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  1. By the aligners aligning.
  2. Aligning yourself in this way.
  3. Only through aligning ourselves with.
  4. The suns always shining, the stars are aligning.
  5. Aligning and Balancing the Chakras with Crystals.

  6. The hussars began carefully aligning their horses.
  7. Aligning with the higher self al ows you to easily move.
  8. You calling me meat? Keith said, aligning his body with mine.
  9. That is why we first emphasize defining and aligning work execution.
  10. Second, aligning those saved with the Old Testament saints is in a.
  11. Success Factors, Aligning for Success in a Global Economy, comes out.
  12. Aligning yourself with the truth may be likened to aligning with the force.
  13. Aligning yourself with a fiduciary is, by all accounts, a great place to start.
  14. It organizes by modeling through and aligning succeeding work execution levels.
  15. I not only found but I also proved space-time by aligning space-time with gravity.

  16. The recognition that you are currently aligning to or giving energy to.
  17. You are aligning to the belief in non-‐perfection and that God’s plan is.
  18. Only by aligning himself with the West can Gorbachev ensure the viability of his country.
  20. Which intern meant that the Offering was to be made soon, during the aligning of all the realms.
  21. In daily activity, when you recognise that you are aligning to non-‐truth, re-‐.
  22. There's a prerequisite for aligning with the water element: you have to be able to breathe water.
  23. Furthermore, aligning with the EA will likely have the benefit of smoothing relations with Pakistan.
  24. She handed it to him carefully, aligning the fiddly pieces of paper, and indicated the pen on the counter.
  25. When she had done so, aligning the chair to face into the central room, Alilia pointed to the side of the chair.

  26. By rejecting the truth of God and the light of heaven, they are aligning themselves on the side of error and darkness.
  27. He lit one and watched as Sarah Proud inserted the cartridges into the magazine and set about aligning the telescopic scope.
  28. To help with that, Camera allows you to turn on a grid that you can use for aligning objects on the screen, as you saw earlier.
  29. However, aligning such positive energy into one’s home/office is insufficient as the energy may eventually flow away or scatter.
  30. She imagined her organs untangling themselves from the jumbled mess in which they had been knotted, and aligning themselves properly.
  31. By aligning these elements throughout clutter-free homes, work, outdoor and other environments, peace and tranquility are said to follow.
  32. See "Aligning Performance: Improving People, Systems and Organizations" (Langdon, John Wiley & Sons, 2000) for a description of alignment and work support.
  33. Not aligning the work in this way only places workgroups at odds with one another and creates great inefficiency or even conflict among workers and managers.
  34. Aligning your trading goals with your financial personality is important and something that will occur regardless of whether you are consciously aware of this.
  35. In this role, management directly influences the KM life cycle by aligning and integrating its phases with the overall business strategy and other business initiatives.
  36. Its groundbreaking "7 Keys to a Powerful Network" is a unique framework for aligning professional networking activities with business objectives, both online and in-person.
  37. And he was wise in appealing to the customs of the various cultures, aligning himself with their leaders, priests and gods, even encouraging the rebuilding of their temples.
  38. We tend to remember the Catholic practice of burning "heretics" at the stake, but a reading of the history reveals plenty of beheadings2 too (aligning to the vision of the saints.
  39. Call it what you like, he replied, fussing with his books again, methodically aligning their spines on top of each other, but I can assure you I’m not the bastard in this family.
  40. He practiced typing 1924 several times on a blank piece of paper, then held his breath and rolled the card into the typewriter, tediously aligning it to the place where the type would strike.
  41. Aligning the timing of macroeconomic data series and financial time series is further complicated by the fact that macroeconomic data suffer from publication lags and data revisions (and are measured using noise).
  42. When you gain pleasure from the suffering of others, when you express hate for them because they are different from you, when you make them give up what is best for them just to serve you that is aligning with the negative.
  43. When you gain happiness from the growth of others, when you remember that despite differences everything is an expression of the same Creator, when you make choices based on what is best for all in the long run that is aligning with the positive.
