted with tending to those wounded.
  44. While bathing and tending to chores by the river, a maidservant.
  45. There was a fire with a pot on it and a lone man tending the fire.
  46. Her Father, Milton Barrett, was quite busy tending to the beehives.
  47. My kneecaps broken and you’re tending to a girl? He smirked.
  48. There was a man, an old man full of years, who grew up tending sheep.
  49. I had never been to a live rugby match before, tending to watch the.
  50. Emma reached the forest and found Mr Wilkins and Will tending to Lucy.
  51. He sat down adjacent to where the medics were tending to the engineer.
  52. Ah well, his fever couldn’t be too severe if he’d been tending her.
  54. Just doing my hobbies and tending to the dogs and this place these days.
  55. But Amin insisted on completing the work of tending to his horse himself.
  56. Confederacy, tending to the wounded on the front lines of the Battle of.
  57. If we’d been tending sail we wouldn’t have had time for the midday.
  58. At the north end of the corridor, Jaz crouched next to Cleo, tending her.
  59. But who is tending to the trees ? wonders the man, noticeably worried.
  60. Geodes, facts tending to illustrate the formation of crystals in, viii, 282.
  61. When summer had ended, he’d gone back to farm work, tending rice paddies.
  62. The old lady was watching and said something to her husband who was tending.
  63. Oh, I’ve been tending Tendine’s vines for a good decade and a half now.
  64. A couple of gardeners were tending the flowering shrubs and cleaning the pond.
  65. Galluk sits tending the fire, in deep thought, while the hunting party is away.
  66. People were bent over, tending the fields as I made my way over the embankment.
  67. The two kids were tending a small fire, poking deadwood branches into the flame.
  68. His granddaughter is tending to him, his trembles and tremors, his rackety cough.
  69. There's nothing wrong with using a litter that makes your job of tending to the.
  70. He’d made himself small for her and walked in her manner, tending small things.
  71. How long have you been tending me? Dunk flexed the fingers of his sword hand.
  72. Whoever was up for the remainder of the dark was tending stuff drying by the fire.
  73. A girl about nine years old was tending the flames, poking the coals with a stick.
  74. How convenient that it had been Mr Tompkinson whom he claimed to have been tending.
  75. They were so generous to send me off to school when they still needed tending for.
  76. They were paying their way to Zhlindu also, but by cooking instead of tending sail.
  77. Yeah, but if we’d been tending sail I wouldn’t have had energy for once a week.
  78. Five hundred of the one thousand Artonians made it their life's work tending plants.
  79. A tending labor occurs when a smart society begins to implement smart ecoeconomics.
  80. While the surgeon was tending to some major injuries, I participated as best I could.
  81. He was tending more and more toward making the scientific expedition the most likely.
  82. The now is created by tending to the present, which is a space creating relationship.
  83. Whenever they did chores together, whether it was sheep tending or house cleaning or.
  84. I will be the one taking care of you today; the maids have been tending to you so.
  85. I’ll send Maester Yormwell to have a look at him when he’s done tending my brother.
  86. A day hadn’t been enough time to recover, and now she was spending it tending to him.
  87. Jesse and James spent all of the rest of the morning and that afternoon tending to the.
  88. Velvet found that most of her time was spent in the company of Sir Gordie, tending the.
  89. There were people out in the lot also, conversing and tending their keda’s and wagons.
  90. Negative, the opposite of positive, means being pessimistic or tending to have.
  91. She starts tending to his up-turned collar, dusting debris off it and flattening it down.
  92. The men were milling around, tending the horses, and getting out of their formal uniforms.
  93. Rick is our horticulturalist and is busy up on the slopes tending to some medicinal crops.
  94. Moses is reputed to have undergone while out tending the flock of his father-in-law in the.
  95. Madame Cezanne had begged for the child, even tending much of the infant’s cares herself.
  96. Meanwhile, the town opinion about the new editor of the "Pioneer" was tending to confirm Mr.
  97. Do you know Berenice? she called to a boy who sat on a fence rail tending the herd of.
  98. It is the two sexes tending to approach each other and assuming, each the other's qualities.
  99. The short interval of busy work tending to communal chores helped to fend off notice of the.
  100. Hours tending the wounded had inured her to the horrors of severed limbs and spilt entrails.
  1. He tended to her hand.
  2. I tended to wear cotton.
  3. I tended to her every need.
  4. While he had gently tended.
