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Applications in a sentence

Applications of the MA concept.
Job applications were rolling in.
Applications of the Greedy Strategy.
Developing Web Applications with Ant.
I have the applications for your PA.
The applications usually aren’t that.
Slasto is suitable any type applications.

These are the principles and applications:.
Applications for loans and their processing.
Clinical Applications and Mechanism of Action.
However, there were only 50 applications and.
They also assist victims with applications for.
Thousands of applications have been developed.
I remember it has fantastic audio applications.
Learning how to plan complex web applications.
We are currently accepting applications for an.
Most applications nowadays have an undo operation.
Certainly, there are some practical applications.
However, some applications may require even more.
Get started with developing applications for the.
The fact remains that 343 applications, received.
The applications have to be turned in somewhere.
An intutive guide to building applications for the.
Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics.
It would look amazing on your college applications.
It’s an important commodity with many applications.
What’s the Use? Looking at Natural Gas Applications.
After healing occurred, the frequency of applications.
Time was given to background applications only when the.
Twitter is one of the hottest mobile applications around.
There are other much more useful an needed applications.
Spend hours sifting through resumes or job applications.
While there are not many games or applications that are.
I wrote his three applications in the next thirty minutes.
These would also be considered server-based applications.
Are you comfortable with basic computer applications and.
Here are some basics about creating wireless applications.
Build feature-rich web applications using the Codelgniter.
Circles are more gentle and natural in these applications.
Of course, this idea has applications beyond the concept.

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