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    at odds

    1. The slowing of the physical is at odds

    2. Ranger and this new horse were at odds

    3. middle distance, in a way entirely at odds with his cheery manner

    4. She got into a copy of one of his trade mags and learned quite a bit about the math behind figuring the margins and what odds to figure for the weather on any of the lakes

    5. With different careers we had stayed together almost as long as I did with Lengkiin, but once we worked together we found ourselves at odds

    6. "Yes, I'd love to, the case seemed to put us at odds and I don't want that, I want to enjoy your company

    7. Now and then he would stop and give a short lecture on the various shrubs and grasses, everyone knew he'd never seen them before and even his nature book seemed at odds with the plateau flora and fauna

    8. In fact, they were at odds and there was a strong animosity between them—not necessarily due to their conflicting personalities, but rather it was a consequence of their natural, symbiotic relationship that converted one into the hunter and the other, the hunted

    9. Can"t help wondering whether they were more at odds than the Montagus and Capulets

    10. Republican Party elites oftentimes remain indifferent, except during the primary season, to blue collar voters seeking a viable alternative to a party that has abandoned its customary standards in favor of secular viewpoints (seemingly) at odds with ―working class‖ values

    11. The popular TV show’s science-fiction lab was totally at odds with reality

    12. Three vampires stood behind the table, the female agnate and two others I hadn’t seen before, their indolent expressions at odds with the tension their postures betrayed

    13. This is a perception that is very much at odds with the large number of girls who leave their villages for the bright lights and ‘honey traps’ of Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok in order to fleece the ‘Farangs’ of their money

    14. As it turned out, Jason’s take was often at odds with Orb’s party line

    15. This stands at odds with the literal—”

    16. The Creator and Evolution, or science for that matter, are not at odds with one another

    17. Atheists in colleges and administrations invariably link intelligent design to those who hold to the literal sense of scripture, which is most easily shown to be at odds with science

    18. Alec had never known how it happened, but what odds? So in this case--Mrs

    19. I am still nervous that I will become him, even now, standing at odds with him with my mother at my side, like I always dreamed I would when I was a child

    20. They were often at odds with the Mongols but united with them under Chingis and remained an integral part of them

    21. “well-rewarded establishment figures” at odds with their society

    22. Let’s just say, the only similarity between Ishvara and Jiva was their appearance, everything else was completely at odds

    23. support the choices that I made, however much at odds those choices were with hers

    24. commandment without drastically changing in ways that stand out at odds with society and loved

    25. This is not to say that the challenge is impossible, but merely at odds with

    26. Instead of branches that bend in water—a belief that is at odds with the apparent

    27. “Because my people and Osbald’s, all the humans and all the elves of the plains actually, were at odds for thirty-five thousand years before the empires became united

    28. A third was a gentleman frequently at odds with his son’s decisions

    29. 35 For I came to set a man at odds against his father and a daughter against her mother and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law

    30. It was almost the end of November, and summer was making itself felt by a blistering heat-wave, with Lorna still feeling at odds with life

    31. had killed him and so wanted to kill her--two dark desires at odds

    32. The native microfauna were at odds with terrestrial life, the same way that terrestrial microbes were deadly for the native lifeforms

    33. He mounted his restless pony, turned, and said, “Do not be at odds with Beathan

    34. I find myself at odds with the way that society functions

    35. “My renegade cousins came at odds with the Vampire Lords in the past war

    36. Not aligning the work in this way only places workgroups at odds with one another and creates great inefficiency or even conflict among workers and managers

    37. To succeed, a business cannot have various groups at odds with one another

    38. What had he witnessed in Darluse? Whate’er it was had made him change enough to find himself at odds with someone very dangerous

    39. That is at odds

    40. He was a surly young man with an aggressive nature who always seemed to be at odds with his parents

    41. While her anticipated rejection only deepened his dilemma, the reminder from the enamored had put him at odds with himself

    42. communicate a complex set of injunctions that are at odds with each other

    43. “Okay, thanks," Brian said, feeling less at odds with his caller

    44. Conservation and hunting must not be at odds

    45. For the first time that day, Puree - generally the embodiment of confidence, élan and self-possession - looked rather uncertain and even anxious, as if sensing that something was amiss and at odds with his expectations

    46. He may give the appearance that he is at odds with you, so that you respond in a certain way and do something he wants you to do, but in doing so you are not truly fighting against God

    47. Understandably perhaps, the small face wore an expression of perpetual bad temper, as if the owner, aware of his eccentricity, was constantly at odds with society and it seemed that this had recently taken a physical form, because he showed signs of having been involved in some kind of brawl

    48. More and more of those troublemakers were actually representatives or hardcore followers of the various Christian churches, who objected violently to her portrayal of the life of Yeshua, which was at odds with what one read in the Bible

    49. nothing to judge, nothing to become at odds against

    50. mystical traditions are frequently at odds with the mainstream of their institutional faith

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