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  1. The unexpected questions seemed to bewilder her.
  2. In fact, it will come upon them suddenly, and bewilder them.
  3. Dwarves, a dwarf's head will be less easy to bewilder than Elves or Men or.
  4. Before they start to bewilder you with breathtaking calculations, call their.
  5. They bewilder you with equations that put the fear of God into you; used simply.

  6. A bewilder look comes over the natives faces, but his announcement is received and welcomed.
  7. There were whole different ethnic groups over there like Megnors and Enurates instead of Elves and Trolls and a pantheon of Gods that would bewilder a Hindu.
  8. Evil has acquired a quasi-mythical character whose ―primitive‖ notions are considered unworthy of any ―right thinking,‖ ―enlightened‖ individual whose flagging (moral) perceptions no longer seem to bewilder the imagination.
  1. It must be bewildering to them.
  2. It was bewildering and petrifying.
  3. It was exhilarating, but bewildering.
  4. There was a bewildering variety of them.
  5. But what Demery and Hayes saw was bewildering.
  6. His heart leaped at her bewildering sweetness.
  7. Back then Twitter was a bewildering world of a.
  8. She became, herself, a blur of bewildering motion.
  9. But I do admit that being a vegetarian is bewildering.
  10. But how in the world The difficulties were bewildering.
  11. I had never seen such a bewildering sight in my entire life.
  12. Ach, Stepan Trofimovitch, it's bewildering enough without you.
  13. You see things as so bewildering and confusing, how is a wise.
  14. He talked aroma, osmazome, juices, and gelatine in a bewildering manner.
  15. Penrose was in a state of shock after the bewildering conversation with.
  16. All the blood rushed to my head, bewildering me and overpowering my fears.
  17. It was bewildering: he sensed that she still loved him, but she was adamant.
  18. The day’s heat had come like a breath of fever, heavy and dully bewildering.
  19. The realization that the memory of her would haunt me forever was bewildering.
  20. It looked like blackcurrant juice, but how it got up that high was bewildering.
  21. The whole place was a bewildering mix of strawberries and stylised rustic en-vogue.
  22. He had then moved on to Europe, where he was currently blazing a bewildering trail.
  23. The lips that could form smiles of bewildering sweetness; that taught me how to kiss.
  24. Market movements can create a bewildering number of patterns and variations of patterns.
  25. Unfortunately, I usually found his proofs bewildering and could almost never follow them.
  26. The array of rounded shoulders and shallow declivities was bewildering and apparently endless.
  27. He draws himself into a train car as it passes with bewildering ease and pulls me in after him.
  28. The author remarks of his visit to the Opera House that it was almost as bewildering as it was agreeable.
  29. As to the main incident, it was a bewildering surprise to the audience, but not, I need hardly say, to us.
  30. Firstly, it moulded exactly to his shape; its HUD overlay was giving him a bewildering array of information.
  31. The information and research in this book is inspirational, revealing and also bewildering, to say the least.
  32. There was a bewildering array of divisions, subsidiaries, regional departments, franchises and foreign branches.
  33. I find it bewildering that theologists say that we should speak the truth but, in practice, we are expected to lie.
  34. Stifling a curse Joel realized he needed to take action to rectify the bewildering turn their conversation had taken.
  35. Then the Baroness poured forth an endless and bewildering list with all the gusto and interest of health and leisure.
  36. She ordered the house white, finally smiling, shaking her head at Hudson—as if he was a little hopeless, bewildering certainly.
  37. Most people’s first encounter with mutual funds is through their 401(k), where they choose from a bewildering array of options.
  38. Luis found my explanation of the Hanjen calendar bewildering and suggested that we should switch to his Christian calendar instead.
  39. That any son of Adam could see her bewildering self and then give roses to Elvira was preposterous—besides, the mills would follow.
  40. Joey found himself staring at her breasts for a moment, but soon he was captivated by the sheer intensity of her bewildering bright eyes.
  41. The sheer number of Unix variants can be bewildering to anyone trying to find the appropriate operating system for a particular application.
  42. Today’s China is, in Roger’s view, a gigantic and unforgettable country of bewildering vastness, dazzling antiquity and bursting prosperity.
  43. A confrontation with superspace would not only be bewildering; it can drive a person, who expects nothing but classical physical behavior, insane.
  44. Every other culture had a cyclical vision of life in which nothing ever changed and in which there were a bewildering number of animal and anthropomorphic.
  45. The entry into it is utterly bewildering, and it brings as its first sensation an intense vividness of life, surprising even to him who is familiar with the.
  46. There was a distinct feeling in some quarters that the President was not being as open as he might have been about some aspects of this bewildering chain of events.
  47. There was also a bewildering number of pens and flapping paper and other sorts of writing material being thrust towards them, from the band’s autograph seeking fans.