  44. With the fireflies burning, dying, burning, dying, and his eyes glinting with three dozen fugitive bits of pale green color, he block printed for ten and then twenty minutes, aligning and realigning, writing and rewriting the facts that he had gathered all too swiftly during the season.
  1. If the gates are aligned you.
  2. Keeping the eyes aligned with.
  3. The moon, Earth, and stars aligned.
  4. But Tom aligned the sights with care.
  5. Gilman Street was aligned with mansions.
  6. The sails have been aligned such that.
  7. When the Moon and the Sun are aligned.
  8. Two lines of photographers aligned the.
  9. The ship is aligned on the return vector.
  10. These vortexes will be aligned with the.
  11. Most probably, it will be left aligned!.
  12. Mainly it aligned with art deco linguists.
  13. Orchestra, with the instruments aligned in.
  14. Without them aligned, The stories not told.
  15. The moon, Earth, and stars aligned.
  16. With both sides of the street aligned with.
  17. See how they are symmetrically aligned? What are.
  18. Books and CDs were all aligned neatly onto shelves.
  19. Some were aligned vertically, and some horizontally.
  20. It was very large, with several beautifully aligned.
  21. It aligned itself to project the sound into her ears.
  22. Aren’t they aligned with the earth’s cardinal.
  23. Training staff and training content are aligned with.
  24. It is a good thing to not be aligned with popular.
  25. The framed pictures probably aligned with a T square.
  26. Shareholders’ and insiders’ interests are aligned.
  27. These vortexes wil be aligned with the pair of axial.
  28. They all watched intently as Ky aligned the drill again.
  29. Lower the DB's with hands aligned with the nipple-line.
  30. Street was curvy, long, and aligned with beautiful trees.
  31. Homer Carter has aligned himself with the good doctor.
  32. Afterwards I got as close as I could to the aligned cracks.
  33. The insiders’ and shareholders’ interests are aligned.
  34. The second reason is more aligned with metabolism-boosting.
  35. Aligned with the steps, on the city-side of the esplanade.
  36. Lezura was close enough and aligned her bow with the animal.
  37. I walked to the hallway where the doorways were aligned and.
  38. Now your table has aligned itself into the centre of your page.
  39. About two metres high, not too well aligned and not decorated.
  40. A correctional officer, probably, aligned with the Brotherhood.
  41. A child abuser abuses because he is aligned on the side of lies.
  42. The real you, the fully aligned, authentic you, is not broken.
  43. I slowly strolled through the short hallway aligned with bedrooms.
  44. Your retirement location should be aligned with your own lifestyle.
  45. The stapler was aligned to the pencil cup was aligned to the lamp.
  46. Work Groups Aligned to Jobs, Core Processes and the Business Unit.
  47. There were forty five pictures in all, aligned in a grid formation.
  48. Stage payments are normally aligned to the achievement of objectives.
  49. Somehow the tiers of tropical clouds have aligned their tiny breaks.
  50. They studied the miniature troops and warships aligned on the table.
  51. Jairus resigned as chief ruler and openly aligned himself with Jesus.
  52. Joey aligned the iron sights on the crossbow with the head of the nuta.
  53. Adjust the theraband so that the direction of pull is aligned forwards.
  54. We then are more aligned with those experiences that bring us more life.
  55. First Of Those Who Fight aligned his optical receptors in all directions.
  56. He fell to his left keeping the rifle aligned along the top of his body.
  57. The lines winked out until the light aligned through the telescope again.
  58. Often the product or service can be aligned to a problem which is already.
  59. As I expected the houses in the area were affixed and aligned in the 137.
  60. An appropriately aligned sensor grid could detect incoming ships, giving.
  61. This cone has an axis aligned with the magnetic field passing through the.
  62. Clearly, the interests of the shareholders and management were not aligned.
  63. Individual jobs need to be aligned with other related jobs in the enterprise.
  64. Mute: The nickname given to a shrouded figure, seemingly aligned with the ern.
  65. It was a physical loss when he turned away, aligned to face the curtain again.
  66. Moderate exercise is powerful; however, it has to be aligned with a proper diet.
  67. That is why Simon Magus, a so-called Chaldean mystic, was closely aligned with.
  68. Small electric motors powered in as it aligned itself with its satellite master.
