uncovering sätze

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Uncovering sätze (in englisch)

  1. My uncovering of such a mistake as I.
  2. Only through uncovering the memory of.
  3. Uncovering the benefits of fund investing.
  4. He has seen it on the uncovering horizon.
  5. My work is about uncovering the truth and blaming the.

  6. From Head to Toe: Uncovering the Anatomy of a Commodity Index.
  7. It is the uncovering of this emptiness that I call meditation.
  8. This stage is all about uncovering your coachee’s strengths –.
  9. Observing and asking questions were the keys to uncovering the answer.
  10. He wrote me this e-mail below uncovering his recent trading prowess:.
  11. Uncovering these food allergies with the help of a doctor is often a.
  12. How anthropologists will spend a lifetime uncovering a few dead bones.
  13. The Fleet thinks it can control us and keep us from uncovering the truth.
  14. The driver took off his cap, uncovering a mop of grey hair, and pulled out a.
  15. Russian Federation, were forced to admit that the methodology of uncovering of.

  16. But what a wonderful technique this is for uncovering the truth, Bayard thought.
  17. The uncovering by the Hubble constant about of the Newton fraud is so simple to see.
  18. It represents the solution to uncovering (revealing) lies, deceptions and delusions.
  19. God damn it, Sam, didnt anyone think that what Robert was uncovering might have.
  20. Hudson has risen to the occasion, said Holmes, uncovering a dish of curried chicken.
  21. He lifted the hangings from the wall, uncovering the second door: this, too, he opened.
  22. Dr Merridale is one of a growing army of scientists dedicated to uncovering the truth.
  23. After uncovering his eyes, he revealed a wide smile that accompanied a sinister chuckle.
  24. Uncovering the bowl, which was still half full of raspberries, she presented it to Charly.
  25. Uncovering the reward of the well-doers and the good which their actions do them, God says:.

  26. Light feathery clouds skittered across the sky obscuring the sun, then uncovering it rapidly.
  27. Sheena dug in the sand with her hands, uncovering a pair of flippers, some goggles and a wetsuit.
  28. We focus on uncovering information that helps us understand the probabilities of what can happen.
  29. Using Strong’s Concordance will greatly assist the true Bible student in uncovering what every.
  30. He removed his thick top, uncovering a black T-shirt that within seconds evaporated areas of sweat.
  31. This is not unlike our task in uncovering the truth and determining what’s a lie and what isn’t.
  32. But it was her enthusiasm for uncovering the truth and exposing wrongs that made me think of her now.
  33. Claire felt the building wave of nausea that always accompanied uncovering another one of Paul’s lies.
  34. The servants and the three or four neighbours who had come to assist, stood back, uncovering their heads.
  35. The Queen steeled herself, then carefully pulled away the sheet, uncovering the head of her dead husband.
  36. She made a production of uncovering her food, then she dished up for the men and herself, then she sat down.
  37. In the main, however, value investing is identified with uncovering fundamental value and buying it at bargain price.
  38. I promised him the dawning of a new era, with him uncovering the secrets that would finally make it practical and true.
  39. These people here, he considered them so much more intriguing, entertaining; pure mysteries definitely worth uncovering.
  40. Upon returning to Dallas, they began investigating, but unfortunately, they were murdered in their sleep before uncovering the truth.
  41. I can still see his wonderful smile, the whites of his beautiful eyes, and the uncovering of his little teeth shine to me in the dusk.
  42. As moths that are attracted to a flame, they also fear that flame since they fear uncovering or exploring their own feelings-passions.
  43. When was this that they were here? he asked, his mind now filled with a string of questions aimed at uncovering some of the facts.
  44. He is concerned only with uncovering market mistakes in a timely way and in making portfolio adjustments that will exploit such mistakes.
  45. Trent had really helped his grandfather out by putting a lot of effort into uncovering new sections of territory to which I now headed for.
  46. Every systematic step she took, each uncovering she discovered, and each cut she performed, seemed to fuel his insatiable appetite to learn more.
  47. Without instruction her watched her hand brush casually across her uncovered skin, raising her towel and uncovering her thighs in one gentle action.
