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    1. I know that this is not a new argument, but what is “Bravery” when used in the context of terminal il ness? I am unaware of anybody who

    2. He maintains he was totally unaware of this and is shocked that his wife of only a few years should have behaved so badly

    3. addiction, unaware that it even exists

    4. possibly created these circumstances, unaware that we never

    5. blissfully unaware of the plan, laid

    6. The dragon continued its dive, completely unaware of what had

    7. In our authenticity before God, we are unaware of our own characters

    8. each unaware of itself,

    9. careful manner, unaware that they were seen by the Alderfolk

    10. Hill, unaware that the figure at the window had disappeared

    11. Jeffery was trying to gracefully recover; I was unaware that you could speak Wolf

    12. She awoke and seductively stretched; unaware of the effect she had on him

    13. “Maybe the Scathers are unaware of the role they played,” said Lord Boras haughtily, “we may not need to get involved with Outsiders

    14. “I had her investigate the girl thoroughly my Queen; she believes with certainty that the young girl is totally unaware that she is being used for nefarious purposes

    15. 'Mama, don't do it,' Omi said, still unaware that the trishul blades had

    16. They were unaware that they were being followed as they began to boast to each other about their ‘victory’

    17. Yise appeared unaware of this, and chattered away gaily, pointing out

    18. ” she prattled, unaware of Mandy's rolling eyes and quiet sigh

    19. When he asked one of the nurses what a coma actually is she told him that it’s a state in which a patient is totally unaware of both themselves and their external surroundings, and they are unable to respond meaningfully to external stimuli

    20. Late lambs follow their mothers, blissfully unaware that this brave new world of ovine possibilities and green, green grass is short on time

    21. smashed against the roof—the people that lived there were either unaware of this

    22. were unaware of the incident in the market

    23. at him, but Godfrey was still blissfully unaware of his

    24. “See? No monsters under the bed!” Monica’s Father said, blissfully unaware of the events that had taken place

    25. unaware of their Jewishness

    26. unaware that the food would never run out, and the entire time staring at Sally to

    27. Roman sat unaware of the radioactivity floating from her body, reading a

    28. She quickly absorbed what Hipolyta and Titania were able to offer her of that which she had been unaware

    29. Another fact in Brancetrabble’s possession of which the astronomers were unaware was that a strange device made of some of the highest denominations of alloy had been found in the city of Norbin

    30. Still we remained unaware of the true horror of our

    31. If we are unaware of what is going on in the spirit we find ourselves swayed by the events of life and wondering what is going on, but as we understand the seasons we can pray, prepare, or agree with what is going on

    32. monks are unaware (or unconvinced) that the animal has

    33. For the moment, the table seemed lifeless and still, unaware of the strange group of beings gathered around it

    34. unaware of the sensitive nature of the subject he had

    35. unaware that their quarry was now – somehow – behind

    36. "We are, obviously, unaware of this list of which you speak

    37. most believers are completely unaware of it

    38. Those in Dort slept peacefully on quite unaware of what was to come

    39. Battle axe? Alec wondered, unaware that the man had even been carrying such a weapon

    40. Her eyes as listless as a Shal'in Ome, the middle aged woman looked ahead, unaware of the world around her

    41. we came to return it, the Abbey was genuinely unaware

    42. and will become unaware slaves

    43. Unaware of its location, the creature continued to lumber forward; possibly hoping to crush Imorbis with its massive bulk

    44. The messengers themselves, as a rule, are unaware of their own role

    45. including Egyptians, and were unaware with the

    46. about all of which they were unaware

    47. Until now, I had been unaware of the electric blue fire at my core

    48. Meanwhile, unaware of this obituary given by the short man,

    49. They had a way of scrapping and lunging from the shadows like cornered beasts and even the most seasoned warriors could be caught unaware amid their carelessness

    50. unaware that he was blind

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    incognizant unaware undiscerning blundering unconscious overlooking