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    1. Venna was beat from a party the week before and missed breakfast altogether, then went up to shower

    2. Therefore, we will do no more than see that our breathing is quiet and regular, and will then withdraw our thoughts from the body altogether and begin the work of concentration

    3. Lopez’s mission is the education of the public on the necessity to quit using chemicals altogether and in the meantime, to properly dispose of their waste - so that one day the earth may return to its natural cycle of growing and decomposing

    4. job, well, that was altogether easier

    5. It took over an hour and a half altogether and traffic was backed up out of sight in all directions by the time they got going again

    6. It was about fifteen seconds altogether until a voice connection was established and a slightly huskier and slower-talking version of Ava was in the room with them

    7. The two hundred mile trip to Lastriss increased to four hundred miles by the meandering of the river, making the trip from Hazorpean take at least four weeks altogether when the wind was this light

    8. Yet treasuring them is something altogether different

    9. God has made us to be something altogether distinct, and yet at the same time grafted into Israel

    10. That huge city-jungle sparkled with optical sources when a polarized probe was used, two hundred thirty nine altogether, and there was a lot more data

    11. She was like a different person altogether

    12. The result is something altogether other, and God so identifies with that corporate entity that He actually seems to indicate that it has Divinity

    13. This had once been a nice house, more open than Knume's, not as big altogether but cute

    14. Joris has a ruthless side to him that is not altogether comfortable to contemplate

    15. In the Dos basin is a half million square miles of nearly uninhabited archwood forest altogether

    16. Only three of them were in the room when he entered, he'd heard there were five altogether

    17. There were probably ten more houses in the village altogether, spread out around it and above some others up in the branches

    18. Practice the Shoulderstand over a period of time and you will soon begin to notice a lessening of the intensity of your discomfort each month, until after a time it will cease altogether to be a problem

    19. I get the feeling that he probably did this to ever visitor he saw – he was pretty ancient and not altogether with it, from what I could see

    20. ’ I said warily not altogether sure where this conversation is going

    21. the lessons altogether, we would

    22. There is altogether too much of isolation and violence,

    23. following two letters cover 7 essential values and vices (altogether

    24. Up above the rain eased, before stopping altogether

    25. If the people in authority at the Kassikan decreed it, her royalties could be cut off and she could be banished from the campus, or for all practical purposes, from the city, and she knew of extreme cases where they had hounded people out of the Highlands altogether

    26. Sally is staring into space, not altogether with us

    27. It was less than a half hour altogether before she was back

    28. Alan realized at this point that not only was he out of contact with the ship, he might soon be out of contact with reality altogether

    29. by trying to argue the point rather than halt it altogether

    30. should be taken off probation altogether

    31. They are, however, altogether different, are regulated by quite different principles, and bear no proportion to the quantity, the hardship, or the ingenuity of this supposed labour of inspection and direction

    32. They are regulated altogether by the value of the stock employed, and are greater or smaller in proportion to the extent of this stock

    33. But though their profits are so very different, their labour of inspection and direction may be either altogether or very nearly the same

    34. In the price of commodities, therefore, the profits of stock constitute a component part altogether different from the wages of labour, and regulated by quite different principles

    35. Ministries often tend to either move on every whim that is called prophetic, or ignore prophetic words altogether

    36. In the most improved societies, however, there are always a few commodities of which the price resolves itself into two parts only the wages of labour, and the profits of stock ; and a still smaller number, in which it consists altogether in the wages of labour

    37. The price which is paid to them by the stone-cutter, is altogether the wages of their labour ; neither rent nor profit makes an part of it

    38. The revenue which proceeds altogether from land, is called rent, and belongs to the landlord

    39. While that demand continues the same, therefore, the market price of the commodities is likely to do so too, and to be either altogether, or as nearly as can be judged of, the same with the natural price

    40. Then came the scream, and her heart seemed to stop altogether

    41. Luxury, in the fair sex, while it inflames, perhaps, the passion for enjoyment, seems always to weaken, and frequently to destroy altogether, the powers of generation

    42. It is this demand which regulates and determines the state of propagation in all the different countries of the world ; in North America, in Europe, and in China ; which renders it rapidly progressive in the first, slow and gradual in the second, and altogether stationary in the last

    43. To ascertain what is the average profit of all the different trades carried on in a great kingdom, must be much more difficult; and to judge of what it may have been formerly, or in remote periods of time, with any degree of precision, must be altogether impossible

    44. For the Pureblood, the only true solution, the only permanent escape from the Void was to create the living death and thus they circumvented the problem altogether

    45. Then he was altogether erased, for shortly after the discovery of his tomb, LeCynic had ensured that every indication of the man's existence had been destroyed

    46. When the law prohibits interest altogether, it does not prevent it

    47. The lottery of the sea is not altogether so disadvantageous as that of the army

    48. Wait," The male Guard called out to him, but the elf paid him no mind and soon after vanished altogether, swallowed by the forest

    49. Few had ever actually seen him, and those that did said he was a being altogether different from the Triad

    50. of labour consist altogether in the recompence of labour

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    Synonyms for "altogether"

    altogether birthday suit raw all completely entirely right totally whole wholly all told in all all in all on the whole tout ensemble quite generally absolutely thoroughly fully

    "altogether" definitions

    informal terms for nakedness

    to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent (`whole' is often used informally for `wholly')

    with everything included or counted

    with everything considered (and neglecting details)