  48. The main themes of the movie are conspiracy, uncovering the truth while losing your friends, and the role of the press struggling to meet a deadline.
  49. Scratching his forehead the man stared angrily around the room, his eyes exploring and uncovering any possible hideout this Ben could stash himself in.
  50. You may hate me for this, but uncovering this from your subconscious will ultimately prove to be fruitful in your overall mental health, down the road.
  51. Despite the limitations of the idiot box, much research goes into these episodes and uncovering the facts has never been better on many of these offerings.
  52. So pride loves recognition of position, and looking good before men, but you see pride resists the uncovering of it's dirty feet, and having someone serve it.
  53. Lydia seemed energized by the prospect of uncovering more lurid details, but Claire felt as though she was suffocating under the weight of every new revelation.
  54. While slamming the door on his car, the fine curtains hanging in the living room window cracked open, uncovering a pretty face that looked pleasantly surprised.
  55. Feltus nodded in agreement that his cousin should have some minor explanation, especially after having been so instrumental in uncovering this essential information.
  56. However, the problem Hall had warned about and its magnitude became glaringly apparent when the world’s headlines announced the uncovering of the Iran-Contra Affair.
  57. When federal investigators started uncovering irregularities, my name showed up on fake contracts as supervisor, and data on some of my actual reports was altered too.
  58. So I say this not as a snotty teenager, but as a proven investigator: Uncovering the mystery of Katherine’s death would be the most important investigation of my life.
  59. There seems to be no other possible motive, except that Vaughan wanted to prevent Benbow from uncovering his arms dealing activities, and so arranged for him to be shot.
  60. Yesterday morning, Saa-ra led Bonnie to uncovering the nature of the events that had accurately foretold of both the development and dissolution of her past relationships.
  61. Alyosha glanced at him, uncovering his face, which was swollen with crying like a child's, but turned away at once without uttering a word and hid his face in his hands again.
  62. As Gunn started inspecting her plane, looking for possible battle damage, Ingrid saluted Brereton, then took off her leather helmet, uncovering her reddish-brown hair mated with sweat.
  63. He felt tears running down his cheeks, but he couldn’t know whether it was from the laughter or the pure and simple joy of finally uncovering what even his master could not have imagined.
  64. Amongst other things she was instrumental in liaising with France to put an end to the black market trade in lethal feuhlstones and in uncovering Gerisse Stowman’s illegal immigrant scam.
  65. You can think of either the original or recent remake of the motion picture since both are all about greed, which is another challenge that you’ll face in uncovering your family genealogy.
  66. Due to immutable compelling reasons, Lucille, Maguerite and the children could not stay any longer in Spain to witness the uncovering of the plaque giving my name to a street in Fuentesnuevas.
  67. Then she discovers that Blomkvist, himself a brilliant investigator, is cracking open the cold case of a missing girl – uncovering secrets that have poisoned a family through generations.
  68. She wanted to fight against injustice so she joined a group of activists who at the time were uncovering secret experiments without knowing that the scientists were in fact demon possessed humans.
  69. William Sherman, the journalist who was instrumental in uncovering this fraudulent mess, alleges that the cost of 1 ounce of bone, in terms of dental implants, is more than the cost of 1 ounce of gold.
  70. Furthermore, I soon ingratiated myself to Rickover via his Naval Reactor Representative Office (NRRO) reps, by uncovering and reporting two rather large scandals involving two successive Ingalls’ CEOs.
  71. True, it was his quest of uncovering artifacts of old that led him to such a precarious position to attract the Patriarch’s attention in the first place, but he only did it because he believed it mattered.
  72. This sly man was well versed in uncovering crimes and showing how they can be solved by gathering evidence; in addition he knew well how to institute legal proceedings and claims since this was his speciality.
  73. As Aria was finally confessing to her sisters what she was feeling and what she was wishing for the future and for Elena, Isodor was uncovering secrets he did not like and that had to do with his younger sister.
  74. Dancing at an accelerated pace and cracking her whip at intervals in coordination with the musical theme, Mélanie d’Amour removed her bra, uncovering big, firm breasts that made Bernard salivate with desire.
