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    1. Each smiling face beamed warmly back at her, unheeding of the effects of gazing into the eyes of an impassioned Lascor Princess---the Princess of all---then she was staring at the cake with candles and the one beautifully wrapped gift in front of it

    2. He sat perfectly still after the message had ended, unheeding of the bleep that indicated a further message waited, his mind numb

    3. as they sat around their blazing oil drum, unheeding of her

    4. such a pity that ignorant Hindus fell unheeding into the pitfalls of these

    5. unheeding of the chimes

    6. Linton lavished on her the kindest caresses, and tried to cheer her by the fondest words; but, vaguely regarding the flowers, she let the tears collect on her lashes and stream down her cheeks unheeding

    7. "Countess," returned Franz, totally unheeding her raillery, "I asked you a short time since if you knew any particulars respecting the Albanian lady opposite; I must now beseech you to inform me who and what is her husband?"

    8. Stephen raised his eyes to the bold unheeding stare

    9. The sailor grumbled thanks, glanced sourly at the unheeding windows, sank his head and swung himself forward four strides

    10. For them unheeding

    11. Tess made no reply to this remark, of which, indeed, she did not quite comprehend the drift, unheeding the snub she had administered by her instinctive rub upon her cheek

    12. After making a few inquiries as to how Tess came there, her friend, unheeding her tragic look, interrupted with—

    13. Unheeding Gandalf rode on into the mist, and

    14. The hare came to eat parsley from their hands, the deer grazed by their side, the stag bounded past them unheeding; the birds, likewise, did not stir from the bough, but sang in entire security

    15. He's cruel,” Ivan went on, unheeding

    16. All unheeding the rest of the world, they were sitting at the foot of the cherry tree

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    heedless unheeding