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  1. Therefore, the authorship of these collected stories.
  2. And the forms of this real authorship can be very diverse.
  3. This is another undeniable link to the Hebrew authorship of The.
  4. I have many unorganized and undated scrolls of mysterious authorship.
  5. This and myriad other facts prove the Hebrew authorship of The Apocalypse.

  6. These are vital clues to the Hebrew authorship of the document and to the.
  7. Table 7-4 shows how to use a digital signature to prove authorship of the message.
  8. The chief editor is a friend of mine; it was he who let out the secret of your authorship.
  9. It’s also blatantly clear that the method of authorship changes dramatically around Chapter.
  10. The style of authorship in this section is radically different and more like the flowery poetry.
  11. Marta, which printed them under the heading "From our special correspondent," though the authorship was an open secret.
  12. This phrase is another key link to the true authorship of The Apocalypse, since they would never create a false god to.
  13. These monuments may prove to be of importance in solving the problem of the authorship of the celebrated Pistoian frieze.
  14. Davis states in a footnote on page 170: While some attribute the authorship to Humphries, others state that it was Colonel H.
  15. These Gospels, because of their latter authorship, are more likely to record inaccurate interpretations of the history of Christ.

  16. Cavallucci told me in Florence that unless he had a document in hand indicating the authorship of a monument he felt great hesitation in making attributions.
  17. At Montecassiano there is a large monument concerning which a document has been published in many Italian journals, ascribing the authorship to Fra Mattia Delia Robbia.
  18. Among those that had been declared apocryphal (of doubtful authenticity or authorship), many still competed for the attention of the faithful and would for a long time.
  19. Hawkins the homogeneous authorship of the whole book bearing that name) has two remarkable passages expressing in the most distinct manner the faith of the Resurrection.
  20. Marriage, like religion and erudition, nay, like authorship itself, was fated to become an outward requirement, and Edward Casaubon was bent on fulfilling unimpeachably all requirements.
  21. Here was a weary experience in which he was as utterly condemned toloneliness as in the despair which sometimes threatened him while toiling in the morass of authorship without seeming nearer to the goal.
  22. Casaubon was now brooding over something through which the question of his health and life haunted his silence with a more harassing importunity even than through the autumnal unripeness of his authorship.
  23. The fact of its later diffusion, now brought forward as an argument against its apostolic authorship, was rather in part the result of its late composition, and the effect of the peculiar character of its two main lessons.
  24. In Middlemarch admiration was more reserved: most persons there were inclined to believe that the merit of Fred's authorship was due to his wife, since they had never expected Fred Vincy to write on turnips and mangel-wurzel.
  25. Unlike the historical record available to the theologians of Old Earth, there were no blank spots, no prehistoric eras, no sacred books whose authorship might be debated, and no civilizations which pre-dated writing, used a different alphabet, or even spoke another language.

  26. To convince Carp of his mistake, so that he would have to eat his own words with a good deal of indigestion, would be an agreeable accident of triumphant authorship, which the prospect of living to future ages on earth and to all eternity in heaven could not exclude from contemplation.
  27. It is true that this last might be called his central ambition; but there are some kinds of authorship in which by far the largest result is the uneasy susceptibility accumulated in the consciousness of the author—one knows of the river by a few streaks amid a long-gathered deposit of uncomfortable mud.
  28. Can’t the origin of the so-called false revelation said to be in praise of Al Lat, Al Uzza and Manat be seen in this background? Maybe, it’s an idea for the Musalmans to see whether or not these vexing as well as perplexing ‘Satanic Verses’, whose authorship Muhammad had denied, are indeed Quranic interpolations.
  29. When he gathered the letter and official plans for his departure the next morning, whether by whim, pride of authorship or simply out of habit, he rolled up his own revisions and tucked them under his arm as he left for the return visit to those administrative offices in which he had already wasted the previous early evening.
  30. These were heavy impressions to struggle against, and brought that melancholy embitterment which is the consequence of all excessive claim: even his religious faith wavered with his wavering trust in his own authorship, and the consolations of the Christian hope in immortality seemed to lean on the immortality of the still unwritten Key to all Mythologies.
  31. The evidence provided and described in the book of Genesis by these three different versions about how ‘God’ created the universe and life suggest a single author with differing views or several authors and as such the identification of serious contradictions about the concepts and stories regarding creation and indeed the authorship and written construction of the Bible.
  32. How could I publish them knowing what I did: that (at best) they were two pidgin poems of questionable authorship found (reportedly) on the back of a restaurant menu in Brisbane? Of course, they could very well have been the poems of an aborigine by the name of Eldred Van-Ooy, but just as equally they could have been written by some day-tripping hippy returned from a sojourn in the outback, or by some spinster inspired by the latest library slide-show travelogue on Ayres Rock.
  33. He could not but wish that Dorothea should think him not less happy than the world would expect her successful suitor to be; and in relation to his authorship he leaned on her young trust and veneration, he liked to draw forth her fresh interest in listening, as a means of encouragement to himself: in talking to her he presented all his performance and intention with the reflected confidence of the pedagogue, and rid himself for the time of that chilling ideal audience which crowded his laborious uncreative hours with the vaporous pressure of Tartarean shades.
  34. When men have said all they can to depreciate the old paths of the Bible, and draw you away from Christ, � when they have piled up the ancient, stale objections of various readings, doubtful authorship, inconsistent statements, and supposed incredible miracles, they can still offer no substitute for the Scripture, or answer the question, "To whom shall we go?" There still remains the great, broad fact that the leading evidences of revelation have never been overthrown, that we are weak creatures in a sorrowful world, and need a helping hand, which Christ alone holds out, and which millions for eighteen centuries have found, and are finding, sufficient.
  35. In connection with this, the despotic governments directly prohibit the printing and dissemination of books and the utterance of speeches which enlighten the masses, and deport or incarcerate all men who are likely to rouse the masses from their lethargy; besides, all governments without exception conceal from the masses everything which could free them, and encourage everything which could corrupt them, such as the authorship of books which maintain the masses in the savagery of their religious and patriotic superstitions, all kinds of sensuous amusements, spectacles, circuses, theatres, and even all kinds of physical intoxications, such as tobacco, and brandy, which furnish the chief income of states; they even encourage prostitution, which is not only acknowledged, but even organized by the majority of governments.

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