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    1. It hadn't happened yet as they prepared for the journey home, but she was hopeful they would announce for marriage that day

    2. All the while Al-Harron decelerated ever closer to the rendezvous with that asteroid and the re-convening of the Haadij's assembly when the Council of Faith and Dogma would announce their decision

    3. That doesn’t mean you have to announce your dream of

    4. Ah, you must have a ceremony to announce to all the others that she is your woman

    5. So announce yourself loudly

    6. “I see, well in that case it gives me no pleasure to announce that I

    7. The sociologists were still debating what the effects on the populace would be if the Kassikan was to announce that this was definitely a visitor of some type

    8. Andrew wasted no time in dressing and rushing down to breakfast to announce to his friends the news to that Emily had been called

    9. Ava did not call at the door or otherwise announce herself

    10. He was convinced that the simplest and best way to find his perfect partner in life would be to announce his desire to marry to the world by way of a celebrity photo-shoot

    11. The cold winter winds began to announce their arrival down the mountain ranges towards the plains below

    12. She urged secrecy explaining that Queen Naria would announce it at the Gathering Ball

    13. "I hereby announce that henceforth you shall be known as Lady Sera, Mistress of Miners Hold

    14. ‘Wait!’ wailed Guzkat, ‘I will have to announce

    15. Finally she decided she’d had enough and chose to announce it to the world

    16. If this were a story about a fantastic hero, then Matt would don his perfect mask and perfect cape, run out the door in a flash and announce, ‘step back, innocent civilians! I shall now save the day!’, and then Matt would save the world from certain doom in a most perfect way and be rewarded with millions of dollars and a pool filled with drop-dead perfect gorgeous women, and then go back home to his perfect private tropical island where nothing bad ever happened, except for when it was a chance for Matt to prove how awesome he was and just plain better than everyone else

    17. Emma sat shaking her head when Beth popped through the door to announce that lunch was ready

    18. She wondered when he would announce the divorce proceedings

    19. As a bell sounded to announce the auction’s start, the

    20. must formally announce the annulment of that marriage,

    21. announce me as her ‘ babu beta’ or in simple terms her innocent,

    22. couldn’t jut come down with it and announce, “Here it is!”

    23. Zarko heard the gong sounding in the distance to announce the advent of the midday meal

    24. As the entourage arrived the trumpeters played their well-known tune to announce the royal entrance

    25. They could see by the expression on his face that he had something important to announce

    26. ” She took a deep breath, this wasn't something she preferred to announce, but the Elf deserved the best

    27. announce them as the board members,

    28. He only had to announce his his presence and he was let in

    29. The question remained: should he announce his presence, just as any visitor?

    30. announce his safety to his anxious young wife

    31. wanted to announce the “Emancipation Proclamation

    32. I shut the door, dried off, and went to read my book again, wishing she’d snuck in when the door was open all those times and that someone would announce out of the blue, “I found her!” But no, the cat was lost, outside in the cold rain, a victim of the dark and her own wanton wanderings

    33. Crimes were sometimes announced before the fight, if Ruby Tower felt it would add something interesting to the spectacle, and usually they would announce the crime of the fighter they expected to lose

    34. “Great,” he’d say, but when we climbed aboard I’d announce,

    35. I’m going out beyond the fence and wait till every network has a close up of my face and announce that an FBI Special Agent, Herbert Nelson, a man with a personal grudge against me has concocted a story of an affair between the wife of Tony Reilly and myself and has gone as far as implicating us in his murder

    36. and announce that she was my new wife

    37. I went to it, expecting my date to announce that she had better things to do, but it was Lieutenant Howard instead

    38. Yes, let us announce to all the nations we’ve conquered over the last seven hundred years that now we wish for peace

    39. At intervals, a loud cry would announce the discovery of some fresh animal, chiefly of the wild pig species; but, as a rule, after an exciting chase, the four legged brutes had the best of it, and got clear into the forest

    40. Why else would he announce so smugly that Rachel was familiar with the interior of his cabin? She chose not to respond; she would not reward Clarence with a reaction

