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Aristocratic in a sentence

one may say aristocratic.
royal and aristocratic cohorts.
Aristocratic to his finger tips.
aristocratic lady, which she was.
was not of an aristocratic origin.
Elsing’s aristocratic jaw dropped.
Her answer was breezily aristocratic.

the sleigh) an aristocratic wife and mega.
It fitted with his tall, aristocratic bearing.
He kept telling her she had aristocratic hands.
pleasant, but something elegant and aristocratic.
muted sense of aristocratic comfort and opulence.
One was aristocratic birth; the other, education.
could and her bearing was aristocratic at the very.
knuckles, and the aristocratic features of his face.
So far, the aristocratic forces have been defeated.
It was merely a copy of the aristocratic class system.
Most people recognized she was of aristocratic birth.
This would permit the Vatican and its aristocratic and.
and with his clear, piercing blue eyes and aristocratic.
inattention to proper names was an aristocratic habit of his.
The features of his handsome face were sharp and aristocratic.
She walked past the cars with an aristocratic elegance, and her.
aristocratic flavour has come to be regarded as the epitome of a.
My, my, I said, your husband must be from an aristocratic lineage.
‘It … probably used to, before aristocratic spelling interfered.

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aristocratic aristocratical blue gentle patrician

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