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Altogether in a sentence

Now he was gone altogether.
You just give it up altogether.
It stops being human altogether.
Going on was not altogether easy.
Altogether, we put up six tents.
Altogether very odd, he thought.
You were not altogether joking.

It should be abandoned altogether.
Yours is altogether a subjective.
It is altogether a different need.
To Him is your return, altogether.
The silence was altogether intense.
Van Helsing's went cold altogether.
And altogether I felt ill at ease.
She has stopped singing altogether.
Angela was altogether more sinister.
This is a secret service altogether.
Bigwig's luck was not altogether out.
She is a different woman altogether.
They had altogether cut Kökensee.
He has escaped my eye altogether.
And it was not altogether unexpected.
At last, they disappeared altogether.
Altogether his spirits became gloomy.
These had a different tone altogether.
She was altogether most disconcerting.
Greatchen was another story altogether.
It stopped altogether at the same time.
Would it fade altogether to nothing?
Altogether he had three runs that day.
His talk was altogether rather muddled.
I am in an altogether new world now.
But it was a different spot altogether.
The Snake wanted out of jail altogether.
That’s a different matter altogether.
But this is not altogether for the law.
Altogether a very satisfactory outcome.
Moments later they went out altogether.
Altogether there were thirty-seven men.
Nathifa was a different story altogether.

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