    41. Yet the prideful announce themselves as with a trumpet,

    42. Sarah stopped and looked at William, who lowered his head slowly indicating no real objection to what she was about to announce

    43. Company officials plan to announce the decision before Christmas

    44. I failed to notice the sign that asked all visitors to use the buzzer and announce who they were

    45. “This is as good a time as any to announce, that I’m buying a motorcycle,” I told Betty, and incidentally, Toby

    46. All anyone needed do was post a few soldiers around the sports field so that Comandante Cobra couldn’t run, then walk right up to him and announce his arrest

    47. She was a cokehead, he knew that, he had seen her dancing eyes announce that fact many a night

    48. His legs were like rubber standing behind her as she opened the door to announce him

    49. The Major tried to announce the Castigator’s arrival, but he was cut short by a wave of the Castigator’s hand, barely having had time to utter the word ’behold’

    50. Why not require each party running for election announce what it will be spending, say a hundred days before the election, or at some other agreed-upon time? Call that amount S, and that is the amount they are allowed to spend over the four years that they will be in office

    1. Herndon announced he had some remote work to do in the boat and headed for the dock

    2. "He's done with his Eye work I see," Jorma announced and let that thought slip from his mind unresolved

    3. They are the ones that are missing from the community and they have announced intentions to found a boundaried state

    4. Herndon was appearing from the cabin, announced "We still have the maps

    5. "I have the password," he announced from way back there

    6. Imagine the shock to the family when he announced his intention to marry a catholic hotel maid! This love dynamic in his life was the catalyst for his search for religious truth

    7. ’ Stephen announced, relief pouring down the telephone line in waves

    8. the town, as though the imminence of winter was more profoundly announced away

    9. Glenelle was stunned by the discovery that was being announced in this courtyard

    10. "Grand Island, Nebraska,” Leonora announced with confidence

    11. It was after God announced his punishment on

    12. The council slipped to another space to deliberate, they soon announced that they would need a continuance till next week

    13. As soon as Moamar announced the decision, Bahkmar was popped from the stands into system space

    14. ’ He announced with a flamboyant gesture, his voice pointing up the capital letters

    15. When the time came, when the door opened and the habitual scrape of the tray announced wash time, I sat there in morose silence, staring at the wall

    16. “You are here at last, Sandra Nox!” announced Lady Chimaera in a sonorous voice, her long blond hair slightly waving at the graceful motion of her arms

    17. “If the setting of the cosmic vortex finds you here, there will be no turning back for you,” announced Arion sadly, while we were standing by the shore of a shimmering turquoise pool

    18. There seemed a deepening of the chill in the air as she climbed up and out of the town, as though the imminence of winter was more profoundly announced away from the lights and the chirpy clatter of bars and restaurants

    19. ‘Well … the man I saw at the Association offices in London – Gerisse Stowman, his name was, he struck me as being extremely uneasy when I announced my presence – he plainly knew my reputation - and he became even more bothered when I said I was coming down here

    20. day before you announced that your class

    21. announced in fixed adulations the arrival of the clowns

    22. ” Daniel began and turned to Kate and took her hand, “I have asked this woman to marry me, and she said that she would,” he announced to everyone

    23. My Lady, there are no dragons in the vicinity, announced Jake, we can land safely and begin our task

    24. "Voorhan of L'dotsa with twenty one thousand forty five hundred thirty three urns of lentosaur for Zhlindu," one of them announced in a resounding voice

    25. With one arm raised and her head held high, she announced in unexpected, but excellent English, 'This one is good

    26. As they came into the cave there was a mighty shout “Welcome to Dragons Hill!” He stepped forward and announced to them all, “We welcome you to your new home

    27. Agile and talkative she led me through winding streets and alleyways, turning left - then up some steps, then right - and down some more, then a little slope until at last she pointed to a restaurant nestling in the corner of a shaded square and proudly announced, “Restaurant Virrgenia

