tousle sätze

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Tousle sätze (in englisch)

  1. I reached out to tousle her hair, but she ducked away.
  2. Right behind him he heard Nicole’s feet tousle the thick grass.
  3. Before his Chief Minister could answer him—futilely, of course—he paused to say a few low, fond words to Montse and tousle her blond dreadlocks.
  4. Now I demand the satisfaction of a gentleman, and with that the tall uncle proceeded to toss and tousle the small nephew in a way that damaged his philosophical dignity as much as it delighted his boyish soul.
  1. You rascal, said Liam, tousling the youngster’s hair.
  2. She turned around and saw Eric standing there, hands in his pockets, the breeze tousling his sun streaked hair.
  3. After pausing a few moments, Derrick followed her, the wind tousling his hair when he looked back at the iron gate where he had cornered her, then up to the steps, where the door was now ajar and he could see Dylan walking into the livning room, his face tightening up in confusion.
  1. The wind tousled his hair.
  2. She tousled the boy’s hair.
  3. He laughed and tousled her hair.
  4. His combed Erudite hair is tousled.
  5. With her red hair tousled and spread.
  6. A cool breeze tossed her tousled locks.
  7. Hands patted my back and tousled my hair.
  8. I pause and smile, watching his tousled hair.
  9. His black hair was tousled in the candlelight.
  10. She wound her fingers though his tousled hair.
  11. Across the asphalt and the tousled green lawn of.
  12. His dirty blonde hair is tousled and sexy-looking.
  13. As Jim passed another tent, a tousled head stuck out.
  14. Eddie took the boy’s headgear and tousled his hair.
  15. The hot blast of light tousled the air to shimmering.
  16. A breeze tousled his hair, rousing him from his reverie.
  17. His sleepy face and tousled hair seemed to me so touching.
  18. His tousled hair fell into his eyes, and he swept it aside.
  19. She slurped her coffee and ran a hand through her tousled hair.
  20. His hair was tousled and his face near geranium with excitement.
  21. His hair was tousled, and he was so lovely and enduring before her.
  22. Matty smiled wanly at Hugo, and tousled his hair, but remained silent.
  23. Sleepy, blinking gray eyes meet mine beneath his tousled mop of hair.
  24. His brown hair is tousled, his shirt buttons in the wrong buttonholes.
  25. His hair is tousled, like he ran a towel through it after his workout.
  26. Now she tousled his hair and drew him insistently up to stand with her.
  27. She’s wearing a sweater and jeans and her short blond hair is tousled.
  28. In the Duat, Anubis looked as he always had, with his tousled dark hair.
  29. Nerissa tousled the boy’s thin hair, then stroked it back from his eyes.
  30. His hair is tousled and unkempt, and his gray eyes twinkle wickedly at me.
  31. Beneath tousled red bangs, her big green eyes scan the mess surrounding her.
  32. He's got a towel thrown over his shoulder, his hair tousled from his workout.
  33. A minute later, Kirby’s tousled brown head was peering around the doorframe.
  34. The boy in the red polo shirt, the boy with defiantly tousled hair and yard.
  35. Her eyes covered their tousled hair, their strong brows and firmly set jaws.
  36. The rush of air tousled Cinder’s hair when they sped past her, and when the.
  37. He was in a woman’s dress, with tousled hair and a happy smile new to Sonya.
  38. He was in a woman’s dress, with tousled hair and a happy smile new to Sónya.
  39. She opens the door with very, very tousled hair, and whispers, ‘knight’.
  40. Triumph flickered in his blue eyes as his dark, wild hair was tousled by the wind.
  41. His hair was tousled from having blown in the wind and he looked fresh and healthy.
  42. When he gave her a funny look, she tousled his hair and said, It also suits you.
  43. The general complied, and the tousled head bobbed, as the man turned painfully away.
  44. A low broad forehead was topped by a square-cut tousled mane as black as a raven's wing.
  45. She stirred and looked up at me sleepily, her red hair tousled around her beautiful face.
  46. He raised his bedraggled and tousled head to look for me when he didn’t feel me by his side.
  47. Occasionally, I saw her drunk, with bleary eyes, tousled hair, and a particularly hideous grin.
  48. Her hair was a tousled mess of knots and tangles, and what little bit of eye makeup she wore was.
  49. After a few strokes, her tousled mane was tamed and secured in a high ponytail on top of her head.
  50. Tousled blonde hair fell about her face and her pixie smile was, this morning, a little more severe.
  51. Then they crept out of the cockpit and looked around, amending their crumpled outfits and tousled hair.
  52. A boy chased a ball down an alley, where it was scooped up and returned by a woman who tousled his hair.
  53. Vince loved her tousled curls, the pink color in her cheeks from waking warm and pliant under his kisses.
  54. His black hair was tousled from the wind, but other than that he showed no signs of having been in the woods.
  55. Having a tousled look for your curly hair is one of the best things that you can do, when attending a party.
  56. Now the latest immaculate hairdo’s are designed to look like the wind just blew your hair into a tousled tangle.
  57. With his tousled, shower-damp hair and deep-blue eyes with their hint of sadness, he couldn’t have looked any sexier.
  58. He was a young man of medium height, with an open countenance and a mop of tousled tawny hair unconfined by cap or helmet.
  59. I made myself calm down and tousled her hair, completely forgetting that she styled it nowadays and would't want me to mess it up.
  60. She kept her short, tousled hairstyle and I noticed she was wearing flat shoes with her white trousers and light red cotton jacket.
  61. He had natural good looks enhanced by fair tousled hair which seemed never to have been combed but always looked okay for the occasion.