  69. Adjust the theraband so that the direction of pull is aligned with your shoulder.
  70. When price is aligned in each time frame, it has the strongest movement potential.
  71. The new device aligned easily on a key way, and simply pushed home with a final click.
  72. And still not aligned with a Byzantine or other professional army, the volunteer army.
  73. Don’t beat yourself up when you recognise that you are aligned to non-‐.
  74. She had already gotten her answer; she knew with whom Trevain’s loyalties were aligned.
  75. They appeared to be listening to instructions on their headsets as they aligned the tube.
  76. Walter swung the last armature in place, singing, Alrighty, it’s aligned and secured.
  77. See, he needed people to be aligned in the army, so they could fight and engage the enemy.
  79. He aligned the crosshairs squarely on the back of the man slumped forward against the woman.
  80. Good thought isn't it aye, get aligned? [Laughs] Nice to be aligned isn't it aye? [Laughs].
  81. The Sabbath is intrinsically aligned with the eleventh commandment to serve a greater purpose.
  82. The Giza pyramids were precisely aligned so the four directions of the compass form a cross.
  83. While she is aligned with the truth, she flows with its power, harnessing the power of nature.
  84. I left the living room and entered a long hallway aligned with rooms on the left and the right.
  85. Evaluate whether your real true core belief about yourself is aligned with the beliefs you must.
  86. Don't you think it's time that you aligned your thinking inside about what God says about you?
  87. And, up until lately, I truly believed the company I had aligned myself with were the good guys.
  88. Like informed consent, informed action involves a state of mind that has aligned the content and.
  89. Through that communion and fellowship, one’s human timing is aligned with that of the Infinite.
  90. With the most powerful telescope you can see Phaes, when the planets are aligned in proper order.
  91. The interests are not aligned properly for Wall Street to serve as stewards of long-term capital.
  92. Of course, they will be defined at differing levels of detail, but they can and should be aligned.
  93. Don’t you? You’ve fallen in love with a human in this dimension… a good aligned dimension.
  94. Her gait was long and patient as her feet eventually aligned with his and she began to gaze at him.
  95. Some even gained the trust of the animals in the forest and aligned with them to kill the invaders.
  96. Whether the remaining wizards are aligned with Gadiel or pursuing some plan of their own, I wonder.
  97. The shore team was having trouble keeping the two craft aligned as the current tugged at their stern.
  98. This will positively captivate the imagination of the potential buyer and if the stars are aligned.
  99. Like the pyramids, obelisks were also set within a cross, aligned to the solstices and equinoxes so.
  100. The two shag rugs on the floor were neatly aligned, separated by the same amount of space all around.
  1. And Jupiter aligns with Mars.
  2. He aligns himself to my array.
  3. It also aligns with point two:.
  4. Management tool that systematically aligns.
  5. What resonates with love aligns toward the Creator.
  6. Whig Party, though he now aligns himself with the De-.
  7. Obama aligns himself with the climate changers for the same reason.
  8. Develop quality character that aligns with God’s Will for your life.
  9. An earnout aligns the purchase price with the achievement of specified.
  11. This theory similarly disregards the reality of Christ’s return and aligns itself with the.
  12. Whenever a man aligns himself with the will and word of God, all the heaven's power stands behind him.
  13. From this one must conclude that gravity is also 21,991 when the moving body aligns with the 7 forming the contraction.
  14. Balance of Power seldom aligns itself with Duty and Honor; more so, perhaps, with the (incidental) prospect(s) for economic gain.
  15. Changing of the structure of the combination in a way that aligns the form of its payoff function with the forecast as much as possible.
  16. When the press largely ignores this noble calling and instead aligns itself with one political party or another, it gives license to that party to ignore the rule of law without fear of exposure or questions.
  17. Only the outer planet and the planet alongside the outer planet serves a purpose in singularity where the one forms 7 and the outer planet aligns by another 7 leaving the rest not accounted for in singularity at that point.