    28. It was about 1 week later at the noon lunch break that Michael and Sally announced the news of Sally’s pregnancy

    29. It was then that Collin announced that he was the Rider the White had been waiting on

    30. As soon as he was finished, he wiped his mouth with his hand and announced, 'Today the village starts to prepare

    31. And then came the day that he announced to Sam that Lucy was going to have twins

    32. Nikos could see the man wasn't welcome in our crowd but being host, he was determined to create a relaxed atmosphere so, throwing his arms in the air, he announced to the room, 'OK everybody

    33. We have arrived Master James, Daowyn announced

    34. On the hull, at eye level, a brass plate announced the name, Kaliantikos

    35. The tannoy announced another departure and this time she jumped as though startled awake

    36. 'He will be a player like India never had,' Ish announced

    37. The final straw for Helen Roach came one Saturday morning when Lucy announced to her mother during a now rare and troubled family breakfast that she had entered a competition advertised in her favourite music magazine, the prize being the chance to meet the mystery singer

    38. After they presented their explanation to the crew, the Captain looked to his papers again and announced, “Our next issue is the relevance of some scientific discoveries that have recently been made by our signals department

    39. months after her husband’s death that she announced

    40. they announced to the world their pride and joy in the fact that little

    41. The computer system is not restored until just after eleven; you can almost hear the sigh of relief from the workforce when it is finally announced that we can log in

    42. “You have been going over those plans for hours,” she announced, “It is time to take a break and eat something

    43. Naria then announced that from henceforth she would be known as ‘Lady Tara

    44. “May I relate something that may have a bearing on all this,” announced Brent

    45. when Lucy announced to her mother during a now rare and

    46. ’ He announced with the air of a man who has fought and killed a dragon for his beloved

    47. was the following morning that he announced his intention to make

    48. Several of the tenants extremely shaken by the event – as though screaming would help! Decided that strong measures required – announced a midnight feast, and hauled them all into the common room for tea and cake, babes and all

    49. “She's dead,” the doctor announced, for the seventh time with a finality that caused her to shiver

    50. The harvest duly arrived, and Farmer John announced the order of

    1. “I have a flower!” Moyo announces, pushing it toward the closest woman

    2. I expect her to be enthusiastic about it, yet I am nonplussed at her immediate frigidity: “I have nothing to do this afternoon, but I am not in the mood of going to such a lecture, I had better stay home alone,” she announces in a low voice and leaves me wondering, since she has always given me the impression of being very interested in such matters

    3. Then, like a bold from the blue, she announces to me:

    4. Torsdag afternoon, with precious little notice, Wiesse announces that Joris and Berndt will be coming for dinner

    5. a voice announces the name of the band

    6. 'Then just when they think it's all over, the stewardess announces, “We are on our final approach and we will be on the ground in a few moments

    7. As Alastair pounces on his son, Karen announces calmly that we should all move into the dining room as dinner is ready; clearly her menfolk scrapping is a common occurrence …

    8. Joanna, looking hurt, announces that she's going to the ladies

    9. The fact I have been ready to go for nearly half an hour is irrelevant … he greets me with a kiss and then, quickly looking at his watch, announces that we really ought to be moving

    10. Out in the main auditorium a bell rings and Ted Line announces a twenty minute break

    11. But no! Grinly pipes up and announces he’s takin’

    12. The train manager (manager?!) announces over the loudspeaker system that there is a problem with one of the doors and that we shall be on our way as soon as it is resolved

    13. Our individuality may be evident in this physical world of ours, but we must always strive to remember the greatest truth of life, which announces – “We are One

    14. When he matures to manhood, the child she is carrying will be the man who announces that the Son of God is now upon the earth

    15. The next day, Evelyn stands among the pieces of Jeanine Matthews’s portrait in the Erudite headquarters lobby and announces a new set of rules

    16. Amando announces that Christiano is expecting

    17. The couple announces their pregnancy in 2132; the ultrasound shows

    18. From verse 3 to the end of the chapter he announces the judgement of the Lord on

    19. In the first verse the author announces the theme that he intends he will follow

    20. announces publicly you are a member of His family, for example, as in England, a

