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    1. With the insignia from his uniform he has the money to finance a family to raise and train a child to be my shadow, a child who has been trained to do nothing but zero in on those papers

    2. The SNACK BAR ATTENDANT -- a middle-aged man from the Subcontinent in a stained white uniform -- languidly shoves a plate toward one customer, takes a drag off his cigarette, points slowly to another student in the gaggle of customers crushing around the counter waiting to be served

    3. Except for the school uniform you would think you were speaking to an adult

    4. A disgrace to his uniform

    5. A poorly-shaven GUARD in a sloppy uniform leans indolently against the gate with his machine gun cradled in his arms

    6. He SHOUTS, his sleeping comrade jumps up, straightens his uniform and the pair snap to attention just as the convoy arrives, its fluttering Arababian flags indicating a royal motorcade

    7. He was a tall, lean man with only a clean goatee, a pencil mustache and a brush of brown hair, dressed in his trimly tailored commandant's uniform with shined boots and fez

    8. He wore a neat medium length thick black beard and a brown military uniform without insignia of rank

    9. He was fascinating as always, yet he looked more elfin in his light azure uniform

    10. In as little as six weeks, this treatment can result in smooth skin with a more uniform tone

    11. Grey peaked cap on the back of his head, grey crumpled uniform over grey crumpled shirt, braided epaulettes, dusty, scuffed leather boots

    12. She wore her uniform like a brownie scout and managed to look like she was no more than a very pubescent twelve

    13. His captain's uniform was well tailored, sumptuous, but comfortable, his boots bore a soft shine on leather little darker than his forearms

    14. Unfortunately, there is no single document that contains every Federal grant announcement and no uniform format for these announcements, although the Administration is working to change this

    15. Tara pulled out a disc from her uniform, “here watch this,” she said as she placed the disc recording into the computer

    16. They had the local uniform on, but one of the girls removed the heavy flounced skirt as the old woman talked and tossed it into her cubicle

    17. Not knowing what to expect, Alexei put on a second uniform he had with him

    18. wearing the uniform of the naval conscription

    19. rather informal blue uniform, who was clutching a clipboard and who

    20. cut short-back-and-sides, regulation-style, and who wore the uniform

    21. He has just transferred from uniform to plain clothes and finds the hard edges of the job difficult to come to terms with

    22. in the rather nondescript clothing that passed for a uniform for the

    23. Before Andy had a chance to sip the water presented to him by the constable moments later, the ambulance skidded to a halt on the gravel outside the building and, within seconds, a man in the uniform of a paramedic came rushing in

    24. It was nearly a uniform for off-duty faculty

    25. the military bearing and the Major’s uniform with the medal ribbons

    26. He still wore his school uniform and robes, and would not have a change of clothes until before dinner

    27. Reeas said, ‘You are very handsome, John, and the uniform is totally captivating

    28. courtrooms, except the scale holder was dressed in a baseball uniform and cap, and

    29. The janitor with his ugly gray uniform

    30. Gave him that uniform

    31. Masters are always and everywhere in a sort of tacit, but constant and uniform, combination, not to raise the wages of labour above their actual rate

    32. employment, indeed, is more steady and uniform, and the superiority of their earnings, taking

    33. Looks to be a captain by his uniform

    34. There was a hint of the uniform in the epaulettes, his bars upon them

    35. ‘Is that a military uniform under your cloak?’

    36. Within seconds the door was opened by a tall, stooped, gray haired man sporting the uniform and flashes of a warrant officer class 1

    37. He was dressed in combat uniform with his rank slide on his chest as opposed to shoulder badges

    38. The brigadier, still in full dress uniform, stood over her with a riding crop

    39. The uniform, constant, and uninterrupted effort of every man to better his condition, the principle from which public and national, as well as private opulence is originally derived,is frequently powerful enough to maintain the natural progress of things towards improvement, in spite both of the extravagance of government, and of the greatest errors of administration

    40. became uniform and my wife announced me that

    41. The price of those metals, indeed, is not altogether exempted from variation ; but the changes to which it is liable are generally slow, gradual, and uniform