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1. Always align in rows of ten.
2. I align myself with its axis.
3. You want to align yourself with.
4. If he can align himself with one.
5. The stars are not going to align.
6. If we stop them and align the.
7. Nor does it align with the special.
8. Align your thinking with your actions.
9. I needed her to help me align the gates.
10. Stu can align the messages to your needs.
11. Align yourself with the future of trading.
12. Protect the scroll until the numbers align.
13. Raise your head and align it with your back.
14. It is important that we align to the Will of God.
15. I'm waiting for the day when my lucky stars align.
16. It is one thing to align our lives with something.
17. Breath, Believe, Begin and you will align yourself.
18. To align in this way requires that you do.
19. Fifth: Identify and Align the Organizational Support.
20. Several times, her words and her actions do not align.
21. The following checklist can help you align with senior.
22. Align the plate in the middle between you and the candle.
23. Third, Define Jobs and Align Them to the Core Processes:.
24. Fourth, Model and Align the Organization of Teams/Management.
25. The stars align with their true positions above the Observatory.
26. In other words, your beliefs must align with your trading goals.
27. If the education system is to align itself with the needs of its.
28. There was never any chance he would align himself with the enemy.
29. But it is quite possible in theory to align all the atoms of say a.
30. Hair stackers are designed to align the tips of hair you’re using.
31. Then he had to align the computer internal with the system’s brain.
32. Listen to the waves and align yourself so that the lake is clear again.
33. Without a direct heir from the opposite side it is impossible to align.
34. Start by looking at how your activities align with your vision and goals.
35. To receive conflict-free advice, we must align ourselves with a fiduciary.
36. The car moves around the curve at 7o holding a point at Π that align with.
37. Things that don’t align with that model of my reality, I choose.
38. Keep arms straight, raise the hips and align the head with the arms, forming an.
39. Stock-ownership requirements also align management interests with the long term.
40. Hera will likely align herself against Aphrodite, but that is merely speculation.
41. You should align your club’s face to the direction you want your ball to go to.
42. Every time you align to Truth, you step towards what you seek in your.
43. The Hive Builders there may be convinced to align with us in these desperate times.
44. As a human you can align to the spiritual consciousness of these great.
45. We nearly got our asses handed to us because you tried to align yourself with the.
46. All I have to do is align myself with what the universe has seen to be the end result.
47. As those fruit blossoms in us, we align ourselves with heavenly harmony for ages to come.
49. The Vietnamese represent the nationalists, the communists, and those who align with France.
50. Think about all the things that would have to align in order for the universe TOM ANDERSON.
51. I strap an elastic band over my waist and align the overhead brace with my shoulders and chest.
52. That's who you want to align yourself with in this business—or in any business, for that matter.
53. The principle behind such option grants is to align the interests of managers with outside investors.
54. Management ownership of stock options does not really align management interests with those of OPMIs.
55. But now take this Westwood picture and align it with one taken in the Westwood District ten years ago.
56. When employees see things that resonate within themselves, they can align themselves with those values.
57. For more than an hour Don had shared his dreams with her, future visions that seemed to align with her own.
58. So as time goes on, a soul tends to align itself more strongly with one force while the other grows fainter.
59. And you learned that the more technical views that align toward the same targets, the better the idea can be.
60. If this person would align himself with the truth on a moment to moment basis, he could not continue abusing.
61. Pretty shrewd of you to align our two holds like that, Naria smiled at him, yes a real slick move indeed.
62. Also, by biting down hard and chewing on things, their teeth can align themselves properly at this crucial stage.
63. It is a simple choice: continue to deflect and to be angry at the way the market moves, or align yourself with it.
64. At this moment millions of people are searching for ways to align themselves with a higher calling, deeper purpose.
65. But, this day-cycle, Annyeke needed to align herself with the Library’s silence, allow it to connect with her also.
66. If you know the bigger picture you can align with it and avoid making mistakes in the long run, or so the thinking goes.