  5. Around adults, he tended to.
  6. They tended to muck things up.
  7. He has tended you, and now he.
  8. Perhaps the cook tended to him.
  9. When we get these men tended to.
  10. He tended to do that quite a lot.
  11. It was older, but lovingly tended.
  12. Just seeing her tended to short-.
  13. They tended to get offended easily.
  14. The tapes tended to keep me awake.
  15. Loud noises tended to startle them.
  16. She also knew that Shoop tended to.
  17. It tended to happen when someone in.
  18. They all tended to say the same thing.
  19. They tended to the meat smoke houses.
  20. Their fellow warriors tended to them.
  21. Jai stared up at her as she tended him.
  22. Slaves tended to all the farm animals.
  23. Even though he tended to be a little.
  24. Chapman tended to wander as he lectured.
  25. However, the Low Heels tended to muddy.
  26. They tended to linger over some vowels.
  27. It should heal well when I have tended.
  28. This pub tended to be frequented by an.
  29. Otherwise he tended to be a bit sketchy.
  30. From then on Marxists have tended to be.
  31. They tended to agree on most things, but.
  32. His dad tended to forget things like that.
  33. All his carefully tended control was gone.
  34. However, the Low Heels tended to muddy the.
  35. The armies tended to reflect their leaders.
  36. Krishn was a cowherd and he had tended cows.
  37. Then the cabin, where the man had tended me.
  38. It’s been a while since I tended my cache.
  39. Lucy appreciated this, as she tended to run.
  40. He tended to believe Hope when she said she.
  41. Wives tended to see her as a threat, you see.
  42. Then he peered at me as I tended to his hand.
  43. If I was frustrated, she tended to bark more.
  44. Larkey tended him closely and rested herself.
  45. Everything her saw was wanted, chosen, tended.
  46. Clive tended to wander a little near his seat.
  47. Lizzie tended another with a brisk efficiency.
  48. Something he tended to do when he took a car.
  49. Hull himself tended to agree with him on that.
  50. If you had a big mortgage, you tended to stick.
  51. Unfortunately, her balance tended to favor the.
  52. The yard hadn’t been tended to for many years.
  53. His silence only tended to confirm her suspicions.
  54. Miller tended to the small fire and the cook pot.
  55. Bubble tended to increase even when they were in.
  56. Fashion tended to suffer when work hours ran long.
  57. Houses of Healing; and there they were tended well.
  58. There were twelve horses that had to be tended to.
  59. Sprugs tended to migrate from the countryside into.
  60. But he, himself, rarely tended to his own finances.
  61. As they aged Danava giants tended to grow more arms.
  62. Angus tended to slow it down and savor it more than.
  63. They also tended to all butchering and hide tanning.
  64. The people on Mars tended to think in terms of all.
  65. A pair of wizened Druids tended to her battered body.
  66. These days he tended day bar at the Malibu Beach Inn.
  67. But the satellites tended to take care of themselves.
  68. Everyone tended to the garden and the first lettuces.
  69. Anointed, the Public Credit Bubble tended to increase.
  70. He had the brave taken to the infirmary and tended to.
  71. Theresa quickly came over and tended to Vinny's wound.
  72. A married man tended to live longer than a single man.
  73. She tended her right arm towards me and then -nothing.
  74. But whoever had tended them had done a through-er job.
  75. He doubted that Bergit always tended to the farm alone.
  76. The manor grounds hadn't been tended to in a long time.
  77. It was surrounded by a well tended, white wooden fence.
  78. Both were sufficiently feisty, as Bretons tended to be.
  79. Worst off were the gardens, which I had tended to with.
  80. The trouble is the young ones tended to be too trusting.
  81. The maids tended to your room, and it’s ready for you.
  82. Snipers tended to work in teams, so Rapp assumed two men.
  83. There were a few tables tended by bored-looking students.
  84. A man was using it for protection as he tended bee hives.
  85. Although Ronan tended to be more trusting than Caymus he.
  86. He hated misconceptions as they tended to lead to false.
  87. But then again all three Puller men tended to be brooders.
  88. The Branga travelling doctor had tended to all the wounded.
  89. Padraig guided me out of the room as the nurse tended to.
  90. I have tended and loved, year upon year, I in the solitude.
  91. We tended to receive almost exclusively favourable reviews.
  92. Too big for one man to tend, and yet one man had tended it.
  93. Pippin found that Shadowfax had been well housed and tended.
  94. The father tended to follow the son around a lot these days.
  95. The females tended to stay home and care for the younglings.
  96. No cooking facilities, except an outside fire tended by Juma.
  97. Barry was into sport sex and tended to be attracted to women.
