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    1. This Niyama encourages us to let go of our false sense of control and to connect to the Divine or that which gives us the sense of wholeness and sacredness

    2. function without wholeness; you become incomplete

    3. happens if they leave? What happens to your wholeness? All of a sudden

    4. We are legion, and our only shield against that reality is our illusion of wholeness

    5. Like Harry before her, it was satisfying to her sense of wholeness, to balance ledgers and keep entries in neat and orderly columns and rows

    6. To see the planet Earth in your dream signifies wholeness and global consciousness

    7. Wholeness of health Techniques is a collection of tools to release trauma

    8. The journey to wholeness, and the journey to destiny

    9. “Please, the coldness in your voice does not fit the wholeness I can sense in your heart

    10. And this probably was why they seemed to despair at times of understanding how to bring those parts into a kind of wholeness

    11. the sun till you’ve had the rain, the wholeness without the pain, being

    12. Curing a physical disease does not ensure bringing the person to a state of wholeness where the person feels healthy and complete on all levels of its being

    13. Mountain: Also see Tower, Skyscraper, Hill, Up and Elevator: Great power and strength; place of protection; grandeur and glory; wholeness and

    14. Rodonia felt a perfect connection to and wholeness within the light; a sense that all was right

    15. We were going to restore wholeness and oneness

    16. As a wholeness

    17. A wholeness of himself

    18. Of the same wholeness

    19. And therefore wholeness

    20. Passing tall rushes standing sentinel-like close to the canal edge, the moon’s reflection suddenly sprang across the dark water in all of its wholeness, revealing a wide shallow fording place in the canal

    21. wholeness, revealing a wide shallow fording place in the canal

    22. whole human being, is what follows the principle of wholeness and globality of

    23. a space that is not dangerous for the wholeness of the Person

    24. it is broken up into many different pieces, there is a wholeness and unity to

    25. During each encounter, the group realizes a unity and a wholeness that

    26. 2) Within what dimension of greater wholeness is this unity found?

    27. The holistic and parallel processthing abilities of the right brain (and its invisible superstructure in higher energy bodies) have to be highly developed over time before the experience of wholeness and emptiness is experienced

    28. search for a real love object that can be built in its wholeness over

    29. What is sin? It is a residing in the Thinking Center of consciousness separated from wholeness

    30. It is a chance to glimpse the state of wholeness

    31. Joy - the lightness of Being as experienced by those who have awakened and reside in wholeness

    32. Wisdom - right thought from wholeness which happens when there is no ideal self image and the self image is healed

    33. 5 Animals do not sense time as does man, and even to man, because of his sectional and circumscribed view, time appears as a succession of events; but as man ascends, as he progresses inward, the enlarging view of this event procession is such that it is discerned more and more in its wholeness

    34. to unfold, in full complexity, wholeness, and depth, the embedded meanings in

    35. ‘ The ‗i‘ is a small ‗I,‘ in which the wholeness of creation has become a mere point, placed above, out of reach

    36. entity of the wholeness and wellbeing of the universe, and that which is given is for my

    37. wholeness, is the result of being unconditionally accepted

    38. Lack of wholeness leads to faking: differences between the

    39. the universe that surrounds us, but the wholeness of Allah (God) and

    40. Things were not bad at first, for I shall never forget the look on the wounded faces as I tended to them and read for them; those acts give a wholeness and richness to life that nothing else can, but the situation has gradually degenerated until I can hardly stand the pressure any longer; were it not for my unwavering faith in God—I can thank my father for that one thing—and the fear that I should be damned to eternal hellfires, I should surely take my own life, so bad are the circumstances

    41. of love and wholeness

    42. Their worldview has expanded to a universal vista, in a divine panorama, into a focus from wholeness

    43. Is man, that is without a relationship with God, like this caterpillar, eating all or taking in all of this world, and the things therein, but going nowhere until he has built himself a cocoon, where he then becomes blind, restricted, and living as if sound to sleep? Does not every man do as I did, and walk this world with his eyes open, but see nothing; eating, drinking and have his fun, but going nowhere, until the spring of his life, when the cocoon is ruptured, the man is awakened, and comes forth as a new creature? Are we all born as larvae, an eating machine, a sort of parasite, immature in every way, but destined to become a moth or butterfly, and then as we seek the wholeness of life, become nothing, wrapped in our individual cocoon, lying dormant until the Spirit awakens in our body in a new form, and the transformation takes place; not that we determined this, but God

    44. There was much rejoicing, and that night was festive with music and praises, as the wholeness of his family was returned

    45. learning style with the feminine, thus recognizing the wholeness of the

    46. inhabit: it’s always there, in its wholeness

    47. understand our shadow, and bring its wholeness into our lives

    48. I suppose, is to be hit by unexpected feelings of sanity and wholeness

    49. Seeing the lost saved and the saved come into complete wholeness with Christ is of the highest virtue in the Kingdom of God

    50. God is Wholeness, we said

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