  48. She had lived such a life of imaginings that she was quite equal to accepting any wonderful thing that happened, and almost to cease, in a short time, to find it bewildering.
  49. Carius moved closer to her on the ground, eager to make sense of all that had been happening, all that he had seen and heard in some very bewildering and horrifying recent days.
  50. Unlike a trader in equities or futures, whose choices are limited to a small number of instruments, an option trader must often deal with a bewildering assortment of contracts.
  51. There were half a dozen destroyers, two P I ships and a bewildering array of unarmed random scout and lightly armed pirate ships she did not know about in orbit around the planet.
  52. There is a bewildering and mind boggling choice and availability of a kaleidoscope of information, fiction, non-fiction, entertainment, games and social networking to amuse and interest us.
  53. There was a bewildering array of hand pumps on the bar, and on the advice of the young man behind the bar, I chose a pint of Hobson’s beer for myself, and ordered a glass of white wine for Lindsay.
  54. In the second type of bankruptcy, cash and securities can consist of a bewildering array of paper: senior debt, senior subordinated debt, mezzanine debt, junior debt, preferred stock, and equity.
  55. Rhett loved her! At least, he said he loved her and how could she doubt it now? How odd and bewildering and how incredible that he loved her, this savage stranger with whom she had lived in such coolness.
  56. The investor who wants to make an intelligent commitment in fund shares has thus a large and somewhat bewildering variety of choices before him—not too different from those offered in direct investment.
  57. It was so emphatically a fallen sport--a something, once innocent, delivered over to all devilry--a healthy pastime changed into a means of angering the blood, bewildering the senses, and steeling the heart.
  58. This removes the notion of arbitrary results of capricious and totally unpredictable fate – or of living in a Kafkaesque world where life occurrences and situations are totally bewildering, bizarre, or illogical.
  59. The post-modernist belief in the relativism of truth, coupled to the clicker culture of the mass media where attention spans are nonexistent, leaves us with bewildering claims packaged in convenient shiny infotainment units.
  60. The enterprise at first seemed like some amazing pipe-dream, from which there must be a rude awakening, but the opening of the Hippodrome was such a bewildering success, and so unanimously acclaimed, that the croakers were silenced.
  61. Probably there is no other scenery quite like it in the world, rolling, craggy hills, strewn with loose rocks and covered with scrubby trees in a bewildering variety of shades of green, now and then animals crossing the road in search of food, or.
  62. We set off down the river around the north side of an island in the middle of the river and through a bewildering maze of channels among the mudflats finally emerging near an island south of the large island west of my peninsula, late in the afternoon.
  63. He realised that the first thing he had to do was to convince the Americans that they could beat the Depression, so he crammed his first hundred days in office with a bewildering stream of announcements of new initiatives and programmes and agencies: At long last things were happening.
  64. In the calmness of her own dressing-room, in the impartial flow of her own meditations, unbiassed by his bewildering statements, she could not acknowledge any necessity for Fanny's ever going near a father and mother who had done without her so long, while she was so useful to herself.
  65. In the calmness of her own dressing-room, in the impartial flow of her own meditations, unbiassed by his bewildering statements, she could not acknowledge any necessity for Fanny’s ever going near a father and mother who had done without her so long, while she was so useful to herself.
  66. In the last desperate few hundred meters of the race, in the searing pain and bewildering noise of that final furious sprint, there had come a singular moment when Joe realized with startling clarity that there was nothing more he could do to win the race, beyond what he was already doing.
  67. There was quite a bewildering succession of drives, dances, picnics and boating parties, all expressively lumped together by Phil under the head of "jamborees"; Alec and Alonzo were so constantly on hand that Anne wondered if they ever did anything but dance attendance on that will-o'-the-wisp of a Phil.
  68. After that there was a bewildering succession of dim courts and shadowy alleys and winding corridors, all traversed in utter silence, until at last they emerged into a broad lighted chamber, the location of which Conan could not even guess, for their devious route had confused even his primitive sense of direction.
  69. But this subject will be treated in the next book; I will only add here that before a day had passed something happened so unexpected, so strange, upsetting, and bewildering in its effect on the monks and the townspeople, that after all these years, that day of general suspense is still vividly remembered in the town.
  70. But I didn't like it because it was so full, because those streets that seemed to you so empty were bewildering to me in their tumultuous traffic,--so you see how a place is what your own eye makes it, your Jena or your London eye; and I didn't like it besides because we spent a sulphuric night and morning with relations.
  71. Is he not play-acting love to worm his way into my heart? Isn’t it strange that the emotions of love and the afflictions of lust are look-alike, bewildering women from discerning the lover from a seducer and unfortunately for them the language of love and the dialect of lust have a common alphabet causing this confusion.
