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Traumatize sätze (in englisch)

  1. He didn’t want to traumatize any children with a late night raid.
  2. If such an experience is forced upon you, either by an assailant or by your curse, it can only traumatize you.
  3. They are one of the thousands of ways modern living humans traumatize their living babies into becoming dead souls.
  4. He would chuckle to himself and load another marshmallow onto his stick and await the next attempt by the older counselors to traumatize their charges.
  5. You cannot have civilization unless you stifle, suppress, twist, stunt, traumatize, damage, weaken and poison every natural instinctive function and urge of the human animal.

  6. Tera and Heracles could only close their eyes and try to ignore the muffled sobs of Lydia, who did her best not to traumatize the children by screaming or crying loudly while the man was on top of her.
  1. Isodor: You need to rest little sister, this day has been traumatizing for you.
  2. Thus; further traumatizing the children strapped to the backs of the beaten women.
  3. As I said, that will be as traumatizing and as emotionally disturbing as fighting in the most brutal war that has ever been fought on our world.
  4. They have upheld all evil humans and systematically destroyed all good humans… by systematically traumatizing and brainwashing, and poisoning every human fetus that was ever born… before it ever came out of its womb.
  5. After traumatizing an entire nation with the media blitz repeating the horror of the New York World Trade Center attack over and over again… by a media glut of exclusive, obsessive coverage that sickened most people watching it.
  6. For 25 million years: our ancestors went through these unimaginably traumatizing experiences… and suffered unimaginable pain and endured unimaginable hardships, and went through the slow process of a destroyed land healing itself and coming back to life again.
  7. I had seen so many, from all points on the Earth’s map, but tonight the moon was traumatizing in its exquisiteness, its magnificence held no bounds for me and as I walked along the darkened streets of this American city, I couldn’t help escalating into its hypnotic trance.
  1. I was TRAUMATIZED (and that is.
  2. She had been severely traumatized.
  3. I could see how traumatized he was.
  4. You think she traumatized me?
  5. Show off, my cock has been traumatized and.
  6. Gold broke the group’s traumatized silence.
  7. These people have been traumatized by battles.
  8. They've been traumatized? They are now below.
  9. Luckily, they were not emotionally traumatized.
  10. She was traumatized and trembled from the pain.
  11. Our agents are now tired, traumatized and very angry.
  12. Jacob was so traumatized that he barely even noticed.
  13. Oh, she is very traumatized by what happened to her.
  14. Jacob was so traumatized that he considered it for a moment.
  15. She had to have been traumatized, or maybe she was drugged.
  16. She was still traumatized by his very different appearance.
  17. The child was so traumatized by her real mother’s suicide.
  18. She was traumatized by the actions of her brother and cousin.
  19. If I wasn't so traumatized, I might have enjoyed staying here.
  20. True to her word, she sat with the traumatized youngsters all.
  21. Nor do people willingly explore their traumatized inner selves.
  22. Green was visibly traumatized, having discovered the remains of.
  23. All i could assume was that she had been traumatized somewhere.
  24. Hopefully by now you've realized how traumatized I was by my visit.
  25. We were traumatized, didn’t trust our commanders, and were scared.
  26. Though they were often traumatized at first, they eventually came to.
  27. The other hand doesn’t look quite as traumatized, Clayton said.
  28. His mother—most likely as traumatized as he is—remains in the hallway.
  29. The poor dog, obviously traumatized, allowed her to swoop in and rescue him.
  30. If I wasn't already feeling traumatized enough, that was enough to cap it off.
  31. Dacian could not take his eyes from the bawling boy, traumatized by the sight.
  32. They are already traumatized enough by the tragedy that struck their parents.
  33. From these larger than me crises, we emerge either traumatized or transcended.
  34. The kids were mute, with wide eyes and the startled looks of those traumatized.
  35. Mostly traumatized, Maggie replied, continuing to stroke Stephanie’s hair.
  36. The incident so traumatized your mother she almost flunked out of the Academy.
  37. Carmody had been physically and emotionally traumatized and had lost a lot of blood.
  38. They have healed all the sick and the wounded, and brought peace to the traumatized.
  39. The pussy had only been staying with me for a few days and she was already traumatized.
  40. But a country that was traumatized and devastated by dictators hardly had a democratic.
  41. No, she was sexually abused and traumatized in Vietnam by a worthless Viet Cong cousin.
  42. This is almost always the position of a child who has been traumatized by his or her mother.
  43. The men who’d escaped the nightmare of the Kyplyngyr Forest had been brutally traumatized.
  44. She was needed on the ground floor where a severely traumatized young person had just arrived.
  45. Also, I’m pretty sure we just traumatized a student driver! calls one of the passengers.
  46. Viera sighed deeply before describing the holdup and the shooting, which had clearly traumatized him.
  47. Volcanoes created the worship of fire and the use of fire by crazed traumatized insane gibbering apes.
  48. How, I think, can yelling at someone traumatized over the loss of her cat count as ‘leaving them alone?’.
  49. Douglas limped about, looking deeply traumatized, his shoulder and arm, said Pillsbury, all torn to pieces.
  50. On her part, Miri eyed carefully the expressions of the children, trying to ascertain how traumatized they were.
  51. This ensures that any root-problems of traumatized and sexually abused children are never openly faced or discussed.
  52. You’re traumatized because I told you, I was leaving for Pannonia? He’s still smiling as he shakes his head.
  53. Someone who suffered mental illness because she was sexually traumatized for years! Someone I loved more than life!.
  54. I think in overall I lost them way too young, I went from being loved and happy to being completely alone and traumatized.