  75. Uncovering prearbitrage doable deals, insofar as those deals involve mergers and acquisitions or tender offers, not only creates investment opportunities, but also creates finders’ and brokers’ fee opportunities.
  76. See, so that's what he did, and notice Jesus held His ground, so pride loves recognition of position and looking good before men, but you see pride resists the uncovering of it's dirty feet, and having someone serve it.
  77. In addition, she obviously did not consider herself a suspect, which was rather typical of most individuals connected to a murder victim and which might assist him in uncovering vital information pertaining to the case.
  78. The magic in discovering that different strikes of options in the same series may trade at different implied volatilities is the necessary basis for uncovering and using many of The Options Secret’s trading strategies.
  79. A drab, nonentity: a fictional character: who wears an overcoat, carries a hidden gun of hate, and wears a hat: going into dark alleyways, into the secret lives of the rich: uncovering their corrupt evil, gloating over it.
  80. The two laborers’ laughing however strangled quickly when the biggest of the men in armor gave them a less than friendly stare while pushing away a part of his cape and uncovering a kind of short sword sheeted at his side.
  81. Uncovering the semantic puzzle of words can only be accomplished if you know enough of the actual history and can link it together organically so it makes sense and you can put it into the correct relative historical context.
  82. Zeus, on the other hand, had a problem to think about: the four Cerberus who had managed to escape with her, they could communicate with others of their kind and this would lead to the uncovering of the truth of Zeus’ actions.
  83. While the discoverer should not be denied all reward for efforts of discovery, neither should he selfishly presume to lay claim to all of the advantages and blessings to be derived from the uncovering of nature's hoarded resources.
  84. In an instant, with a triumphant revulsion of feeling, I had cast my fears to the wind, and uncovering my powerful lantern, with my rifle in my hand, I sprang down from my rock and rushed after the monster down the old Roman shaft.
  85. This book is a drag-net after the false premises of men, and if it rakes to the bottom, uncovering the secret sources of error, exposing the evasive and elliptical nature of arguments relied upon to establish the doctrine, it is the friend of all who love truth.
  86. However, even without any know-who, investors using fundamental finance standards may have opportunities for uncovering doable deals merely by the study of publicly available documents describing situations in companies whose securities appear attractive, even though it has been our experience that without know-who, predicting just what situations will prove to be doable entails as much luck as skill.