  98. Then he went back to the stricken man and tended to him with.
  99. Their eyes tended to be large and either bright green or blue.
  100. She silently tended it until it was ready; then she served it.
  1. The Duat tends to put a.
  2. It tends to happen slowly.
  3. Shay tends to splash a lot.
  4. Since Wall Street tends to.
  5. It tends to move upward and.
  6. This species tends to be picky.
  7. My family tends to be difficult.
  8. That coming in tends to dominate.
  9. For it the real to the ideal tends.
  10. Lysander, whereto tends all this?
  11. Love is the dove who tends its nest.
  12. An individual who tends to worry a.
  13. This only tends to create confusion.
  14. I know, but she tends to overdo it.
  15. Mind tends to include in it anything.
  16. It tends to suppose that heaven is a.
  17. There is but One, who tends His sheep!.
  18. They are sticky and that is what tends.
  19. For instance, the color white tends to.
  20. A force that tends to distort the body.
  21. The FEV1 here tends to be between 60-80%.
  22. The hole of adolescence tends to be filled.
  23. The FEV1 here tends to be greater than 80%.
  24. Whatever we put out in the world, tends to.
  25. However, the sheer number of OBEs tends to.
  26. She tends to believe in the unbelievables—.
  27. Each group tends to focus on different factors.
  28. He was tired, and the concentration tends to lag.
  29. I’ve learned that it tends to irritate people.
  30. The mystic tends, however, to over-project the.
  31. This tends to defeat the purpose of exercise as.
  32. You are focused here and so love tends to happen.
  33. When t→∞, X decreases monotonously and tends.
  34. Dad tends to say things that I find embarrassing.
  35. Based on its uniformity, it tends to be at a low.
  36. It dulls pain, but it tends to leave one volatile.
  37. The world tends to exploit all of this, of course.
  38. A petty officer who tends to the ship’s signals.
  39. Everything that happens tends to keep on happening.
  40. It always tends towards an ever greater perfection.
  41. In that case, be careful, she tends to fight back.
  42. My aunt tends to be rather accident prone, you know.
  43. This is because the love of money tends to lead to.
  44. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts.
  45. Every good quality tends towards a defect; economy.
  47. It tends to have success without nasty side effects.
  48. The problem with this is that it tends to cause such.
  49. Pluto in this aspect tends to complicate child birth.
  50. When this tubing is heated, it tends to sag and may.
  51. It tends to be a little overblown in the imagination.
  52. Emphasis tends to be placed on linear solutions when.
  53. While it tends to confirm conventional wisdom on the.
  54. This works fine, but tends to be relatively expensive.
  55. But in the afterlife, reality tends to depend on the.
  56. The Sagittarian tends to marry more than once in life.
  57. Now tends only to be used for the most radical groups.
  58. Anecdotally, volatility tends to beget more volatility.
  59. BPPV tends to resolve without treatment within weeks.
  60. Holding this belief when faced with adversity tends to.
  61. Although the Spinone is an active dog it tends to move.
  62. What a society emphasizes is what it tends to manifest.
  63. Their slippage tends to be bigger due to lower volumes.
  64. For this reason, it tends to exaggerate potential risks.
  65. A severe form of infant abuse which tends to occur from.
  66. Sadly for these young men, the opposite tends to be true.
  67. This also tends to raise the threshold of pain tolerance.
  68. Isolation tends to exhaust the energy charge of the soul.
  69. However, it tends to emphasize security over ease of use.
  70. The tension suggests hostility and tends to ward them off.
  71. A wife tends to know when something’s going on, Keith.
  72. I’ve only seen it once because she tends to scowl a lot.
  73. Even though he tends to drag me into the strangest things.
  74. An object that is moving tends to continue moving unless.
  75. When RSI conforms, it tends to act as a lagging indicator.
  76. He tends to draw out the s's on the endsss of hisss wordsss.
  77. The high or low of the day tends to be set in early trading.
  78. The weapon of choice of killing a sleeping husband tends to.
  79. Yea well, she tends to rub off like moss on a bear's arse.
  80. He tends to his restaurant and see his sub while I’m gone.
  81. GARP analysis tends to revolve around a very short-run focus.
  82. I believe that this tends to demonstrate it, Captain Forster.
  83. Life that is imperfect, tends continuously towards perfection.
  84. Dynamite tends to explode when somebody sets the timer on it.
  85. Current machinery tends to be compact and solid cast plastic.
  86. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  87. This inter-dimensional travelling tends to twist things a bit.