  62. Ma leaned forward and with her palm she brushed the tousled hair back from her daughter’s forehead, and she kissed her on the forehead.
  63. As they pulled up outside Jacob's apartment building, Sophie caught a glimpse of a familiar tousled head in a squad car that was pulling away.
  64. As he greeted her, his fingers automatically combed through his tousled hair and set it straight, putting the rubber band firmly back in place.
  65. His hair was as always tousled, gently swayed by the light breeze rushing down from the mountains and onto the plains that filled his entire view.
  66. Then, she swung her gaze towards him, capturing the grandeur of his stylized sideburns and blond highlights, that complimented his thick tousled hair.
  67. Then, as if reproaching himself for the longing that he could not repress, he went and kissed the two tousled heads upon the pillow, took down his seldom-used.
  68. He is still the smallest person in the picture, but elegant in his pale suit with a bold polka-dot tie, his hair tousled and his face not yet dominated by black horn-rimmed glasses.
  69. When they were finished and Jason lay prostrate next to her, looking as though he had just washed up on shore from a ship wreck, she reached over to play with his wildly tousled hair.
  70. Sophie, wearing a halter-neck red dress that skimmed over her hips and plunged between her breasts waited by the entrance, searching the crowd for the sight of James’ tousled blond hair.
  71. I clicked on the link, which showed a picture of a reed-thin blonde woman with an artfully tousled chignon smiling as she stood on the steps of a register office with an older, dark-haired man.
  72. She moved among the stones, silent as the marble she had been but now was not, until she stood before him with her dark hair tousled about her small ears and her great eyes the color of lilacs.
  73. So Conan, glaring from under his tousled mane, saw the white naked figure of Natala writhing in the lustful grasp of a black nightmare shape that could have only been bred in the lost pits of hell.
  74. He was immaculately turned out, dressed in perfect smart casual, manicured and his dark hair just tousled enough to give the impression of not caring too much about his otherwise perfect appearance.
  75. In the bar, wrapped in the warm embrace of alcohol and the fantastic promise of the boy with the tousled hair and that cheeky smile, she had suddenly felt compelled to decline the offer of more fun.
  76. Then he tucked him in and kissed him on the cheek and stroked his curly, tousled hair, straightened the collar on the boy’s pyjamas and made sure that his head was resting comfortably on the pillow.
  77. She felt it now in her underwear, the heat rising inside her loins, her thighs becoming warmer as his desperate gaze hungrily enveloped her, his dark brown hair still tousled from the fall to the floor.
  78. Lightly tousled brown hair and shirt cuffed at the forearms suggested an easy-going style while the playful glint in his golden brown eyes made Jesse think of a word her grandfather might have used, rascal.
  79. For people do change us, don't they? I mean you run in and out of this house and your grandpa changes you and your grandpa shapes you with words or a hug or your hair tousled or maybe once a year, a slap where it hurts.
  80. In the doorway appeared Ashley, white faced, his head lolling, his There was a short mumbled argument, punctuated with curses, and uncertain feet bright hair tousled, his long body wrapped from neck to knees in Rhett’s black cape.
  81. About three in the morning, still unable to sleep, he got up and had a glass of warm milk before heading back to his tousled bed and eventually falling into a troubled sleep, tossing and turning as though in the throes of a nightmare.
  82. Did they sit in their tousled beds at night with their gelatined husbands snoring next to them and daydream about a life with Ben once they freed him? Or did they think of him as a poor kid in need of their altruism, a cause to be nurtured between tennis matches?
  83. After a good couple of minutes had passed, a very tousled and sleepy-looking man came stumbling out of the door followed closely by a woman and a man both of whom he recognised – his niece Marianne and her husband James!…both also looking a bit under the weather.
  84. Guinier’s hair flew around in wild syncopation to the violently whipping sail under the force of the terrible gale until the wall of water devoured everything; then the strands swam through the savage swale like silky threads of satin tousled playfully by the swarming sea.
  85. In the streets the fighting milled and eddied, plumed helmets and steel caps tossed among the tousled heads and then vanished; swords hacked madly in a heaving forest of pikes, and over all rose the roar of the mob, shouts of acclaim mingling with screams of blood-lust and howls of agony.
  86. The people muttered at the sight of the royal beauties writhing in the brutal hands of the iron-clad retainers—dark-eyed damsels of Poitain, slim black-haired wenches from Zamora, Zingara and Hyrkania, Brythunian girls with tousled yellow heads, all weeping with fright and shame, unused to brutality.
  87. In a short time the whole population of the village had left their work and were lining the square, word had spread about Coatl, I was but a second wonder, they could explain me, but Coatl was beyond their experience, the crowd went silent as two elders followed by the high priest entered the square, two young boys ran up to the priest and he tousled their hair and quietly said something to them, then all three began to laugh, as he made his way towards us other children began to crowd around him, I liked this priest instantly, no-one can fool children for long, his feelings for his village were obvious.
  1. Not harsh, but not gentle, it tousles her hair in her face and makes her dress shiver around her knees.

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