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    1. He might be here as soon as an astronomer could detect that Kortax had passed zenith

    2. They waited till the sun was at its zenith and then they dove at the group

    3. She walks at a measured pace, letting the rocket fuse reach its zenith

    4. He carried on past cottages and bath houses, amusements and museums, until the sun had past its zenith and the shadows of the trees began to reach further across the fields

    5. the sun reaches its zenith

    6. To dream that you have reached the zenith of your profession indicates you are in a dead-end job

    7. The sun reached its zenith, and after bathing the scene in a strong light for a time, disappeared behind flat topped clouds blown in by a high wind

    8. The sun had long passed its zenith when Soffen finally reached the outskirts of Brockenhurst Forest and she quickened her pace in anticipation of seeing Darkburst, Broshee and Brock once more– having convinced herself during her return journey that they would be waiting for her when she finally arrived

    9. Zenith Bank also

    10. Even through the haze he could tell that the sun was now well past its zenith

    11. Textiles, pottery, dyeing, sugar production from cane, and horticulture all fell within the scope of Islam at its zenith

    12. The sun had passed its zenith and Moshe could only hope that it was in the eyes of whoever was ahead of them

    13. Go quickly at first to cover as much ground as you can, but then, by the time the sun passes its zenith, be more cautious because you should be close to them by then

    14. A shadow suddenly passed over the entryway; the length of it reminded her that the sun had passed its zenith some time ago

    15. Sweat poured out as the sun, reaching toward its zenith, baked his back and the tension of waiting furrowed his brow

    16. The sun was reaching toward its zenith by the time they rejoined the others

    17. The sun had passed its zenith and Moshe could only hope that it was in the eyes of whoever

    18. The land to the west now began its own slow rise as the sun slid down from its zenith

    19. ground as you can, but then, by the time the sun passes its zenith, be more cautious because

    20. passed its zenith some time ago

    21. direction of the sun, which had already passed its zenith

    22. Sweat poured out as the sun, reaching toward its zenith, baked his back and the tension of

    23. Zenith: that point of the celestial sphere vertically overhead

    24. The conference honored the 45th Anniversary of the five Great Lakes 108-foot buoy tenders constructed in Duluth during World War II by the Marine Iron and Ship Building Company and Zenith Dredge Company

    25. At peak levels the Marine Iron and Zenith Dredge companies employed 3,000 workers

    26. The file sections consulted at the UWS-JDHL were: Zenith Dredge Company (Duluth, Minnesota); U

    27. at the zenith, felt a little uneasy at the fact that a stratum of

    28. Near the end I lost my resentful hate for Vera in philosophical meandering, while her enmity for me seemed to reach a zenith

    29. zenith of its evolution

    30. I’d only been on the road for about two bells when I found Tristan, so we stop for lunch when the sun is at its zenith

    31. Brandon and his wife, Sarah, had gone to bed bells ago, and the moon was well past its zenith, but Tristan couldn’t sleep

    32. self-help books—mine or those of other authors—succeed in reaching the zenith

    33. That noon when the sun on Lutyen’s Delhi’s skies was at its zenith, Suresh was led out of Tihar that destiny had made it his home for seven youthful years

    34. It had not yet passed its zenith; and yet it seemed to him that hours had passed since he plunged into the castle of the Black Seers

    35. "Wake me when the moon is at its zenith," she directed

    36. and unselfish, will, as surely as the sun reaches its zenith

    37. Eventually, however, the economy reaches a zenith of process and

    38. On the other hand, over the past few decades, nearing their productive zenith, the

    39. She told herself , it seemed like the Moon was up near the zenith but in the ninth house, with very late Gemini rising

    40. Slowly and slowly, I reached in the zenith of weightless world of souls

    41. as a bookkeeper from Zenith Pressure Castings in Springs and happily accepted our

    42. So shorn of its moral shackles to confine it, my love soared to new highs, taking Rathi’s soul along to the zenith of our emotional union; oh what a life it was and how we both wished it lasted a lifetime; well, it had ended all too soon, but it was a lived life as long as it lasted

    43. worse, she climbed the zenith of free will; the gift, the curse, was

    44. Sun is in the zenith, casts a hot blanket

    45. of the Wind and Rain were heard from the scores of the zenith as he left

    46. becomes steady- This is the zenith of Pranayam

    47. Along the top of the frame were small stubs of retractable wings on the side and a sail-fin at the zenith

    48. The zenith of the room was the highest point in the castle—and quite possibly the highest point of the capital

    49. ” Lord Zenith paused for a nanosecond for another vid-pose

    50. ” Lord Zenith absently boasted as he strode them towards an exit he wished was much closer

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    zenith culmination acme pinnacle summit extremity ascendancy