  55. Primatologist Anna Nekaris exposes the conditions of traumatized Slow Loris on the BBC documentary 'Jungle Gremlins of Java'.
  56. Because his parents had made sure that he would grow up far weaker, more traumatized, sicker, and more evil than they ever were.
  57. Well, then, is it fair to say that any testimony she gave in this traumatized condition was questionable, even unreliable?
  58. If any of these traumatized young boys managed to survive to adulthood they were rewarded with a commission into Lord Boras’ army.
  59. Other experiences from your partner’s past that may have traumatized her can potentially trigger bad feelings that have lasting effects.
  60. Hurt Inner Children, split personalities are split off from the Central Soul personality when the person gets traumatized usually more in.
  61. Inflict all manner of damage to the Family home, leaving the house-sitter so traumatized he/she will swear never to cross your threshold again.
  62. A baby can easily be traumatized in countless ways, simply by not being properly loved, cared-for, handled, lovingly watched, spoken-to… sung-to.
  63. I camped that night on a high saddle between Mount Jenkins and Mount Owens, my body traumatized by what it had taken to get there, though I’d covered only 8.
  64. What won was the inhumanity of humans committing atrocities upon each other by being brainwashed into mindless insane, traumatized, poisoned inhuman monsters.
  65. Brutalized, traumatized, damaged, mistreated, neglected, abused, raped children externalizing their pain and anger and rage onto someone smaller than they are.
  66. I searched his face for clues, for signs of the vicious brute who smashed Megan’s head open, for a glimpse of the traumatized refugee who had lost his family.
  67. Carmody called an ambulance, and en route to the hospital, in this profoundly traumatized condition, she was interviewed by a detective, Sergeant Michael Degano.
  68. When it looked like your lives were endangered we ended public access to events, since viewing your deaths would have traumatized many more than merely hearing of it would.
  69. Another even better example is when life circumstances replicate the trauma experienced in utero, and the reactive response of the traumatized person can end up as homicide.
  70. Flavius Aurelius and Milvia were in the central courtyard of their residence, still traumatized by what had happened earlier on, when Nancy came out with their six ex-slaves.
  71. We are so traumatized by the time we are three or five years old: that we lose touch with our own memories of when we were babies… and think it is completely normal to do so.
  72. He thought back remembering when he had first arrived at the camp; scared and confused, traumatized by what he had just experienced and seen on a battlefield not of his choosing.
  73. I wouldn’t have to? What did he mean? I thought about all the CIA movies I’ve watched in the past; what did they do the victims who were too traumatized? And then it hit me.
  74. Perhaps if he went to see a prostitute now, his penis would do its job just as easily as if he were alone at home, instead of being traumatized by the unusualness of the whole thing.
  75. When some part of the human body is traumatized, it doesn‘t matter which part, the shock will resonate throughout the entire body, that is to say, make that body uneasy or unsteady.
  76. If all else failed, I would not communicate with either parent, and I could hold out longer than they could because they began to think they had gone too far, and I had been traumatized.
  77. Mercer’s putative reason for not confronting William about this—that he was too traumatized by everything else that had happened that night—had meantime come to seem like an excuse.
  78. Even though she had successfully resisted the tortures inflicted to her in the Bastille in 1651, that experience had deeply traumatized her and had marked her mentally as well as physically.
  79. The siblings, a younger brother and two older sisters, were all traumatized by the news that sent them screaming and crying to their rooms in the darkness at the back of the one-story shack.
  80. Somewhere in the deeply remote past it seriously traumatized a small random group of atoms driftingthrough the empty sterility of space and made them cling together in the most extraordinarily unlikely patterns.
  81. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell when teasing has taken the turn to bullying, but in general if your child seems traumatized by the teasing he or she is getting at school, you should treat the teasing as bullying.
  82. War reinforces the knee-jerk reaction of the brainwashed masses to obey their authority figures, it keeps the traumatized masses from focusing on their true enemies; the ones who are ruling and robbing and taxing them.
  83. The more violated and traumatized and warped living humans became from more and more undead violating their auras: the more their living subconscious mind represented this, as thousands of ‘in’s and ‘out’s which they wore called linen.
  84. It is small wonder that after millions of years of becoming more and more out of balance; these unseen auric entities are basically sick, traumatized, sad, pathetic, lonely, trapped souls: who are not giving or loving, and are more evil than good.