  1. Years die to be uncovered.
  2. I’ve uncovered a good story.
  3. When you have uncovered the.
  4. We first uncovered Tandy Corp.
  5. Cook uncovered for ten minutes.
  6. The melting snow has uncovered.
  7. Finally, he’d uncovered a lead.
  8. Tell me what you have uncovered.
  9. He doesn't leave anything uncovered.
  10. She was uncovered up to her midriff.
  11. To the extent that uncovered risks.
  12. The entire corpse was soon uncovered.
  13. The boys uncovered the other windows.
  14. My studies have uncovered a serious.
  15. How Inherited Emotions are Uncovered.
  16. Saudi police uncovered the crime scene.
  17. Her face was uncovered, but the moment.
  18. That is for a naked, uncovered option (i.
  19. Therefore, one hall was always uncovered.
  20. They never uncovered or exposed their hair.
  21. More porthole windows, uncovered this time.
  22. If a writer’s call option is uncovered (i.
  23. Then, as George rubbed, a zero was uncovered.
  24. Some boards were soon uncovered and removed.
  25. Many of the women left their head uncovered.
  26. She uncovered her ears to be met with silence.
  27. He kicked his feet until they were uncovered.
  28. Another fear I uncovered had to do with dying.
  29. They struggled up and out: and all uncovered.
  30. Thalia uncovered Aegis, and the dragon hissed.
  31. His face was uncovered, his eyes were shining.
  32. The first one uncovered ran from 1798 to 1813.
  33. Have you uncovered anything of interest?
  34. Clair, which lay uncovered as the tide receded.
  35. None of the security sweeps uncovered the bombs.
  36. JOhn and Barry had just uncovered a murder scene.
  37. After an interval, he uncovered his face and rose.
  38. In one of the pyramids, they uncovered 32 flutes.
  39. She turned her head slowly and uncovered her face.
  40. Mom only called him when a dig uncovered something.
  41. This woman was horrid, and had her knees uncovered.
  42. The modeling process they used uncovered important.
  43. All the pertinent facts have already been uncovered.
  44. You have also uncovered something else you want to.
  45. Now the agitation of the air uncovered a racing star.
  46. What we have uncovered may rewrite Egyptian history.
  47. Ian Swindler went through the facts he had uncovered.
  48. Click here to learn the facts Andrew has uncovered:.
  49. For IBM, that would be the sale of uncovered options.
  50. Hadrathus stood before them, his uncovered head bowed.
  51. Finally, the young waiter uncovered the hamburger and.
  52. The dark figure raised its head and uncovered its face.
  53. You uncovered and revealed this animal for what he is.
  54. I uncovered the image, tried the testing again, and….
  55. Behold! They are uncovered, revealing their true form!.
  56. We need to step back and look at what we have uncovered.
  57. Beyond that, the CIA had uncovered little about the man.
  58. An anonymous figure uncovered this recording of the M.
  59. Continue cooking uncovered for 15 minutes stirring often.
  60. Even when the misdeeds are uncovered (often through the.
  61. No they were only uncovered back in the mid twentieth.
  62. Most fraud is uncovered by whistle blowers or by accident.
  63. The destruction helped calm my rage but uncovered the pain.
  64. As always, Rebekah would pry until the truth was uncovered.
  65. Veil: In relation to something being uncovered or revealed.
  66. Then at last he looked at the thing that he had uncovered.
  67. Suddenly uncovered, he lay for a moment mummy-like, with.
  68. Her long hair now covered most of what had been uncovered.
  69. We still haven’t uncovered a weapon, I said to Jill.
  70. I have uncovered the formula by which the Titius Bode law.
  71. Pa, let out an uncovered yawn, just as the sheriff came in.
  72. And completely ignore the phenomena we’ve just uncovered.
  73. It held a position of power to the person that uncovered it.
  74. I'd prefer full-face protection with only the eyes uncovered.
  75. The guards shoveled dirt, but only uncovered roots and stones.
  76. Cook uncovered on a low flame for about 10 minutes, stirring.
  77. Notice also that while five percent of the curve is uncovered.
  78. Sure enough, I eventually uncovered several references and at.
  79. His research uncovered that these things always occur together.
  80. Tony uncovered his face and looked to the pile now reduced to.
  81. Exactly what Mo-bot had highlighted in the ad she’d uncovered.
  82. Microwave uncovered on high stirring every minute until thicken.
  83. Her head was uncovered, and her grizzled locks shone with grease.
  84. We will not leave him here uncovered! Truman had been humbled.
  85. They only wished that others had uncovered their dastardly deeds.
  86. I have uncovered some of the fears associated with my body as well.
  87. This degree of nearness uncovered to him (cpth) all that is right.
  88. No further correspondence between them has been uncovered to date.
  89. Anita had seated herself listlessly in one of the uncovered chairs.
  90. Dogey uncovered the phone, Yeah, Illinois and he doesn’t care.
  91. You have uncovered some hidden talent and ability within yourself.
  92. Your methodical research has uncovered a high-potential business!.
  93. He put a towel around him leaving only his neck and head uncovered.
  94. They ran to the second, calling down as they uncovered it: no answer.
  95. When his eyes were in turn uncovered, Frodo looked up and caught his.
  96. Maryanka with her head uncovered sat sewing by the light of a candle.
  97. See! Their women's hair goes uncovered, and near as short as theowes.
  98. When he moved the dark ones aside to reach them, he uncovered a book.
  99. I was supposing the rest of the holes would be uncovered, maybe today.
  100. The police believe he was a paedophile, who was about to be uncovered.
  1. It also uncovers most of.
  2. This book uncovers this horror.
  3. It uncovers what is happening.
  4. It uncovers the ‘true’ situation as seen from God’s perspective.
  5. Bloom uncovers himself but, seeing them, frowns, then smiles, preoccupied.
  6. After putting his NUS card to the back of the pocket, he uncovers his Student ID card.
  7. Penelope uncovers an electric sewing machine, circa 1985 and apparently in good working order.
  8. This is a good thing, Grant said, If he uncovers anything about Hammond then it will help get you out of here.
  9. Say that a market participant uncovers a savings and loan concern selling at two times the latest 12 months’ earnings.
