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Ablaze in a sentence | ablaze example sentences

  1. When they see earth ablaze.
  2. When the Fire is set ablaze.
  3. She was ablaze in the Oneness.
  4. She turned to me her eyes ablaze.
  5. No one else had been set ablaze.

  6. He leans forward, dark eyes ablaze.
  7. Bearing a torch ablaze at the prow.
  8. The cardboard sun is all ablaze.
  9. The room was ablaze in an instant!.
  10. Bluebells were ablaze all around her.
  11. But Saul, eyes ablaze, looking crazed.
  12. Her eyes were ablaze, her head whirled.
  13. The town was ablaze in many places, and.
  14. The street was ablaze with flashing lights.
  15. Landing on soft grass, his mind was ablaze.

  16. Moses turned to gaze upon that bush ablaze.
  17. It was as though her body was ablaze inside.
  18. The fort stood ablaze with torches and light.
  19. In a matter of seconds, the room was ablaze.
  20. Ablaze beyond the black roofs of the square.
  21. She stopped and turned slowly, her eyes ablaze.
  22. An instant later Johnny’s backside was ablaze.
  23. Outside, there was a car, crashed and all ablaze.
  24. I am a hunter! he cried with his hands ablaze.
  25. She was paler than usual, and her eyes were all ablaze.

