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Unblock sätze (in englisch)

1. The next step will probably be caller ID re-block of the unblock.
2. If you’re stuck in a quandary, use these questions to unblock yourself.
3. Yes, we’ll leave the island through the fog vent in Black Woods, and unblock it as we go.
4. If you blocked the vent, Miss Simone said evenly, then we need to unblock it immediately.
5. He could send Robbie hurtling across the island to unblock it, but it was far, far too late for that.
6. He continued cooly, One of my responsibilities as your Mentor is to help unblock your cellular memory.
7. I’m not sure if caller ID unblock is here yet, but if so, block of the caller ID unblock can’t be far behind.

8. While I am talking about that voice recorder, the height of lunacy has been attained with call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, caller ID block and caller ID unblock.
9. You listen to me you little fucking turd and the rest of you unblock your ears those Turks back there had very little time left and if you haven’t noticed we have no doctors up here and only one medic who is wounded himself so we have no medical cover.

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