  10. And it must always be remembered that the truth that the analyst uncovers is first of all not the whole truth and, secondly, not the immutable truth.
  11. A trend, a theme, or even a throw-away line in an obscure industry journal inspires a line of inquiry that is always filled with blind alleys, but from time to time uncovers a mispriced gem.
  12. And here is an incident which uncovers the quackery of those who claim to have access to imaginary supernatural powers, and the stupidity and silliness of those who believe them and are tricked by them.
  13. When we find the ruins of ancient cities buried under ground; when the plough uncovers the front of palaces and the summit of old temples, we are astonished: but we seldom reflect why they are hidden in the earth.
  14. Once this test is assessed, you will have a clear idea where you might be stuck emotionally and in terms of your core beliefs—that is, the test uncovers those specific mental attitudes that are the cause of so much trading failure.
  15. Accordingly, the meaning of the word Dawn is not restricted to the light which appears at the end of night, yet it includes everything that the Almighty uncovers to you, for your benefit and your life, from the world of hidden ness to the world of being and view.
  16. Accordingly, the meaning of the word dawn is not restricted to the light which appears at the end of the night, but includes everything that the Almighty uncovers for you, for your benefit and your life, from the world of what is hidden to the world of being and what is in view.
  17. When man looks upon what his hands had rendered: that is, at the moment of death when the veil of the man uncovers and he witnesses the deeds his hands have done: at that hour, he will see that imminent torture, and there he would wish he had been submissive to his Provider and yielding to His commands.

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1. It will also uncover how.