  85. Addressing the Soviet-Nazi joint invasion of Poland in 1939, Ewa Thompson states: The deportations of one and a half million Poles—mostly Catholic—to the Soviet Gulag traumatized the entire Polish nation and that happened before the Shoah [italics in.
  86. But they also are not grown up enough to pose any adult undead entity any threat either… they are not mature enough to challenge their parents when all they are, are squalling terrified traumatized bundles of pain and fear… begging to be loved and protected.
  87. From the brief interaction he had had with him so far, Feltus could not possibly draw any conclusions to that effect, for every indication was that Terence was emotionally traumatized by the loss of his wife, whether or not his affections for her were deep or not.
  88. Unhealthy dogs that never learned how to play and have fun, dogs that have been turned permanently sour on life, dogs that have been permanently traumatized into neuroses have forgotten what it was like to be a playful puppy because they were never given a chance to play.
  89. Instead of only being designed to experience our life directly without reflection, we also have the ability to perceive that: ‘oh, this going to happen…’ this created the vulnerability of the non-integrated human psyche being traumatized by not being capable of integrating certain experiences.
  90. And except for Vietnam veterans, many patients who suffered from post-traumatic illnesses had their traumas questioned, downplayed, or even denied; they were sometimes told it didn’t matter if their traumas were real or imaginary, for the purposes of treatment, something we would never consider saying to someone traumatized in combat.
  91. The idea that we! The species responsible for destroying the earth; can escape from the scene of our crimes and not be forced to face the consequences of our own actions: is the insane irresponsibility of an insane damaged traumatized fetus-baby subconscious awareness that has not yet grown up enough to realize the consequences of its own actions.
  92. Being wiped out into near extinction countless times… traumatized and terrified: by the horror of an exploding world gone mad with the erupting fires of huge volcanic disasters and terrifying earth quakes, smoke and ash covering the skies, terrorized and attacked and killed by predators on the ground: millions of years of trauma, vulnerability, living in constant fear.
  93. They committed this horrific evil by mass air raids at night… and then later by day, raining mass destruction all over Europe from as high up in the air as possible so the killers wouldn’t be able to see what they had done to innocent babies and children and women, so they wouldn’t be traumatized by what they had done like the German troops on the ground had been traumatized.
  94. Because the human psyche has never been allowed to grow, heal, and fully mature out of its traumatized, dehumanized civilized upbringing: because people have never fully grown up, matured, changed, learned, healed themselves, re-balanced themselves: because all civilized societies-cultures-communities-psyches-egos, are imbalanced by the dominant dynamics of fear-hate-cowardice-dishonesty: people become either.
  95. Can you remember what it felt like to be born yourself? Why can’t you remember? Was it because the horror of being born to inhuman monsters who had mo understanding of what they were doing to you was so horrible that you had to block out the memory of that horror, or die? Why can’t humans remember their own birth? Why is there a permanent mental-emotional-physical block to every human ever born: so they can never remember back far enough to understand what it felt like to be a helpless baby? Is it because every human baby ever born was born already so traumatized and horrified inside their womb: that not one human can remember the depth and intensity of that horror? Is it because every human baby ever born already knew instinctively and subconsciously: that the monsters, that were bringing it into this world, did not know how to raise it? Is it because every human baby ever born already knew that it was going to be tortured and warped and forced to become an inhuman monster just like the monsters that were bringing it into this world?
  96. Why do children lie? First: ask yourself how much fear have they have been exposed to? How have they being mis-led? Mis-raised? Intimidated? Yelled at? Threatened? Have they ever in their entire lives felt not safe? Have they ever been ignored? Neglected? Abandoned? Ordered around? Have they ever been verbally abused? Have they ever been emotionally abused? Have they ever been treated as if they were not important? Have they ever been traumatized? Beaten? Sexually abused? Have they ever been in a situation where they were scared, and nobody came to help or comfort them? Have they ever learned to mistrust what others said, or did to them? Have they ever seen or heard others being abused or neglected or ignored? Have they ever seen their parents fighting? Angry? Have they ever seen or heard their parents deceiving each other? Lying to each other? Have they ever seen any kind of unloving behavior around them as they were growing up? Have they ever seen any kind of violence as they were growing up? The problem is that child rearing is mostly copied: not studied or taught.
  97. Animal welfare workers were contacted by a Kagiso resident traumatized by the incident,.
  1. Civilization traumatizes and attacks and cripples healthy humans who do not have a protective shell called an ego.
  2. Then the actual birth-split from its mother: how painful it is, how easy or difficult the birth, her level of fear, how much that fear is transmitted to the fetus, whether the mother is drugged or not, how tight or relaxed the mother's vaginal muscles are: depending on her level of fear, how much pain is created by the tightness of the mother's vaginal muscles, how much that muscle tightening produces physical pain in the birthing process, how much the physical pain of childbirth actually traumatizes the infant, the degree of the mother's physical fitness, health, whether the fetus is born into an atmosphere of love-warmth, or fear, or indifference, or hate.

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