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    1. The influence caused due to attachment to desires (‘Rajas’) results in eventual unhappiness

    2. This afternoon he is giving a lecture about how to face unhappiness

    3. At a moment, he advises us: “When bad things happen to you, instead of thinking ''I am unhappy'', you had better think ''There is unhappiness in the world''

    4. So it is a fact that, where unhappiness falls,

    5. At first the telephone conversation with the old woman went very badly, with her great-aunt being extremely hostile to the memory of her nephew’s long forgotten children, but, as Annie described her predicament and as the old woman remembered that it had always been the men in the Craig family who had been the cause of the greatest unhappiness, she eventually found it in her heart to offer the young woman one of her flats at a very competitive rent

    6. unhappiness and chronic illness could be completely

    7. greatest unhappiness, she eventually found it in her heart to offer

    8. gifts cannot flow to you and the result can be unhappiness and il -‐health

    9. It is no surprise that if something bad happens to a person, the immediate reaction will usually be unhappiness

    10. The desire that leads to dissatisfaction and unhappiness is usually that the circumstances of life be other than as they are

    11. However, the distorted way in which she sees things causes the unhappiness she experiences, not the dogs

    12. For example, you may change that experience from unhappiness to happiness, or from selfishness to selflessness

    13. The unhappiness and stress of being constantly alert to danger used to be adaptive, and helped us to survive

    14. If you allow your happiness to depend upon the result of what you do, this can lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness

    15. Dukkha is emotional pain in the form of dissatisfaction and unhappiness that we inflict on ourselves in response to these realities of life

    16. and pushed their unhappiness aside because the real secrets

    17. My shoulders shook as I sobbed uncontrollably, gripping her hand tightly; the sound of the machines accompanying the sound of my unhappiness

    18. troublesome ambitions that harden the heart! To be born again without blemish, to rise above the petty quarreling that promotes so much unhappiness and sorrow, to be reunited once again with loved ones and friends who left us too soon, to make proper atonement to those we‘ve disappointed and, most importantly, to obtain spiritual redemption

    19. Faith, as he now saw in his enlightened mind, did not exclude logic or slave men to a body of lies, a life of unhappiness and endless toil

    20. The anxiety and unhappiness smoothed from his face

    21. My unhappiness of the past few days returned

    22. When discontent and misery set in, a common reaction is to look for someone to blame for our feeling of unhappiness – while being oblivious to the fact that it was our unwholesome motive in the first place that is now the cause of our despondency![22]

    23. By contrast, if an intention is negative, the resulting mental state, as well as any actions or words, will be harmful and unhelpful, creating unhappiness and suffering

    24. We can also counteract our own anger, unhappiness, and other negative states of mind

    25. They will then give rise to experiences of either pleasure and happiness, or misery and unhappiness

    26. With awareness, we will discern how different states of mind – such as love, fear, or greed – will always result in either happiness or unhappiness

    27. As these memories arise, a feeling of unhappiness will inescapably occur

    28. Such thinking only prolongs the state of unhappiness

    29. But what will our attacker experience from generating anger and harming us? Because we provided an object for his anger, he will find unhappiness in this life and plant seeds for a future hellish rebirth [if, for example, his anger persists and even becomes uncontrollable rage]

    30. Unwholesome motivations will inescapably lead to sadness and unhappiness

    31. If an action brings about pain, misery, and unhappiness, then it is called negative, destructive, or non-virtuous

    32. Moreover, others fall victim to an attitude of passive resignation, seeing their unhappiness and suffering only as an unavoidable process of paying off their debt of "bad karma"

    33. In the same way, bring to mind some experiences of suffering or unhappiness that you have had in the past

    34. The potentiality may be virtuous or non-virtuous, and therefore it will ripen as happiness or unhappiness

    35. Skillful actions will, of course, produce happiness; unskillful actions, unhappiness

    36. There are factors that are involved in our lives that either give us satisfaction and contentment on one side or unhappiness and sadness on the other

    37. The factors that give us satisfaction or unhappiness may be within our control, or not

    38. discontent without even knowing it, reflecting our unhappiness off everything we encounter

    39. unhappiness of the woman sitting next to her

    40. That way simply led to unhappiness and discontent as she had seen within her own family

    41. What is certain is that such attempts have led to gnawing unhappiness at the best and gulags at the worst

    42. “Erica, five, kidnapped, raped, and murdered; Sofia, seven, abducted and strangled; Ana, three, raped and murdered by her father; John, four, kidnapped, raped, and beaten to death; Andrew, four, slapped to death by his mother; Joana, eight, kidnapped, beaten, and murdered by an uncle; Madeleine, three, abducted, beaten, raped, and murdered; Francesca, nine, killed by a fungus that invaded her lungs after a brutal chemotherapy; Fernando, ten, kidnapped, raped, and infected with a bacterium that caused his death; Agnes, nine, poisoned by his mother; Peter, two, raped and drowned in the bathtub by his grandfather; Maria, five, killed by a virus that caused stomach cancer; Anthony, eleven, murdered by a doctor in a surgical operation; Sara, six, kidnapped, raped, and murdered by a policeman; Eduardo, four, killed by kicking by his older brother; Andrea, nine, killed by a cancer caused by the extreme unhappiness in which she lived; Joaquim, three, raped and strangled by a cousin; Catherine, seven, raped and murdered by an employee of the orphanage where she was living; Martha, eight, raped and burned to death by her mother; 146

    43. power struggles in the man-woman relationship, there is unhappiness

    44. So what is the cause of all this unhappiness? Surely not money

    45. I could go on about transport (he had none), opportunities (zero), education (crude), entertainment (sitting around a camp fire and telling Wild Boar jokes), but I also think he would be shocked at the level of unhappiness and stress we were all living under

    46. So what would keep me happy would come before my unhappiness

    47. to be the cause of anyone's unhappiness

    48. behaviors that, ultimately, lead to unhappiness and

    49. some of these actions eventually involve him in unhappiness and suffering

    50. than he is now, then also he will bring unhappiness and suffering upon

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    sadness unhappiness melancholy depression despondency gloom dejection grief blues