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    1. The serpent hissed and bared its’ fangs at Son

    2. teeth bared, they, the good men

    3. Her eyes flashed and she bared her teeth in a snarl, gripping the Bowie knife tightly in her hands

    4. woman leapt at him with her hands bared like claws, the soldier

    5. Smiles tighten and teeth are bared

    6. With this termination I heard from my mother, I and bared into my mind that my mother is wrong and that I forced them that I really want to go to school and be a degree holder

    7. deserted now that the heat of day was rising, except for dogs that bared their teeth

    8. I came to a quick stop in the hall, when Ash bared my path

    9. Now that Liam was out of the picture, I ached marginally, but Ash bared me from any further pain

    10. I bared my teeth at her

    11. He paused and turned to look at a very angry Penelope, who glared back at him with bared teeth

    12. Upon the wallwalk it came, axe bared, and Barrin lifted his sword only just in time

    13. They had her between them now, but she continued to twist and turn in her attempts to free herself, laughing in their faces, her eyes wild, her teeth bared

    14. I pictured bared fangs

    15. Amadeus backed himself as far into the corner as he could and bared his pointy little teeth

    16. almost comforting, giving the bared flesh of her arms and face an eerie hue

    17. The cat bared its teeth, the sharp points of its canines glinting in the dim light

    18. Behind her stood an enormous cat, its teeth bared

    19. The cat slid along the side of the cot until it was standing at the baby’s head, then lent over and looked directly into its eyes, teeth bared, hissing softly

    20. Gripping the top of the wall with its claws, the cat bared its teeth and launched itself into the air

    21. Neighing they bared their enormous, yellow teeth

    22. Sometime later, Darkburst rounded a large rock, unaware that a creature watched his passing from the cover of a thick shrub, its bared teeth glistening in the fading light

    23. The lynx bared its teeth, sharp canines glinting in the dim moon-light

    24. Behind her stood an enormous wild cat, its teeth bared

    25. “Well yeah, why?” Sylvia bared her teeth into a smile that more closely resembled a snarl

    26. Its teeth were bared and it bounded straight for the defenseless horse

    27. She resisted the temptation to spring forward, with her razor sharp talons bared

    28. Ursempyre felt suddenly naked, as if he had been bared against his will, but he did not protest

    29. sprang, teeth bared to kill

    30. fangs bared and dripping poison

    31. Ilmal had used his magic on her, bared her soul as he had bared her shoulder

    32. Jack laughed, bared his teeth and made ripping noises as he acted out a shark biting into a fleshy carcass

    33. Moments later, he turned on Wynne and hissing, bared his teeth as if to bite

    34. She stood over him protectively, as did Sven, she with claws and fangs bared,

    35. “Let…Me…Go…” His teeth bared, hunching over in agony

    36. His nostrils flared and he bared his razor-like teeth slightly

    37. When she passed by the lady wrestler, Chelsea made her eyes look very wild and she bared her teeth

    38. A goat-headed man bared razor teeth, raised its bloody black sword, and charged forward

    39. noticed an arm sticking out ghoulishly from its bared teeth

    40. If anything, Adrinius only seemed to have pissed the werewolf more as he bared his teeth in absolute annoyance, roaring his anger at Adrinius

    41. He stood up and bared his chest and said, “What a tyrannical kid is this? Do you think its parents will give money to have it back?”

    42. souls bared to others so quickly in a time of crisis?”

    43. They symbolically bared the sin unto themselves by eating

    44. That smiling tropical elfess appeared, wearing a great headdress of multicolored feathers and pearls, and a very colorful linen sheet with flower patterns draped about her in a manner that left half her shapely bosom bared

    45. Nodding his head, the Doc gave him a wink; and bared his teeth in a broken red smile

    46. Their eyes were red and fierce, and their teeth bared

    47. He bared his teeth and glared fake-furiously

    48. then cracked his knuckles together and bared his teeth

    49. He arms encircled her loosely while his fingers gently caressed her back, bared by the deep cut of the gown

    50. Blossom came charging towards them, teeth bared and eyes ablaze with fury

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    Synonyms for "bared"

    bared bareheaded

    "bared" definitions

    having the head uncovered