  88. He is a born again Christian who tends to be a natural leader.
  89. Nevertheless, it is the preferred method because it tends to.
  90. Odd, he thought, how many things one tends to take for granted.
  91. This, 1 know, is not easy if one tends to eat out a great deal.
  92. The increase of stock, which raises wages, tends to lower profit.
  93. Skin tends to be oiliest in a panel down the center of the face.
  94. Happily, a woman’s ability to climax tends to improve with age.
  95. October we know tends to see an upswing in volatility in general.
  96. A cognitive factor that tends to have an effect on what you do 2.
  97. When sales and earnings grow quickly, share price tends to follow.
  98. In downtrends, the RSI tends to top at 60 and bottom at around 30.
  99. European culture of today tends to change its attitude to altered.
  100. The degree of receptivity tends to follow the degree of intentional.

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1. Of all that may tend.
2. Because I tend to be.
3. Men tend to have the.
4. They tend to look at:.
5. You will also tend to.
6. The way cats tend to do.
7. I tend not to say much.
8. I tend to believe the.
9. She ran to tend to him.
10. Bad skiers tend to ab-.
11. But we tend to attempt.
12. These herbs tend to be.
13. They tend to be rich in.
14. Against all that may tend.
15. Most niches tend to have.
16. These tend to vary from 0.
17. I tend to think the latter.
18. But with no one to tend it.
19. They tend to the patients.
20. Women tend to stress over.
21. We tend not to average down.
22. Men tend not to admit defeat.
23. People with RA tend toward.
24. Although you know they tend.
25. They do tend to crowd round.
26. Isobel rusht in to tend her.
27. Hispanic, tend to get abused.
28. We tend to keep to ourselves.
29. Conner and tend to his horse.
30. They tend to gather data by.
31. And I have guests to tend to.
32. But I always tend to narrow.
33. I tend to forgive and forget.
34. Groups tend to be multi-male.
35. We tend to assume we are our.
36. Church people tend to get this.
37. They tend to exaggerate their.
38. Now this is what we tend to do.
39. We tend to idealize the past.
40. Most of us tend to live in one.
41. I will tend to it immediately.
42. The menus also tend to be rich.
43. Me, I tend to read until the end.
44. Meanwhile there was sail to tend.
45. Shares tend to rally at Christmas.
46. It did tend to make work awkward.
47. For those who tend to be called.
48. Because they tend to whine a lot.
49. I tend to be highly competitive.
50. Often she would forget and tend.
51. We tend to react with some level.
52. T'tembo, let the medicus tend you.
53. They tend to stabilize each other.
54. I tend to agree, said Clayton.
55. But volunteers tend to come and go.
56. But that’s not what we tend to do.
57. I would tend to agree with that.
58. He’d tend to the ranch, what he.
59. They tend be outcasts or students.
60. I tend not to try and think about.
61. Small dogs tend to spook horses.
62. And yeah, the press tend to do that.
63. They do tend to diminish the flow.
64. Besides, he had his men to tend to.
65. Like things tend to bother me fast.
66. Popular stocks tend to swing a lot.
67. However, wheel type mowers tend to.
68. Go tend to that woman over there.
69. I can't move or I would tend myself.
70. Both sexes tend to leave their group.
71. They tend to be analyzed differently.
72. We tend to refer to fats which are.
73. The rates of GAD tend to be higher.
74. But I do not write books, I tend bar.
75. Writers as a whole tend to look upon.
76. Fearful people tend to stay that way.
77. I will tend to your wound at my home.
78. Ski shops tend to sell poles on the.
79. When they are small they tend to be.
80. I tend cows, Jim tames Gila monsters.
81. And he left Alice to tend this side.
82. High prices tend to lead to low prices.
83. They tend to have a strong ‘we are.
84. Profit warnings tend to come in threes.
85. People tend to respond in one of two.
86. Miller ambled off to tend the animals.
87. We tend to look at valuation in layers.
88. We tend to use one more than the other.
89. Options on indexes tend to be European.
90. Tend to command the center of attention.
91. They tend to jam when not in use, sir.
92. Paramedics began to tend to the wounded.
93. They also tend to be the most effective.
94. Shares tend to be classified like this:.
95. Though these days I tend to hurry by.
96. They also tend to weigh less than meat.
97. And hitherto doth love on fortune tend;.
98. Thus they tend to be very selective in.
99. Note that they tend to move in lockstep.
100. The mind will tend to be sharp and clear.

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