    21. which a king announces publicly you are a member of His family, for

    22. 1) Jesus announces his death to Mary, Martha, and Lazarus

    23. Jesus Announces His early death to Mary, Martha, and Lazarus

    24. announces Hoarel’s self-proclaimed hobby of

    25. "People! People!" the blonde announces, as she grabs an electric stock prod from the same bag that housed the gold

    26. "My name is Dr JJ Russoo," he announces, crooking his head up, "and I am the Chief Scientific Officer in charge of Section Forty-Seven

    27. Matthews, you have the same blood type as Raymond”, the nurse announces

    28. ” The nurse announces and Torin rushes into Raymond’s room

    29. “I have a man”, she proudly announces

    30. ” Rashad announces as Torin swings his chair around and Janay screams

    31. “This house is beautiful,” Janay announces while impressed by his exquisite collection

    32. “I have something to tell you”, she announces

    33. The Judge exits from his quarters as the bailiff announces,

    34. ” Janay announces as everyone looks in shock

    35. announces at breakfast while eating her cornflakes

    36. In a few minutes the thump of blades announces the approach of this beautiful red

    37. It will not be long before Japanese game giant Nintendo announces that the production of the NDS handheld game console will finally cease

    38. The woman answers, then puts down the phone, coughs and announces, “Mr

    39. In view of public opinion interest, the Governor hereby announces a referendum on allowing naturism in public and at work in fourty eight hours

    40. The SG at a press conference announces he’ll support the legalization of marijuana due to recent scientific studies showing moderate usage is relatively harmless

    41. Bithia holds the baby up into the air and announces: “Behold! This child is a gift from Isis!” The guards say nothing, knowing their station, but think something along the lines of, “Oh shit, here she goes again with some crazy new stunt to piss off her father

    42. 7th Charlaine Harris announces that the Cemetery

    43. Blood Ties announces on Facebook that he will be

    44. She announces that by next month we will be having our field trip

    45. Li Hongzhi announces that all interfering with the study of Fa are

    46. He sidles up to the bar and announces: “I’m lookin’ fer the man who shot my paw

    47. half-light that announces the onset of dawn he could barely make out the

    48. that announces the premise is protected by an alarm system

    49. Now when the announcer announces for you all, I want the average size models walking along with the plus size model who is wearing the identical outfit, that way it can be shown that the outfit comes in all sizes okay?”

    50. The following day, several people inside an office are reading different articles in different newspapers with different headlines that reads: DIANE D AND THE DIANETTES HAVE QUIT DOING CONCERTS! DIANE D UNEXPECTLY ANNOUNCES TO TWO REPORTERS THE END OF HER AND THE DIANETTES‘ SINGING AND DANCING! One of the women Tammy, a black woman around her early 30’s turns to the others and says, “Oh no! This article says that Diane D and The Dianettes aren't gonna be doing concerts anymore!”

    1. early morning stillness, announcing the arrival of Danton and his scowling, out of

    2. The wind blows softly announcing a

    3. The preacher, who is Jesus Christ, begins his speech by announcing his Second Coming at the beginning of the New Age

    4. The sharp retort of metalled boot heels struck out at the early morning stillness, announcing the arrival of Danton and his scowling, out of breath companion to every inmate as they bore down on the door at the end of the corridor like cannon balls, casting their grotesquely elongated shadows across the floor and up the walls

    5. ‘Would you object to us sending a notice to the readersein announcing all this?’ Pippa asked

    6. It was shortly after this that the rest of the riders took turns announcing the same news

    7. 'Just wait till the festival, there's nothing quite like the peal of bells announcing early morning service,' she glanced at me sideways and grinned

    8. But the laughter died when a voice cut through the fun announcing the return of our least favourite man

    9. Here was the linchpin of the community, his face the colour of shiny cherries, announcing to the entire mountain community that the mail had arrived on time and he was ready for business

    10. She stays for another half an hour before announcing that she has to go

    11. Look!' I spun round expecting the worst but at that moment the Delfini cut the air with its now familiar horn announcing the arrival of the Princess of Stephanos

    12. Covered in green blood, the warriors emerged from the trees announcing their victory with shouts of “Uwah!” At Lord Tarak’s direction they left the mopping up to the Light Brigade and headed out towards the Ohmu Inn

