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Ballpark in a sentence

A ballpark estimate.
But this ballpark looked.
There was a ballpark nearby.
They had met in the Diamond Ballpark parking lot.
She drove the car into that semi outside the ballpark.
We weren’t just out, we were out of the ballpark.
Those are ballpark figures on the amount of individual.

She deserved it! She definitely knocked it out of the ballpark.
Do you have a ballpark range of what you’re looking for on the property?
This costing and timing will give him a good ballpark of what the project is going to involve.
I can project what the ballpark probability for the pieces on the board are at any given point in time.
Valdeen had been charged with assault on a police officer for that punch he’d thrown at Conklin at the ballpark.
That will all give me a ballpark area guesstimate of where volatility would trade if we had no earnings uncertainty ahead of us.
The pageant is in the ballpark and tourists can buy butterflies made out of every conceivable material from pine cones to platinum.
I’m not going to count on that, given Brother Lynkyn’s record for bettering even his own projections, but I think you’re definitely in the ballpark.
Threaded through the crunching electric guitar chords and roiling drums was a Farfisa organ, like the calliope of the minor-league ballpark of his Oklahoma youth.
Bitcoin’s success in its first five years suggests that Satoshi was at least in the right ballpark when he estimated how rapidly bitcoins should be distributed.
Why did I use 250 percent instead of the larger numbers associated with the three previous bubble bull markets? I wanted to be conservative, yet stay in the same ballpark.
Even the worst seats in the ballpark had a view of the Bay Bridge, and from where we descended the field box steps, directly behind home plate, we could see the entire ballpark.
And baseball in Seattle had recently experienced a major setback—one of many more to come—when the wooden stands at the Indians’ ballpark, Dugdale Park, burned to the ground in July 1932.
It will let the buyer know a ballpark range of what the terms or price of the property is and let them do a little research on their own before you commit to meeting them at the subject property.
He only needs these guesstimates about possible over- or undervaluation to get him into the right valuation ballpark, to indicate the possibility that a mature market crowd may be causing a valuation mistake.
In ballpark terms, we like to be a buyer when the current share price is no more than 60 percent of our estimate of business value, which is the highest price a cash acquirer could pay for the entire business and still earn an adequate return on their investment.

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