2. We can uncover the windows.
3. Uncover and fluff with a fork.
4. Do not uncover the pan or stir.
5. This can be used to uncover a.
6. This will then uncover to you what it.
7. Uncover and check to see if the liquid.
8. I wasn't able to uncover it on that trip.
9. To uncover the mockery of convention and.
10. Uncover and cook an additional 15 minutes.
11. More than ever, I need to uncover the truth.
12. But to uncover all these root thoughts and.
13. It took hours to carefully uncover the bones.
14. That something is what we need to uncover.
15. A secret I should have been able to uncover.
16. Fred wondered if he should uncover his holster.
17. Sometimes as they uncover the answers for why.
18. This is where you should uncover those hidden.
19. Their research and reasoning uncover the truth.
20. She had to dig deep into the earth to uncover it.
21. Each is intended to uncover some facts or truths.
22. To test: to uncover the reality of something.
23. Uncover at end of cooking time to allow steam to.
24. Discovered: Uncover; to come into view of something.
25. Later we will uncover how to release all attachments.
26. Chapter 37: I Uncover the Myth’s Hebraic Connection.
27. This revelation would uncover them as being the real.
28. To test something here is to uncover its reality.
29. Everything about his career that you can uncover, John.
30. We should uncover much about their civilization from that.
31. Once again, try to uncover how you behave, with whom, in.
32. Were still trying to uncover the extent of his treachery.
33. Minutes passed before she could uncover her eye and open it.
34. Cover pan to hasten this process, but uncover and stir now.
35. I have made a study of almost thirty-five years to uncover.
36. I believe this time I will uncover your hidden mystery, and.
37. It is this mother conspiracy I am gong to uncover and present.
38. Despite us and all we uncover, They and this world will go on.
39. Did your research uncover the name Arbitan Losk at all?
40. Uncover pile and turn over while spraying with the liquid seaweed.
41. It would be easier to plant evidence than to uncover actual crime.
42. He did not expose and uncover the true meaning of the Gordian Knot.
43. We must learn to uncover them, and this is part of the science of.
44. See if you can uncover all their lies and misinformation physically.
45. If you research and uncover a profitable niche that you know nothing.
46. Start trying to uncover that buried desire - and don't let 'shoulds'.
47. There are years to uncover and mysteries to find answers for out there.
48. Once these clear up, ask good questions to uncover their true concerns.
49. She never disclosed anything unless she felt she needed to uncover them.
50. To uncover the cause that compels them to suffer such torture, God says:.
51. He told me that the corruption I had begun to uncover had gotten far worse.
52. Discover: To uncover or reveal something that has been earnestly covered up.
53. The Shaman uses crystals for creating magic to uncover the soul of the sick.
54. We will need a lot of wisdom to uncover the mystery of the first horseman.
55. Response… The next step is to help the listener to uncover what or who is.
56. He felt around in his other pants pockets to see if he could uncover any other.
57. By diminishing nothing one uncover singularity and the effort brings in a new.
58. I propose that we do not intentionally attempt to uncover any dirt on Spalding.
59. It is time to pry back the pages of human history and uncover the actual truth.
60. Researchers are just beginning to uncover that all we needed was here all along.
61. Our dream was to uncover the one equation connecting everything in the universe.
62. It would be fun to use my science knowledge to uncover evidence at crime scenes.
63. Contained within the BUM marketing method are some simple tricks to uncover key.
64. He decided to search for an explanation that might uncover the secret behind it.
65. He is adept at tackling tough problem sets to uncover hidden truths because it’s a.
66. Exploration should be done to uncover any unresolved conflicts in the patient’s life.
67. Studies attempting to uncover the effects of high animal protein intake on the risk of.
68. Colling reached into the wagon bed and pulled at the tarpaulin to uncover the mannequin.
69. I worked for a few minutes to uncover his head and when it was clear, I nearly fainted.
70. The chief of all monsters focused mentally on the ship, trying to uncover its intentions.
71. He can even tap that person's memory and uncover the actual truths of that person's soul.
72. Botanists study plant life and archeologists uncover fossils and enter caves to find facts.
73. Guido turned to the crew leader and instructed him, George, have the men uncover the Dove.
74. Aside from that, you can also uncover your qualifications and achievements more effectively.
75. That cheating is how they do it and I have to show and uncover the dishonesty in mathematics.
76. Sutton did not uncover the hidden presence of undead evil because he was not looking for it.
77. I see what you mean Detective; you never know what we may uncover in Dan Bendersons records.
78. At 3000m, it will be impossible to uncover the wreck, and they will believe that is your grave.
79. Confederation’s captain this was all something of a game, and that their mission to uncover the.
80. He wanted to read Thomas’ mind to uncover his intentions but it was not his place, not any more.
81. Start trying to uncover that buried desire - and don't let 'shoulds' and 'oughts' get in your way!.
82. After all, with her visions, she might be able to uncover that information that only she could see.
83. Ralph’s mind is still trembling at the fact that Gelahn has not been able to uncover his thoughts.
84. But you will only uncover one millionth of the evil and filth that was English culture in those days.
85. Are Any Large Shareholders or Raiders Working to Uncover the Value of the Under-Valued Asset Plays?
86. Therefore, you should try to do more research about it, so that you can uncover their unstated needs.
87. That is what the hospital administrator told me, Minimine watched the monkey uncover his left eye.
88. Unfortunately, Shela doubted that even Kearney’s acute senses could uncover a skilled master of hiding.
89. Uncover the pot after the 5 minutes of boiling have elapsed, wipe the sides of the pot with a damp cloth.
90. Using a control variable besides dividend yield in a regression can uncover such cyclical predictability (e.
91. Perhaps Jane would uncover the cause of the appalling test results they were now getting for the wonder drug.
92. By diminishing nothing one uncover singularity and the effort brings in a new perspective not yet introduced.
93. There are many definitions of this word but the one that I like the most is ―to expose or uncover by digging.
94. But since this is an unpleasant truth, and nobody wants to uncover the actual truth of their own personal past.
95. He stared at the Captain so as to analyze his body movements, trying to uncover some untold secret on the case.
96. I uncover these principles by placing Π within the formulating of gravity and when using Π I bring clarity to.
97. Most of the time you can simply follow the discomfort (the emotion or pain, for example) to uncover the judgment.
98. With evidence we mean a process where we can prove whatever we uncover in court by following the Laws of Evidence.
99. Still think we’re not perverse? Perverted, even? Follow me, as I uncover yet another of our well-disguised warts.
100. Through drawing by watercolor, historians were able to uncover the livelihood and mysteries of people in the past.