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    1. Many Yogis live to be well over a hundred years old yet still look young and remain active

    2. We’ve been working together for well over a year but he never gave me the faintest idea that he was interested in me … I suppose he has been hanging around a little … and we have been out for a drink after work several times

    3. “Well over here, I found this,” he leaned over and propped up the picture with the eyes

    4. “Over thirty centuries here,” he said about his age, “well over thirty centuries

    5. Macroscopic life has been present on this planet since there were well over a hundred weeks in a year

    6. From one end of the hall to the other -- well over five hundred feet -- the multicolored windows filled the northern wall, their panes of color and pictures of heroes only briefly interrupted by pillars of polished marble stretching from the floor to the ceiling

    7. Even now, well over four hundred years since its germination, it was believed that the table yet lived, and grew

    8. The statue stood well over ten feet tall, even though its head had fallen from its neck and now rested next to her feet

    9. For one, their incredible height which was well over a foot taller than the average human

    10. The road was cramped, stuffed with traffic and closed in by rows of buildings, some well over four stories high

    11. The bark ridges running up the trunk were as thick as Brice, and though leafless and rotting, the tree reached the apex of the tower's interior, nearly bursting through the arched rib shaped trusses well over twenty stories up

    12. This street was well over four feet wide everywhere and usually six to eight

    13. The Maker’s power also greatly increased her strength, allowing her to wield the mighty weapon which was well over twice her size

    14. the order to move there, it was well over

    15. Not only was it even colder than here but they had well over thirty percent more gravity to contend with

    16. By this time, the South had well over five hundred ships in their arsenal, and they were stationed all around the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico

    17. Unlike the Chaplin flick, the Pickford movie went on for well over two hours

    18. Board member Ronald Polk said he took part in review sessions that resulted in, ‘well over $23,000 in cuts,’ from projected spending

    19. The House voted to impeach by well over the two thirds margin, almost three to one

    20. It was a technique he’d learnt in prison and had served him well over the years

    21. Zapieskowa was, by Colling’s estimate, five or six miles from where they had started, since it was well over an hour later when Elizabeth announced that she thought they had reached the place

    22. guessed that there were well over two thousand

    23. The heavy vehicle rode well over the rutted country roads

    24. Do any of these quotes sound anything like the Islamic experience? Mohammad’s Desert Raiders were horsemen, they “went conquering and to conquer” for well over sixty years in their initial conquests (632–690)

    25. While spending time with Monique was definitely well overdue, I had grown used to being out there with Nugget getting that money

    26. But this wasn’t sufficient for this particular job, and I hadn’t made a sale in well over six months

    27. That appears to be well over 4,500 years of existence

    28. Even with all his faults, his narcissism, his dishonesty, his personal attacks and the absolute absence of gratitude for all Jack and I had done to help him and his family, well over $35,000 in cash up to this point in time alone, I couldn‘t shake the thought, He‘s my brother, he‘s my family and I used to really love him, and he looked so sad and drawn when I saw him

    29. Four years plus two meant six years in all, while my peers at conservatory would have a six-year head start on me! But by that time I’d be well over twenty-one and allowed to make my own decisions

    30. We have been at war now for well over ten years with these Islamo-Fascists

    31. On the occasional mature plants, there was a huge towering column usually well over twenty feet high containing hundreds of spikes covered with a profusion of white trumpet-shaped flowers

    32. They certainly looked as if they had been down here for well over a century

    33. When all is done, well over fifty large rocks will hit that world

    34. It was quite a large circular mound, well over a hundred feet in diameter

    35. scrolls produced by the Essens can still be read today, well over 2500 years after they

    36. served their customers well over the years

    37. “It’s been well over 5 years since I last came here, there’s no use for this house, no one lives here

    38. This would mean that you could easily be looking at well over 8000 tweets a day! There’s just no way that you’re going to be able to process all of those tweets, not to mention you could be missing some really important or useful tweets

    39. as a whole, and without accounting for an increase in energy demand, well over 100,000 1

    40. Well over 3,000 years ago, Uronians left a marker that humans have since named Gilgal Refaim

    41. It took well over an hour for a SD state cop to arrive at the scene

    42. She would have to walk home as it was, well over half an hour’s distance

    43. It was a full-time effort for well over a year, and P&G made sure this was done expeditiously, installing a personal representative in Ithaca to monitor the entire procedure

    44. cessful CBS station to throw off well over 50 percent in operating profit

    45. “The key people around Roy (with the exception of Claiborne) have been together well over 10 years,” Thomas said later

    46. Zachariah Johnson stood tall and well over six two, and he had muscles that had been honed and trained from years of farm life

    47. Since 2003, Triad has made over 550 grants ranging from a couple of thousand dollars to well over $2

    48. My army has trained well over the last year-cycle and Gelahn’s assault on Gathandria will be based on physical attack rather than another mind-war

    49. They had gotten to know each other well over the past couple of weeks

    50. She had spent well over an hour-cycle picking up what remains she could find of the great Library’s manuscripts, with the women following on behind her

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