    42. “Gods know I have friends wearing your uniform

    43. Lunarey couldn’t make out any further details about her appearance from where she was other than recognizing her school uniform

    44. The soldiers accompanying them wore full uniform and they made for an impressive sight where they sat proudly on their steeds

    45. He stood in front of her, no mask or officer uniform on him, yet something about his piercing gaze stirred Maileena

    46. I must likewise observe, that the accounts I have received of the prices of former times, have been by no means quite uniform and consistent, and an old man of great accuracy and experience has assured me, that, more than fifty years ago, a guinea was the usual price of a barrel of good merchantable herrings; and this, I imagine, may still be looked upon as the average price

    47. The goon in uniform, the Naud, was beginning to waver; his mind was swimming with fantastical images

    48. Carius lingered with the Quartermaster for some minutes until the latter handed him a fresh, folded light uniform

    49. Inside the van were two men in military uniform poring over a computer screen

    50. He was told by a black woman in a light blue uniform that he would need an appointment

    1. In no time at all, the entire street seemed to be filled with cars and uniformed officers, and an ambulance whisked the young man away to Accident and Emergency before Miss Jones had time to find out his name

    2. Tiffany looked over her shoulder and, to her horror, she saw two uniformed policemen rocking backwards and forwards on the heels of their big black boots

    3. the van screeched to a halt by the memorial, that seven uniformed

    4. and uniformed officers, and an ambulance whisked the young man

    5. An ambulance is parked outside the club's main entrance with its rear doors open and a uniformed police officer stands guard while the paramedics deal with the incident

    6. Uniformed police officers are drinking stale coffee from a vending machine as they too watch the latest episode of real life casualty unfold

    7. As he sips from the steaming mug he spots one of his uniformed officers enter the room and walk up to the counter, order a bacon roll and a mug of the brown stuff

    8. As the woman handed the credit card to the uniformed man without comment, he felt panic surge through him

    9. Concentrating on not dropping the tray he was holding, the uniformed policeman kicked the door gently with one foot while he balanced on the other and manipulated the tray through the doorway, protruding tongue demonstrating precisely how much effort it was taking him

    10. They all got into the police car: Mrs Brown in the back with Andy; a second uniformed policeman in the driving seat beside the Sergeant

    11. Andy looked down at his hands resting on the table in the interview room painfully aware of the whirring coming from the recording machine sitting on the table which was taping every word said in the little room, and the laboured breathing of the uniformed constable who sat motionless on a chair by the door just staring into space

    12. South along the back of the far barn, walking slowly, looking into angles of shadow and watching for sudden shifts in light, one of the uniformed constables makes his way toward the field at the bottom of the farm complex

    13. A uniformed doorman sat behind the counter, directing girls in transparent flowing robes who hurried by with trays of steaming food

    14. The surgeon quickly passed it to one of the two uniformed officers who wiped the object clean

    15. The uniformed men moved so rapidly they looked as though they were running

    16. A shoulder holster would have been more practical, but they were against regulations for uniformed personal

    17. As explained before it does not matter practically who pulls the trigger but it feels somehow better if the terrorist is killed by the uniformed members of the Armed Forces

    18. It gives the 110 uniformed officers on the force a ten percent hike over the term of the contract

    19. If first impressions count for anything, Club Hollywood was just the sort of place Beth would recommend to any visitor wanting to experience San José nightlife: brand new shiny-bright glitz with hundreds of lights, glass, chrome and uniformed doormen, just as she envisioned Las Vegas to be, and completely contrary to her expectations

    20. The chauffeur, a uniformed Port Authority police officer, was beside the airplane when the door opened, offering a steadying hand as she descended the shaky, flip-down staircase

    21. There, before her, were two uniformed men and a woman

    22. The others around the table were: the man in a shiny ill-fitting suit, asking the questions and three uniformed officers, one of whom she recognized

    23. I think I was still crying when the first uniformed cop came through the door

    24. Finally, a young uniformed officer arrived with an older detective

    25. The young uniformed cop nodded and left just after I mentioned working at the condo and my visit to the Clearwater Beach IHOP