67. Performance fees and managers’ personal stakes in the funds should align their interests with those of their investors.
68. Thus when people are exposed to the propaganda repeatedly, they too will align their belief system to war and retaliation.
69. His instinct was to align his rifle sight upon the leader of the villains and to keep it there through all that transpired.
70. This guarantee of compensation does not directly align the executive officers with the long-term interests of the business.
71. She learned how to hold the bow, position her body, align her eye to the arrow and release her finger grip on the tight twine.
72. As you try to compose a picture, it is sometimes hard to align the object you are photographing within the frame of the picture.
73. As he took out a small explosive, Node tried to align his Roller with the section while still trying not to get his head shot off.
74. You are more powerful when you align yourself with it, if only to step out of its way when it comes to disperse its consequences.
75. There is much being done in your physical body and energy field to align your energy and physical makeup to allow this to take place.
76. As you well know, this is a prestigious position and would align you with the wealthiest and most politically influential in the land.
77. That is to say, the pattern of forces could not align with the pattern of the fabric predicated as it was upon the primordial law of seven.
78. This will keep the scroll safe till the time arrives, when the numbers will align, as spoken back at the ancient Bora Ring, Mason said.
79. The flying men anticipate and overcompensate while trying to align the 3 degrees of freedom of the objects flying very fast in all directions.
80. Our beliefs exist in our subconscious n so in order to change our beliefs we have to take steps to align our conscious and subconscious selves.
81. On your own you can try to align yourself by looking backwards at your own tracks if they are visible, as they are likely to be on snow or sand.
82. The words of a mantra when recited in certain tones help align our consciousness and can shift the energy pattern within a person and its surroundings.
83. That's because the Language of Work ModelTM uses the same six-word work paradigm for this identification as it uses to define and align work execution.
84. How could dumping millions of shares for an instant profit possibly align their interests with those of the company’s loyal long-term shareholders?
85. With his final words, Tregannon reached out his hand to her as if he would pluck her back from her chosen path and align her for all time-cycles to his.
86. Than align the Custom Boards, Surfing Lessons, and the Surfboard Repairs pages straight under the Board Rentals, page, without shifting them to the right.
87. Moses, all of whom brought back stories about the City of God, that is, stories about the nature of God and how we can align ourselves with that unknowable.
88. Early on the fourth day, before Jacques began his umpteenth trawl of the notes, he gathered the entire sheaf of notes to knock them on the table to align them.
89. Instead, one should bring more acceptance, wisdom, understanding and purity into how the ego functions in mind so as to align it with the will and light of God.
90. It is therefore up to each of us to align people with and inspire them by clearly setting the organization’s critical goals so that they are pursued with a passion.
91. It was a personal rhema from God, and it carried with it power to bring a change in his external circumstances, but he had to believe it, confess it, then align his life.
92. After that, align your feet with your club and as you prepare your drive just stay parallel with your club’s face pointing your shoulder and hands in the same direction.
93. The stories of these two talented investors, Robertson and Druckenmiller, illustrate well the fate of money managers who don’t align themselves with dominant investment crowds.
94. When the stars align in your favour you should seize the initiative and attempt to manage the process by making credible, realistic proposals that are possibly even time-sensitive.
95. Your managers will be producing in this phase of the re/org process a clear, concise and consensus-based view on HOW this work will be done to align with your view of WHAT the business is.
96. In addition to actions to align our cost structure with expected sales declines, we have been exploring a range of strategic and financing alternatives to enhance our financial flexibility.
97. One of greatest features of the Language of Work Model(tm) is that it provides the means to align work groups and management positions directly to the business unit, core processes and jobs.
98. Although it was extremely awkward and difficult, James managed to align their wrists so that, with difficulty they would be able to bring the plastic cord against the serrated edge of the towel cutter.
99. We can all hope and pray that at some point the majority of members of the press will once again align themselves with the interests of the American people and reject partisan politics and manipulation.
100. Then the Lord said this to me, I found it to be very encouraging, He said, If the body of Christ will align itself to My heart in this, I will release for the asking the Spirit of wisdom to My people.

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