    13. Then, as a warbler she couldn’t see sounded a succession of clear notes, much as a herald announcing the entry of a long-awaited personage, rational thought re-asserted itself … the treacherous tussocks became nothing but grass again and the world fell back into balance

    14. Jameson walked after him announcing the Breakfast hour

    15. At noon, the red letters announcing that MH370 had been cancelled disappeared as did the hopes of those waiting

    16. " Meanwhile in virtual space Glenelle distracted him by announcing that she had a new location on Alan

    17. announcing the border of Galicia, and quietly celebrated

    18. But true to his word he rode his cycle up to the Wellbeloved’s and tinkling his bell as a way of announcing his coming he arrived at their gate, which opened by itself so he could ride through

    19. They must always show pride in announcing their names and lineage and feats

    20. A rooster crowed not too far away, announcing the new day, and soon others followed his example all over the city

    21. announcing his arrival

    22. Built into the surrounding hills were glass enclosed homes with a sign announcing,

    23. But instead, after announcing into his wrist comm, he walked off

    24. announcing that all foreign debt payments would be suspended

    25. and announcing quite cheerily that you are a deadbeat if you stay in bed one second

    26. During the afternoon, as I talked with Lieutenant Wheeler before his father's tent, a despatch arrived for the general announcing the destruction of Cervera's fleet that morning

    27. Lo, calamity breaks forth already, announcing the coming of The Holy One

    28. The rear door opened with the familiar sound announcing the arrival of fresh coffee

    29. I made the call the following day and a recording came on announcing the staff members

    30. A few minutes later, a message came through to the COBRA meeting announcing that the terrorists had been killed and the Chinese President had been saved

    31. When it came, announcing that there had been a shark attack in the harbor, Truman looked to them – neither said a word

    32. The enormous bell with its deep clang that could be heard into the farthest reaches of the valley was silent, but Truman could yet hear its reverberation from that day all those many years ago, announcing the marriage of his young cousin to little Maria Angela, one sunny Saturday afternoon

    33. He greeted Colling with an outstretched hand after Colling had completed the formality of saluting him and announcing that he was reporting

    34. Colling, out of habit, stood at attention and saluted, announcing his name

    35. At some point, he must have dozed off more soundly, because he was awakened by a combination of daylight pouring through the train carriage window and Pankovski’s prodding his shoulder, announcing loudly that they were in Krakow

    36. He had been careful to send ambassadors well ahead of their movement to those outposts of the strange people announcing their peaceful intentions, and asking permission to graze and water their ever growing flocks

    37. It isn’t just brave that she died for me; it is brave that she did it without announcing it, without hesitation, and without appearing to consider another option

    38. Tracy was confident to the edge of sassiness in announcing her choice

    39. Their only mistake was in announcing that the campus was gun free

    40. “Noah is part Jamaican,” Sierra said, as if she was announcing the breeding of a studhorse she had for sale

    41. speakers announcing the tsunami warning had been lifted

    42. I asked Mathilde what she was going to do with all the children gone next spring and she laughed and pointed to her belly, announcing that there would be another one by then

    43. All of a sudden, the music was interrupted by a news flash announcing that at 6:14 a

    44. His most famous prophecy is that announcing the birthplace of Jesus, Please read

    45. horse and rider through the streets of the capital, announcing, in a loud voice “This

    46. Then, all you need to do is write a compelling press release announcing the

    47. We proclaim that the path to Heaven has been guaranteed simply by accepting Jesus as our savior, and announcing that we are a sinner, and Jesus died for our sins so we will be released from taking responsibility for our actions

    48. After hours of relentless work I stood up to stretch my legs, just as Joanne came back in with JT, announcing that she was heading out

    49. She followed Gerda to a room with a sign announcing that

    50. She was cut off as the guard came around announcing that

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    announce declare annunciate foretell harbinger herald denote swear expound proclaim pronounce

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    make known; make an announcement

    announce publicly or officially

    give the names of

    foreshadow or presage