    26. The uniformed cop returned and gave a quick head nod to Cooper

    27. If the reaction of the uniformed sheriff"s guy was any indication, this new cop with Cooper was a heavy weight in the chain of command

    28. When I made my way through jungle and over rocks to the crash site where the embassy worker died, I initially thought one of the uniformed officers had touched the body, because this blood-crusted book was in the inside breast pocket of his sport jacket, where he had not shed a drop of his own

    29. The front gate, complete with a small guardhouse, manned by two smartly uniformed guards, brought to Beth’s mind the Federal Reserve Bank

    30. Eventually, they assumed their respective seats, Gordon upon his throne (which he would dearly miss) and Manuel in the lower chair, from where he reported that Michael Henderson, with two uniformed officers as his escort, waited in the outer office

    31. A uniformed customs officer directed him

    32. Beth could see through the windows as Hector entered, approached a uniformed official and spoke for a moment, undoubtedly slipping some of her money to his palm, because he abruptly smiled, accepted her ID, studied its face, then flipped to the back where there was nothing but an organ donor sticker: that, he studied with equal intensity

    33. Returned to the lobby, the uniformed man spoke briefly with Hector, who turned and began to weave his way through the crowd

    34. She turned and looked directly into the face of a uniformed man

    35. Two uniformed men climbed out of the car and stamped up the building’s steps and disappeared inside

    36. They were gathering their things when a battered truck occupied by four uniformed Polish policemen pulled up outside

    37. Another half an hour passed before she heard the uniformed men whispering they didn’t think it was possible to commit murder and have all traces removed in such a short time period

    38. The uniformed crew betrayed that it was a naval rather than merchant ship, but I could see no cannon

    39. I arrived at 9:50 AM and found two police vehicles with four uniformed officers guarding the gated entrance

    40. Verse 2 has led to a lot of debate, much of this being from uniformed

    41. didn’t seem to come into it once she took in the uniformed

    42. uniformed teeth and dripping saliva were but a few inches from his face

    43. that you uniformed officers actually do then?”

    44. To the rear of the building, one could see for miles around and marvel at the tall uniformed lines of poplar trees that stood to attention sweeping all the way to the lake at the bottom

    45. He slowly worked his mop towards the far end of the ward where a girl lay almost motionless and noticed a couple of uniformed officers engaged in conversation with the ward sister around her

    46. Police cars screeched to a halt, spewing uniformed officers into the square

    47. During the night, Roger observed a uniformed policeman circling their car two or three times

    48. Their uniformed guide then

    49. “Get her!” one of the uniformed men says

    50. The former got out and went to work for Brown & Root in Boston; whereas, the latter—who was the only uniformed Navy person at my farewell party—made a long career with the Navy

    1. The girls only had eyes for men in uniforms, I felt second best

    2. The seasons passed in a confusion of school uniforms and shoe sizes, just as much as they passed through the ever present need to prepare flower beds, to stake out fresh young plants and to harvest

    3. 'Can I take that?' Ali said as waiters in white uniforms walked a round with

    4. boots and sewing buttons back onto their uniforms

    5. continued, “They had different uniforms, and spoke a different

    6. Then they rejoin the uniforms

    7. When I last had word from a mutual acquaintance of ours as to the current rates of tuition, books, uniforms, room and board, and travel for an English education

    8. Now that the job is done, now that the ghosts have faded and Billy is alone amid a sea of uniforms and flashing lights, all that he can think as he is pushed down and forced into a squad car is that his shoes are ruined

    9. He is watching the house opposite, the bed and breakfast, watching and waiting for the uniforms to finish a cup of tea and make their notes

    10. There are insufficient officers at the scene to perform a detailed search, so the Inspector in charge splits the uniforms up and sends them off in different directions to check on the basic lie of the land

    11. Once more they wore the uniforms of the Death Guard

    12. They don't like our uniforms

    13. The three of them had immediately donned their uniforms in order to help impart a measure of authority to what they were about to do