  26. The blood-red lighting, still ablaze, plunged the train.
  27. Fires in his chest were now ablaze, eager to be released.
  28. The whole of the country was ablaze with talk of the Grand.
  29. In the sky a bronze rocket leaped across the stars, ablaze.
  30. She’d never reach the fog in time before they were ablaze.
  31. We mounted up and filed out of the city that was well ablaze.
  32. But what are Dragons like? Tom pressed, his eyes ablaze.
  33. With the ships of the fleet ablaze or sinking, the Ironclads.
  34. Well, that and a trashcan someone has set unfragrantly ablaze.
  35. And with this spontaneous combustion the house smoldered ablaze.
  36. Then he set the craft ablaze, and he and his hostage disappeared.
  37. And with this spontaneous combustion the house smouldered ablaze.
  38. In an instant, four-hundred-year-old beams in row houses are ablaze.
  39. The night was ablaze with fire even as arrows rained down all around.
  40. New silk banners hang above the refectory tables, ablaze with slogans.
  41. Out of the dark there loomed its eyes ablaze with hatred’s wickedness.
  42. All your senses are ablaze with the passion of living at death’s door.
  43. The earth around was burnt black, some trees fallen and ablaze as well.
  44. Durrant, seeing all the windows of the coachmakers in Long Acre ablaze.
  45. The manor had been set ablaze and the glow was still visible at sunrise.
  46. The rapid artillery from the clouds set the city ablaze in a sea of fire.
  47. Blossom came charging towards them, teeth bared and eyes ablaze with fury.
  48. He saw from the corner of his eye her advancing toward him, her eyes ablaze.
  50. James 3:6 - It can set the whole of life ablaze, fed with the fires of hell.
  51. The flames had spread rapidly, and now the thatched farmhouse roof was ablaze.
  52. Fishmael was up the companionway in a flash, eyes ablaze and breathing heavily.
  53. The detritus he collected in a pile in the central courtyard and set it ablaze.
  54. Ablaze in the electrical fire, I peered intently into the pink ash ahead of me.
  55. All the houses were burned, all of the horses dead, and the whole forest ablaze.
  56. Bulls are speared and their horns set ablaze for the purpose of enraging them to.
  57. It was a shark of huge size, moving in diagonally, eyes ablaze, jaws wide open!.
  58. It was an electrifying kiss, full of longing and hunger, and set his senses ablaze.
  59. His face ablaze with excitement, he ran into The Four Provinces to spread the word.
  60. Soon he would set all the shoreland woods ablaze and wither every field and pasture.
  61. His barbaric soul was ablaze, and the chants of old heroes were singing in his ears.
  62. Make sure the dock is well ablaze first so that they can’t escape that way either.
  63. The flames are instant, ablaze in all of their red, blue, yellow and orange splendor.
  64. The mercenaries set forth toward the Crossroads that same evening with torches ablaze.
  65. In one instant the visitor's whole face was all ablaze with its very sweetest of smiles.
  66. If not for Ameana, navigating the fireball away from him, he would have been set ablaze.
  67. Losing no time, Gautam pressed the button for the trusted aides to set the Ocean ablaze.
  68. Please leave me alone! she said firmly, her eyes ablaze with a rage very unlike her.
  69. The lanterns in the room were suddenly ablaze and she could here water rushing into the room.
  70. The black sky was ablaze with stars, which reminded her of the earlier conversation with Brock.
  71. They ate in the backyard, at a picnic table under a maple tree ablaze with bright yellow leaves.
  72. Mona bit deep into her lip and cringed in the corner, eyes ablaze, Quinn struggling to hold her.
  73. Farms ahead and behind were ablaze with most of the inhabitants dead or wishing that they were.
  74. There were 10 or more of about 30 wagons set ablaze upon the prairie and it was as I had feared.
  75. It had been thirteen days since Rajiv’s body had been set ablaze, the standard mourning period.
  76. The farmhouse was ablaze and a band of adolescents was charging about wildly, rounding up cattle.
  77. Then the mounted tumen rode up and fired flaming arrows into the village setting everything ablaze.
  78. The Germans set the building ablaze, which forced the fighters to come out with their hands raised.
  79. Twenty minutes later with the Lantia well ablaze and headed for the dock we set sail for the open sea.
  80. Her face was pale, as it had been in the morning, and her eyes were ablaze with bright but subdued fire.
  81. The red dragon rose above him with three heads setting the sky ablaze where before there had been only one.
  82. Once sitting up Michael looked up at his Lucy, his eyes ablaze with passion, she had seen that look before.
  83. Sizzling on the flat side was an enormous fish ablaze with colored scales and covered with herbs and butter.
  84. His tantrum had led to breaking the gas line, and before he could do a thing to stop it, the kitchen was ablaze.
  85. My mother, a radiating inferno amidst a field of flames, had set the entire town ablaze, freeing all the righteous.
  86. The hotel was still ablaze but the fire-fighters had managed to get the majority of the ground floor under control.
  87. Priscilla got up just as quickly out of her chair and rang the handbell furiously, her eyes on his, her face ablaze.
  88. He then stepped to the edge of the stage and tossed the burning bible onto the wood pile and set the fuel oil ablaze.
  89. His eyes were like fires ablaze in the darkness and his hands sent streams of fire through her wherever they touched.
  90. They took advantage of the crowd’s distraction and flew in the darkening night sky, coming upon the building ablaze.
  91. We don’t mean to suggest that a trader should approach the market like a Wild West cowboy with guns ablaze in the air.
  92. The sky, in which We were afloat, reflected on the marble floor the beauty of a nebula ablaze in gold and turquoise hues.
  93. He responded in kind and became ablaze with desire for her, his hands roaming over her slender waist and down to her buttocks.
  94. I rocked slightly at the touch, my mind ablaze with his madness even as I intellectually rejected everything that he had said.
  95. The buildings in Carriage Row, across the river, in Moskva River and the timber yards by the Dorogomilov Bridge, were all ablaze.
  96. We watched the flaming ship that was all that was left of our friends, as it smashed its way into the dock setting it ablaze also.
  97. Have you ever played with a magnifying glass in the sun? When you focus the light just right it sets whatever is in its sights ablaze.
  98. The last rays of a dying sun set ablaze the golden tan skin of him who had at last stopped, seeming to enjoy its multi-hewed departure.
  99. Down in the village of Yellow Dog, the club which the Star had built for its miners was ablaze not only with lights, but with excitement.
  100. The farmhouse was no longer ablaze, but a large portion of the building was charred and blackened, and almost half of the roof had collapsed.

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