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Awing in a sentence

One ceases to be awed.
Alex looked awed by her.
But it awed her, a little.
So they are not awed by it.
They went in, somewhat awed.
I was both awed and terrified.
Faye Anne broke the awed silence.
Hal backed off, awed by the giant.
I am awed and grateful and in love.
Cloud, I was awed by the size and.
He was awed and amazed and delighted.
She was clearly awed by what she saw.
An awed hush fell upon the bystanders.
As soon as I held him I felt awed at.
The group was awed at the sight of him.
They are awed by the rocket's immense.
When he speaks he sounds slightly awed.
Awed by the complexity Yaf sent a visual.
It awed me when I saw it those years ago.
They too had been awed by such a spectacle.
SECOND WATCH: (Awed, whispers) And in black.
Where are we? I asked in an awed voice.
Niki made a noise that suggested she was awed.
One of them said in an awed voice : Am I like.
I guess I'm just a little awed by you, that's all.
You saved her life, he says in an awed voice.
Awed, they stared into the green-lit chambers beyond.
They were awed by the architecture and rich fittings.
Cynthia and I were awed by the size and beauty of the.
George, however, remained a bit awed by the little man.
She said in an awed voice, And one of those Tokens.
Upon entering the mansion I was awed by its incredible.
We are all awed by your incredible wit, says Will.
Awed? And for a brief moment, he’s his age again.
Kaha clearly enjoyed the fact that he was awed by it all.
Upon entering the cave I was awed by the incredible oval.
Do not think we are easily awed or intimidated, LeCynic.
The structure and functionality of the city still awed him.
They sat at the table, awed by the transformation of James.
No doubt, humans have been fascinated and awed by cats for.
The SG sits on the couch and awes the college kids with what he knows about marijuana and hints that it will soon be legal, while puffing on a fat blunt.
The Chicago Tribune (15 September 1931) had the banner headline ‘ Gāndhi’s Speech Awes the British’ and New York Herald ‘Gāndhi Voices Demand for Complete Freedom for India’.

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I sit in awe and.
His father is in awe.
He was rapt with awe.
She saw awe in their.
His mouth open in awe.
He was in awe of her.
Awe that it had even.
I stared at her in awe.
We were in awe of the.
But her awe turned to.
Wow, I said in awe.
And stand in awe of him.
My body tingled with awe.
I was awe struck at the.
He shook his head in awe.
Pamela watched him in awe.
Suzy stared at him in awe.
Drew's voice had awe in it.
In My Awe Thinking Of Her.
The eagle looked up in awe.
Hyde were in a state of awe.
It left him in absolute awe.
We watch the transit in awe.
They looked at him with awe.
He looked at Mitchell in awe.
Maximus stared at him in awe.
I was in awe of the creature.
I felt the more in awe of Her.
Oh, yes, she said in awe.
The sisters were frozen by awe.
The Player marvels in awe at.
She said with awe in her voice.
Darkburst gazed at them in awe.
And adding to his awe of the.
He dropped to his knees in awe.
Awe is indelibly stamped and.
I stood in awe of the master.
In the awe inspiring mysteries.
Awe struck the very Soul of Me.
Wes looks at him in renewed awe.

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