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    1. · Be responsible and accountable for your actions

    2. persecuting Jeremiah, Zedekiah was accountable

    3. Similarly, if we think that we are somehow accountable only to those that are pastors or of the same spiritual quality as we, then those who were babes in the faith will stand up and condemn us

    4. It is the accountable history, not the denial,

    5. ” Kai laid his hand on her arm, “should anything befall you, I will be held accountable, with my life

    6. you will not have me held accountable

    7. accountable by the citizens of the world

    8. way it is accountable

    9. Some will even claim that the society must be held fully accountable for not having fulfilled its obligation towards the accused, and will hold it financially and socially liable for all actions committed by their client

    10. in place from your staff to ensure they are held accountable if they use any

    11. "Do YOU see yourself accountable for what happened to your sister?" he asked her

    12. they will be held accountable to God

    13. The soldiers, who are bound to obey their officer only once a-week, or once a-month, and who are at all other times at liberty to manage their own affairs their own way, without being, in any respect, accountable to him, can never be under the same awe in his presence, can never have the same disposition to ready obedience, with those whose whole life and conduct are every day directed by him, and who every day even rise and go to bed, or at least retire to their quarters, according to his orders

    14. hold each other accountable, this is to hold one another

    15. As they were originally local and provincial duties, applicable to local and provincial purposes, the administration of them was, in most cases, entrusted to the particular town, parish, or lordship, in which they were levied; such communities being, in some way or other, supposed to be accountable for the application

    16. govermnent, and are immediately accountable to government, of which the revenue must, in this case, vary from year to year, according to the occasional variations in the produce of the tax ; or they may be let in farm for a rent certain, the farmer being allowed to appoint his own officers, who, though obliged to levy the tax in the manner directed by the law, are under his immediate inspection, and are immediately accountable to him

    17. As such, she’s accountable for all that

    18. A child requires appropriate developmental guidelines that reinforces an underlying awareness of what is right and wrong, what is acceptable behavior and what is not; that he or she will one day be accountable not only for themselves but to other people as well

    19. History must one day hold this generation, along with our feckless Congress, accountable for the transgressions of the present (Clinton) Administration

    20. The Bible instructs us that ―the fathers should not be held accountable for the sins of the sons,‖ unless, of course, such sins are the result of parental neglect or failure to set proper examples

    21. Returning to the question of Sin, the Church, therefore, has ―sinned‖ by association and must therefore be held accountable whoever the sinner

    22. I said accountable, not responsible

    23. There‘s a subtle difference here! Each member, if my part/whole assumption holds up, is therefore held accountable for the consequences that may otherwise follow because the transgressions of any single member has unfavorably affected the reputation of the (entire) body

    24. Modern Society is in the throes of a revolutionary Revolt of Conscience; the solitary by-product of moral and intellectual parochialism that is gradually revealing itself in the vested self-interest(s) and manners of unbridled Individualism that has undermined equalitarian idealism, that once defined the national culture, by rendering every individual the sole arbiter of his or her own conscience and ensuing choices without giving proper pause to how such choices may otherwise impact, for better or for worse, other individuals or to a transcendent authority that each must (inevitably) be held accountable; that is to say, whose (social) consequences existing outside the provincial boundaries of that individual‘s (own) estate are no longer limited by (moral) restraint or prescribed rules of moral and ethical conduct but conditioned rather by circumventing designs contrary to the proportionate interests of a well-ordered society

    25. a crime, must be held accountable for that crime whatever the (underlying) reason, considered apart, as it relates to the commission of a crime

    26. That he or she should not be held accountable in some manner begs the question: What has become of good old fashioned common sense? A

    27. Therefore, choices that are made reflect personal decisions that, whether for good or ill, every individual must ultimately be held accountable

    28. National security rules make it far more difficult for drone operations to be held accountable

    29. For this reason every individual must be held accountable for the choices that he or she makes

    30. Notwithstanding our human shortcomings, however, how far should any society be expected to tolerate, for ―unity‘s sake‖, irreconcilable moral and ethical misconduct that is quickly gaining momentum within political circles? Who remains accountable for the unseemly actions of our public officials who seem unwilling or unable to reform themselves, if not the Conscience of the American People? In what manner does that society continue supporting notions of unity in view of prevailing (double) standards that falsely qualify appearances as uncharacteristic or unimportant? In what manner does that society achieve consistency between public and private matters where

    31. Although recent events should raise questions about our collective wisdom, those pushing the buttons must ultimately be held accountable for their (own) decided actions

    32. He thought about the possibility that he could be held equally accountable for Elizabeth’s activities, if she were working to shield potential war criminals, and then he also recalled that his furlough was close to expiring, and if he weren’t back in Grabensheim within the week, he would be facing AWOL charges as well as whatever else might be in store for him if he and Elizabeth were found to be assisting wanted fugitives

    33. There is a father figure that both brothers in each story are accountable to

    34. Seeming to be above the law, ready to prosecute breaches of the law, all were accountable to his inquiry's judgment, including the Police Commissioner

    35. What should we expect from organizations which are not accountable to anyone but themselves and who

    36. We will all be held accountable when we turn away

    37. be accountable to god and help us be responsible for souls in our care

    38. Remember, if we are forced to be cremated and we have exhausted all other avenues to obtain the scriptural burial without success, we will not be held accountable for this grievous sin of cremation - but they will!

    39. If they go against your wishes you will not be held accountable, but they must be very careful:

    40. At the same time, he expected us to set an example for the others and would hold us accountable for all breaches of discipline and good order

    41. Never-theless, our Maker holds us all accountable for our actions

    42. When the Supreme Court invents new law there is no consideration by elected representatives, no open debate, no decision made in the light of day, no one to be held accountable at the polls

    43. And almost as rare that we hold others accountable for theirs

    44. “Citizens have no way of holding the OPCC accountable

    45. most high-profile cases says the RCMP is accountable to no one for the treatment of

    46. aggressor in the situation, he could not be held accountable, She felt

    47. ” Under this ruling the current Congress cannot be held accountable for the enactment of the Social Security Act

    48. But they can be held accountable for allowing the scam to continue

    49. Congress’ failure to hold bureaucrats accountable is one of the

    50. Holtz also notes the trepidation felt by Rabbi Shimon in daring to hold God accountable for evil:

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