woodhouse sätze

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Woodhouse sätze (in englisch)

  1. Woodhouse: Collins and the Creative imagination.
  2. I went out, therefore, but found the woodhouse was closed.
  3. Woodhouse, gave the following results in a hundred parts, viz.
  4. And I knew that there was a possibility of going into the woodhouse through the yard.
  5. I knew that last year one part of this small room had been partitioned off and was used as a woodhouse.

  6. Driven by trembling curiosity, I ran into the house, took the key of the woodhouse from its nail, and in a minute, through the crevice between two planks, I was looking into that mysterious little room.
  7. Kick became romantically involved with the earl Peter Fitzwilliam, an immensely wealthy, decorated war hero with family estates in both Ireland and England, including the largest private house in England, Wentworth Woodhouse.
  8. This Braithwaite Lowery, I knew his father, lost in the Lively off Greenland in '20, or Andrew Woodhouse, drowned in the same seas in 1777, or John Paxton, drowned off Cape Farewell a year later, or old John Rawlings, whose grandfather sailed with me, drowned in the Gulf of Finland in '50.

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