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    basic principle

    1. Remember the basic principle regarding the relief of aching legs and feet

    2. Though I hate lying and avoid it because it is against my nature, I would act contrary to my basic principles, morality and normal behavior

    3. All of the schools hold to the basic principles discussed in this chapter

    4. They splashed about in the beginner’s pool as an increasingly frustrated instructor tried to teach them the basic principles of swimming, all to no avail as they were “obviously f commies and longhaired liberals in disguise incapable of f learning to swim

    5. unfailingly as the basic principle of all action, even

    6. (beyond the influence of) the three (basic principles or Gunas of Maya –

    7. Some believe that the basic principles of Socialism were taken

    8. By studying the basic principles of happiness, we can come up with

    9. you find a basic principle, it tends to be universal

    10. Republicans who believe in ‘smaller’ government compromise on basic principles in order to get their legislation passed only to be frustrated that they cannot count on across-the-board reciprocity from the “other” party

    11. To give you a better understanding of the basic principles of fat

    12. Religious and political leaders have quoted scriptures to justify telling lies and using violence but he never wavered from his basic principles of ‘truth’ and ‘non-violence’

    13. On the other hand, Gāndhi would analyze each and every experience, see whether it was true to his basic principles of truth, non-violence, universal love, etc

    14. this time, based on some basic principles and the limited range of our scanners, but I think —‖

    15. A handful of the most basic principles govern the motions of everything

    16. The basic principles of weight training are essentially identical to those of strength training, and involve a manipulation of the number of repetitions (reps), sets, tempo, exercise types and weight moved to cause desired increases in strength, endurance, size or shape

    17. In addition to the basic principles of strength training, a further consideration added by weight training is the equipment used

    18. Books and the internet come chock-full of kid-friendly science experiments that illustrate the basic principles of numerous disciplines while simultaneously entertaining

    19. This time it wasn’t a collection of highly trained and informed leaders in their specialist field of sciences, it was a summit of the most influential international political and corporate leaders, many of whom struggled to understand the most basic principles of any science

    20. because it is the most simple and basic principle of love, but only a few people

    21. We have seen many good men enter politics and seemingly change into hardened individuals who would compromise basic principles and act in opposition to their own political promises

    22. We will outline the basic principles of the Party and following that presentation you will leave to the various seminar rooms to discuss the practical application of the principles to your own specific country

    23. The basic principles of ju-jitsu involved the use of such energies and he quickly saw the usefulness of these theories in everything from inter-personal relationships to boardroom management

    24. There are other specific types that may be accomplished but all work on the same basic principles

    25. Basic principles of motivation exist that are applicable to

    26. This is a basic principle

    27. But just applying a few basic principles as outlined in this ebook will keep you on the right

    28. If you're a sole-contractor the basic principles with costing and timing are much the same, so

    29. that it may work by one or more of the following basic principles:

    30. This appeared to pose insurmountable problems for some priest-lecturers in his faculty: the basic principles of the Christian ethic was founded on the conception of goodwill to others; ‘love thy neighbour as thyself

    31. Mindfulness is one basic principle of Buddhist practice, especially during meditation

    32. “She was able to provide us with the basic principles, but claimed to lack the

    33. Therefore the basic principle of magic is patience

    34. Basic principles of Tengriism offer brilliant philosophical conclusions that can

    35. Here is what He has to say about this basic principle:

    36. This basic principle also will apply to your family and social life

    37. communication reflects the basic principles on which communication is built

    38. After all, you simply followed the basic principles of how to please the Search Engines

    39. Thought ordinarily leads outwardly in evolutionary directions, but it can be turned within where it will take hold of the basic principles of things — the heart of things, the spirit of things

    40. In many regards, the basic principles of Knowledge Management go against human nature, in that employees, as well as managers, are naturally reluctant to give up their hard-won advantages

    41. The basic principle is that colors paler than the skin bring features forward, while darker colors make them recede

    42. This is the basic principle on which the Law of Attraction operates

    43. This is, in fact, the basic principle of the Laws of Attraction

    44. Laws of Attraction work on this basic principle of attracting similar vibrations

    45. One of his basic principles was

    46. We recall that before Faith arrived, we were reminded, “not to harm” our brother through the basic principles of the Law

    47. become strong enough while the most basic principle indicates that an increasing radius leads to a

    48. to recognise the most basic principle of mathematics, the principle of relevancies or ratios

    49. As in the case of Newton, Einstein as an ego driven maniac that saw his abilities fit to measure and master the Universe while his mind was to simple to recognise the most basic principle of mathematics, the principle of relevancies or ratios

    50. This remark I make is in response to physics academics not understanding something as elementary as the “sound barrier” which I prove is the most basic principle of gravity but they are forever telling me I am too stupid to “understand Newton” and therefore because of my lack in intellect I question “the validity of

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