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    1. Iain is a good man and, once he realised that JJ would be able to have a life unaffected by the curse of the migraine that is destroying him, he argued for JJ to go across

    2. unaffected, oblivious of the pressure around her

    3. "Try me," Thom said, trying to sound unaffected, but not wanting to show his med panel just yet

    4. It was funny how strangely unaffected he felt

    5. ’ He went on, apparently unaffected by the subject of the conversation

    6. Roman seemed to be unaffected by his

    7. nun and Abbess seemed relatively unaffected by this

    8. roads were largely unaffected, and Jean was relieved to

    9. I can only guess I was unaffected because I’m still wearing my gloves

    10. “That makes sense,” said Doctor Roberts, “Jane’s podmate was sleeping in the adjacent room and, as far as I can tell, she was completely unaffected

    11. But Zolla seemed unaffected

    12. She didn’t know how many more of these tanks there were, but it was a reasonable assumption that the vast majority of sea mammals and fish were left to die in the fallout? Possibly there were areas of ocean unaffected, with radiation penetrating only so far

    13. The lead SUV hit the puncture strip across the road without slowing, the tires seemingly unaffected by the sharp spikes

    14. Except for that momentary rush of emotion after striking Jalesow down, he believed himself to have been unaffected by the man’s death

    15. Ethan replied with a nod, quite unaffected by the physical strain:

    16. She tried to seem unaffected by the intimate touch, but she felt almost naked only wearing pants and the wet undershirt

    17. immersed in the Divine and so unaffected by the physical

    18. She tried to seem unaffected by Laino who stood leaned against the door staring at her

    19. ” One psychiatrist recently said that Bush had a personality disorder because he seemed unaffected by the constant

    20. Air rushed by me, leaving through the hole I had made, but my shielding held and I was unaffected

    21. The sexual desire is unaffected in over 90% of the men who have

    22. The fire, debris, and explosion force is sucked into this black alien as it continues walking at the same pace unaffected

    23. is pure awareness, pure witnessing, unaffected by the pres-

    24. unaffected advisor in all things scholarly throughout my childhood years

    25. fear, in the other you are unaffected by pleasure and pain and

    26. gold, so does man’s essence remain unaffected

    27. It is just a state unaffected

    28. Sample G is still there, unaffected

    29. You don't have to treat a mean person meanly - you can learn to be unaffected by

    30. She shook her head, trying to remain unaffected before giving in to punch him lightly in the side

    31. but unaffected by the chemical reactions that transform the substance of our being

    32. "So, youse the cheerleading head, init?” Mason asked, obviously unaffected by her hostility

    33. I will tell them that as you approached the border, I detected that you were unaffected by most spells, and that you agreed to stay here so that I could study your unique properties

    34. It is doubted that Xervia will be allowed to remain aloof and unaffected by what comes

    35. No race would be completely unaffected by them

    36. These other items were unaffected, so far as I can tell

    37. The funeral home businesses seem unaffected by the

    38. and would be unaffected by distance

    39. And you seem pretty unaffected by it

    40. her struggles, unaffected by the ordeal she lived in her

    41. “Want some advice?” Setne wafted next to me, unaffected by the

    42. to appear unaffected by the ordeal

    43. My child was happy and healthy and apparently unaffected by my early status as a non-baby person

    44. Their green armor remained and they were unaffected by the blows of the lich merchant and the Innkeeper

    45. Despite the adamant intentions of the young dragons the Chaotic Wizards and their cohorts were unaffected

    46. Strangelove, I remember thinking that if I was in charge of a button that could kill every human on the planet instantly and painlessly while leaving the rest of nature unaffected, then I would probably press it

    47. My place in the hills was unaffected by the flooding

    48. Any other craft, any other hull would have melted through on the spot riding those red currents out to sea, but the wheelbarrow was unaffected

    49. He was unaffected and went on making the

    50. which is utterly unaffected by neglect, indifference or even unworthiness on

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    unaffected unmoved untouched insensible plain simple sincere genuine honest real naive unruffled