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    tissue paper

    1. He asks if he can see the dress so we carefully disinter it from the tissue paper and Jane holds it up against me while he again stands back, hand on chin again, contemplating

    2. at the farm, brushing away the decomposed tissue paper that had

    3. from its wrapping of tissue paper, and dangled it once again from his

    4. She removed a small object snuggled in tissue paper

    5. it off afterward, but it was kept in the same bit of tissue paper till

    6. I reached in, past the tissue paper, and pulled out a tiny stuffed rabbit with a heart-shaped label on its ear

    7. She wore a blue tissue paper wrap as nightgown, the throw-away sort used to cover patients going to theatre for surgery

    8. The comments of the latter were very pointed, not encouraging and written on a form of tissue paper I was unable to identify

    9. Yes, it will slice tissue paper like a hot knife through butter

    10. He was hunched forward with his elbows on his knees and he moved the empty paper sack in his hands till it felt like tissue paper

    11. the tissue paper into the nearest waste basket

    12. Detective Holliday gently pushed a box of tissue paper towards

    13. quickly dried her eyes with tissue paper then exited her

    14. Wickland carefully opened the end of the box and removed the item wrapped in heavy tissue paper

    15. A small note card fell out of the package as he removed the tissue paper

    16. He was continuously changing his posture from one position to another, sometimes combing his hair with his fingers, sometimes cleared the sweating on his forehead with tissue paper and sometimes put one hand fingers into other hands and sometimes corrected his collar of shirt

    17. There was a small stack of tissue paper in the tray

    18. The merchant wraps some pastel tissue paper around the dress, and then some brown shipping paper around that

    19. She does not have to remove much of the decorative pink tissue paper to see it is something much more beautiful

    20. As he grabbed a bundle of tissue paper, a loud ringing and vibrating sound came from the top of Towhees desk

    21. He repeated this a few times with liquid soap and tissue paper, until it was ash free

    22. She then wrapped the bottle in tissue paper and stared at me with concern

    23. wrapped in tissue paper

    24. "I drove off," she said, wiping her eyes with tissue paper

    25. Then, she took a deep breath and wiped her face with tissue paper

    26. accordingly wrapped in some red tissue paper and hung on the

    27. The appearance of the house from outside was unaltered: the white lace curtains still draped the windows of the front room; and in the centre of the bay was what appeared to be a small round table covered with a red cloth, and upon it a geranium in a flowerpot standing in a saucer with a frill of coloured tissue paper round it

    28. Oranges in tissue paper packed in crates

    29. He showed Joe wood planes, their wooden handles burnished by decades of use, their blades so sharp and precise they could shave off curls of wood as thin and transparent as tissue paper

    30. ‘She had it wrapped in tissue paper on her bureau

    31. As for Ben’s defense attorney, he might as well have wrapped me in tissue paper and set me on a feather bed, he was so delicate with me (Might you be a little confused about what you saw, Libby? Are you positive, positive it was your brother, Libby? Are you maybe telling us what you think we want to hear? To which I replied No Yes No

    32. We spent hours every day shaving bamboo for the center and cross spars, cutting the thin tissue paper which made for easy dipping and recovery

    33. But she was gone like a piece of white incredibly fragile tissue paper, blown over the sky and down

    34. Having removed this impediment, and lifted certain silvery envelopes of tissue paper, she merely exclaimed—

    35. Wrapped up in tissue paper were a pencil, an eraser and a sharpener

    36. It was only a bundle of wool wrapped in red and white tissue paper, but the tissue paper was soon twisted into the form of little dishes, and was combined with the remaining flowers to ornament the candlestick which was to light the feast

    37. And that square package—toilet things; useless hairpins and unusable jeweled shell combs; and here, in tissue paper—oh, the forethought of Ned!—the very locks of hair of which she had shorn herself so recklessly, bound together by the hairdresser’s skill into a lustrous coil that had distinct possibilities

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