    14. But then uniforms hadn't been as strict since the journey to B

    15. their uniforms are their movements

    16. motorcyclists and were lacked of the uniforms

    17. The latter were betrayed by their blue Stormcloak uniforms

    18. A group of men in blue uniforms passed as he ascended the broken steps

    19. She saw 4 figures in that alley, all of them were girls who looked to be about the same age as her and Kelia, wearing school uniforms

    20. Red and brown uniforms worn by well-armed men told him everything he needed to know

    21. “You! What is this?! Who are you and where are you taking me?!” It was only after she yelled out her question that she noticed the uniforms on the small group of men, the somewhat relieving red and brown

    22. Their identical, brightly-coloured uniforms were immaculate and they moved in unison ahead of him, a sign of long hours of practice to be perfect for the occasion

    23. District Security, based on their pale green uniforms

    24. They were dressed to the hilt in their crisp uniforms

    25. Soon three individuals appeared dressed in drab olive and sand colored uniforms

    26. He insisted that they kept their black uniforms smart at all times, followed official procedures and always did their duty

    27. They wore proper tropical twill uniforms that were weather beaten and on their heads they had turbans made from the same tropical twill fastened with their own army crests

    28. ” I mean any idiot could see by our uniforms which were a mish mash of different bits we had scrounged that had been cut down and were now threadbare

    29. It was cold as we rolled along with the doors open but if we shut them the air soon got foul with tobacco smoke and the smell of unwashed and wet uniforms and bodies

    30. Our khaki uniforms were stained where our straps had rubbed them and the entrenching tools had chaffed our skin raw where they hung down

    31. First of all we were given a good bath in disinfected water our old uniforms underclothes and socks were taken away and burned

    32. After the first bath we were transferred to a second bath that had been filled with a chemical that finally killed off the lice then we were handed clean uniforms and underclothes and socks

    33. Nobody who had been in the trenches could ever or would ever forget the smell of them this was made up of stale sweat, damp uniforms, shit, bacon, chloride of lime, decomposition and cigarette smoke with the smell of cordite drifting around just to add a new ambience

    34. Then we rejoined the girls it was then that a small round man with sparse hair turned up he had bright dark button eyes like a birds seeing our uniforms and that we were closest he turned to us and said

    35. The Military Police with their blancoed webbing and clean uniforms and their pistols in holsters attached to their webbing belts were trying to sort out the mess of people

    36. As they passed us on their way to the ambulances they neither saw or recognised us their stares off in the distance in some remembered hell They moved like sleepwalkers and their uniforms were torn and tattered loose puttees flapped threatening to trip their wearers up some of the wounded muttered to themselves as they walked along others were silent lost in a world of pain they took no interest in us only in where they were going

    37. ” After breakfast we were ferried back to the delousing centre and picked up new uniforms which we desperately needed then it was back to the farm for the fatigues and working parties

    38. A dance was given to the officers and men of the Shenandoah, and these sailors and their uniforms from the Confederacy impressed all the women

    39. “Let me take one of you, Carl and Wil together in your uniforms

    40. It consisted of huge warehouses and we were soon staggering under the weight of a stack of different uniforms which, it must be said, were of good quality

    41. One complaint I had regarding our uniforms was the lack of really warm clothing

    42. We were not allowed to wear our police uniforms outside of the College for obvious reasons

    43. Camouflage uniforms were banned (in the townships) in order for the police to appear less military and more like police

    44. The light uniforms of the soldiers lounging around the blockhouses showed up plainly; they were apparently oblivious of the approaching army

    45. The Spanish pickets concealed in palm trees, in the valley, soon saw blue uniforms advancing, and gave the alarm

    46. But their uniforms showed through the trees as they mounted, a volley was fired into them, and despite the efforts of Major Irles and others, they wheeled and galloped into the city, losing very heavily as their rear became even more dangerous than the firing line

    47. “On the other hand, who would notice a young lieutenant in one of the ubiquitous soldier uniforms around this place?”

    48. probably the only one in Africa and it was a colossal failure which cost millions in uniforms

    49. Heavy uniforms and shielded aprons hung on hooks, presumably to protect workers from the heat and molten detritus

    50. At first the SAP members had neither camouflage uniforms nor specialist vehicles which offered landmine protection

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