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Anchorman in a sentence | anchorman example sentences

  1. The anchorman says they are 108.
  2. The fill-in anchorman had a question for her.
  3. When he was done with that too, the anchorman.
  4. An anchorman was interviewing the chief of police.
  5. Surprise, said the anchorman shaking both his hands in the.

  6. All the boroughs gone black, the anchorman repeats when he returns.
  7. On one station, an anchorman stood outside of the French hospital where their local police surrounded the building.
  8. She then effectively saw an anchorman recapitulating the main points of an official declaration to foreign medias just made by the Chinese government.
  9. Nancy nearly threw up her hands in frustration when the anchorman said that, while unconfirmed, the kidnapping could have been the work of Taliban extremists.
  10. A NBC news anchorman that Tatum knew and who was sitting on the bench opposite that of the actor and his agent suddenly seemed to recognize the woman and smiled to Tatum.
  11. It effectively took only a few seconds before the image of the current news anchorman, sitting at his on-air news desk, appeared as a small window in one corner of Nancy’s laptop computer’ screen.
  12. The anchorman was talking about the recent series of car bombs and so I tuned in to the report about the nineteen-year-old woman who’d been burned alive only yards from the front door of her parents’ house.
  13. As the CNN anchorman in Atlanta that was in satellite communication contact with Nancy asked a question to her, Erik took his eyes off the television set and stepped in front of Sarah Manning to attract her attention.
  14. This assignment, I came to realize, would not only quadruple my airtime (from a half hour on Sundays to two full hours on Saturdays and Sundays) but it would also provide me with a chance to try a different type of broadcasting, to break out of the mold of the staid, Jennings-esque anchorman.

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