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Belatedly in a sentence

1. No offense, she added belatedly.
2. Realising belatedly what it was that.
3. This was amazing fish, I realize belatedly.
4. The sentry said belatedly: Who goes there?
5. Belatedly he remembers discarding them decades ago.
6. Fortunately – albeit somewhat belatedly – the.
7. Belatedly, I realize he’s still wearing his jeans.

8. A bit belatedly, she realized but it was instinctive.
9. Belatedly apprehending the danger, he turned to flee.
10. I belatedly realize that my behind is no longer sore.
11. It probably worked both ways, he realized rather belatedly.
12. The other man’s eyes swivelled back and forth, belatedly.
13. Belatedly, he realised that he was experiencing that phenomenon.
14. If he could find out what it was, he might, belatedly, reach her.
15. West Ham are belatedly fighting-off relegation from the Premiership.
16. Looking around her small room, she belatedly saw the wall clock hooked.
17. Belatedly, she thought it odd he had risked giving the order in front of her.
18. He glared at me for a long moment and then something occurred to him belatedly.
19. After Rachel Carlson’s book was belatedly found to be scientifically accurate.
20. Belatedly, I process the comments that were being made while my world was unraveling.
21. Carolyn, who by now had belatedly learned who Ingrid really was, nodded her head once.
22. What was your mum saying about the college thing? that occurred to me belatedly.
23. We are now engaged in belatedly trying to stuff the nuclear genie back into its bottle.
24. Amy belatedly remembers it’s not nice to use words people probably don’t understand.
25. I turned away and moved to the door, thinking belatedly that I should have said thank you.
26. I asked then, a bit belatedly, Ummm, would there be anyone else there that I may need.
27. Peteru, belatedly realising he might have aroused suspicion, became suddenly enthusiastic.
28. She left the suitcase on the veranda as she belatedly realized that she had little to pack.
29. I was warm and realized belatedly that I knew where Jasra’s red cloak was – on my shoulders.
30. She requested the tea she had promised herself and then belatedly added some cinnamon roast and jam.
31. What do you want us to do, Eldest Brother? asked Rob, belatedly remembering his role as mediator.
32. I doubted it, and it occurred to me belatedly that I should be offended that he had chosen the food for me.
33. Then came the news that both China and Japan had officially, and also belatedly, declared war on each other.
34. Had Uncle Peter belatedly realized that it held evidence that would prove that he had murdered our parents?
35. She then remembered that she was only wearing panties and belatedly covered her budding breasts with her hands.
36. Before he could help himself, a small scream squeaked out from his lips, his hand belatedly cutting off the sound.
37. A few seconds later a flash of light enveloped them as the first ComSec officers belatedly entered the hangar at a run.
38. She belatedly realized that she had locked all the downstairs’ doors, but by mistake left the kitchen door unlocked.
39. Under Maken’s watch, the Congress belatedly attempted a similar media plan, only their cupboard appeared bare in contrast.
40. She belatedly realized that she had had a good chance of escaping from her captor in the woods by simply running away from him.
41. Once Simon had programmed an autopath and we glided out of the parking lot, I belatedly asked, Where’s the Clan meeting?
42. Except Odysseus returns to belatedly, just barely; save his wife from suffering the same fate which had been meted out to Helen of Troy.
43. Four airport security officers coming at a dead run then belatedly stopped them from coming closer than twenty meters from the space plane.
44. She belatedly realized, on seeing the confused look on the pirate’s face, that her hostility towards Nancy had just made her make a big mistake.
45. He belatedly realizes that he’s still standing in the doorway; without taking his eyes off me, he reaches back, pulls the door closed and locks it.
46. Perhaps, Feltus concluded, he was merely belatedly mourning the loss of his wife and coming to terms with his own actions that had taken her from him.
47. It was in a hazy and bemused daze that she belatedly noticed she was sitting on the bench alone, while he was standing up, with his back slightly to her.
48. Only for the federal government later to belatedly admit after her death; that the book was not a scam, and what she had published was completely accurate.
49. After adopting three children, the infertile member(s) belatedly regained his and/or her fecundity, and they had two natural children within a short span of time.
50. Belatedly, I send a thought skimming across the waves to the woman I never really knew … she’d have been about the same age that I am now … that thought stuns me.
51. In a moment of champagne-induced weakness, he had called Felicia’s on the phone at Christmastime of 1962, planning to apologize to Regan, belatedly, for having stolen her car.
52. Belatedly wishing that he had stayed with Brightness in the safety of her sett instead of chasing his wild dreams, the young badger felt himself plummet into the depths of a deep despondency.
53. The two remaining Mossad agents then belatedly realized that there was still an active shooter around them and started frantically looking around them at the parked cars and the shops lining the street.
54. A trouble shared might be a trouble halved, but unfortunately that seemed to apply to pleasure too! Belatedly, she realised Irma had been far too personally involved with these two, so could never be trusted.
55. They both had realized, belatedly, that their drawn-out love affair, which they had imagined to be a private drama, had been entertaining the citizens of Kingsbridge for years, and everyone wanted to celebrate its happy ending.
56. How deep was this thing’s scheme that it extended to master Olom? Why did he ask him such irrelevant questions at this hour? Was he belatedly or mockingly trying to befriend him? He chose silence over expressing his ire frivolously.
57. Belatedly he realized that he could have asked the bartender if he could recharge his cell phone at the pub, but knew that to go back would most probably be unwise as the pub attendant would tell him to use the pay-phone, and for him to refuse would create unnecessary suspicion.
58. Only now was the high command starting to transfer squadrons of jet fighters to the captured airfield near Stavanger, realizing belatedly that fighters based in England did not have enough range to be able to provide adequate air cover to the British and Canadian troops now in Norway.
59. Yet in Europe, natural, everyday earth has been re-introduced into children’s playgrounds because Science has belatedly found out that exposure to the natural microbes in earth is crucial in strengthening the immune systems of growing children: thus preventing them from developing countless allergies and medical problems later on in life.
60. The fucking POINT is… when you put the words together: Princep’s statement seems to express the muddled illogical thinking of an ignorant young boy who had swallowed a certain political dogma, and was merely repeating what he had been taught… and was belatedly professing his naïve innocence of the realization of the consequences of his own actions.
61. Won’t it then turn out into a regimen of seeing a bloated Roopa belatedly? Then, with nothing left to inspire possession, and having gained to make it difficult, won’t she leave me pondering over her past contours in her rotund presence? Well, holding her child in my lap, won’t I be left wondering as to what it would have been like had I possessed her before? Wouldn’t the hoped-for possession on a grand scale passion end up a damp squib in a platonic fashion? It would for sure and sadly at that.

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