  72. It was all very Melanie’s lashes and understanding in her eyes, and before them, Cathleen’s lips bewildering to Scarlett who was still trying to grasp the idea that Cathleen Calvert was going to marry an overseer—Cathleen, daughter of a rich planter, Cathleen who, next to Scarlett, had had more beaux than any girl in the County.
  73. Whatever, their plight is for the real at the bewildering development about which their political leadership too maintains its studied silence! Why not, for the despots of the Sunni-Arab heartland, who are ever wary of the growing clout of the non-Arab Shia Iran, their fidayeen are only stopping the adversary’s democratic takeover of Iraq.
  74. How can investors deal with the complexity of multiple inputs and perspectives, let alone with the even more bewildering assortment of novel investment products on offer? This book provides a map to investors, giving a bird’s eye view over a rugged terrain and occasionally zooming in to interesting locations (12 case studies), not unlike Google Earth™.
  75. As Moses was led into the wilderness, actually pushed into the wilderness, (a bewildering place, dry, plain and without the convenience of familiar life ), by the Spirit, and the Israelites with him, were in this place of refuse and dryness to bring them to a level of acceptance of the will of God, in this case the Promise Land, and what it took to get there.
  76. The river was here a fairly broad and oily stream, with rather a dangerous current; below us it surged and roared over a series of jagged limestone rocks, but higher up its course led across a plateau which extended farther than we could guess, for the mountains faded back into the far distance and reared their gaunt peaks above a bewildering sea of luxurious tropical vegetation.
  77. Why not try one of the dark honeys, brown as a nut, with the strong and heady sweetness of sunshine? Why not try one of the mild, creamy white honeys, thick and subtle flavoured? There is such a bewildering variety of honeys from all over the world that I could not possibly name them all, but perhaps the most delectable of all, though it is a matter of personal preference, are the clover honeys, smooth and mellow as butterscotch, and with an unforgettable bouquet, and the dark-toned, exotic honeys of the Caribbean.
  78. As at first with the church upon theological foundations, so also, with the philosophy of Hegel for a base, a Babel's tower was built (some who are behind the age are still sitting upon it); and here again was a confusion of tongues, men feeling that they themselves did not know of what they were talking, but were trying to conceal their ignorance and keep up their prestige before the crowd; and here again the masses found confirmation of their accepted teachings, and believed that whatever might seem to them bewildering and contradictory is as clear as day-light on philosophic altitudes.
  1. I look at him bewildered.
  2. She looked at me bewildered.
  3. She gave a bewildered shrug.
  4. Once again he was bewildered.
  5. He looked at her, bewildered.
  6. She looked at him bewildered.
  7. He was so bewildered that he.
  8. Then he backed out, bewildered.
  9. Most of them looked bewildered.
  10. He looked bewildered and asked.
  11. She got to her feet, bewildered.
  12. I am alone and I am bewildered.
  13. For a moment she was bewildered.
  14. It bewildered and depressed her.
  15. She was startled and bewildered.
  16. They were bewildered and dazzled.
  17. Why? asked a bewildered Ian.
  18. Sally asked in a bewildered voice.
  19. The surprise of it bewildered Anne.
  20. Bewildered, he went along with her.
  21. For a moment he seemed bewildered.
  22. I was bewildered and I'd lost all.
  23. It left him shaking and bewildered.
  24. Hal put on his best bewildered face.
  25. They all looked a little bewildered.
  26. Once again, I stood there bewildered.
  27. Bewildered or not, Joe Billie saw it.
  28. She looked at him, slightly bewildered.
  29. Solmund was rigid, silent, bewildered.
  30. They were stunned, bewildered, afraid.
  31. Bewildered, he brushed the tears away.
  32. Nord had a bewildered look on his face.
  33. She looked bewildered and then bemused.
  34. Ingeborg clung to Ilse's arm bewildered.
  35. They were bewildered about the source.
  36. The people gave back a bewildered roar.
  37. The lab tech shook his head, bewildered.
  38. Now he’s only stunned and bewildered.
  39. Emily turned slowly, looking bewildered.
  40. Simon said to the still bewildered guard.
  41. Bewildered, she watched the guard leave.
  42. She was terrified, bewildered, impatient.
  43. The noise assaulted them, bewildered them.
  44. Sorry, I'm just so bewildered by all this.
  45. A tour party, they looked bewildered and.
  46. Daphne truly was more bewildered than ever.
  47. Hanor nodded, bewildered by the pace of it.
  48. She was looking very upset and bewildered.
  49. Alone, isolated, bewildered and depressed.
  50. My choice bewildered my family and friends.
  51. He seemed in a state of bewildered anxiety.
  52. I was bewildered upon reaching the Cheldony.
  53. He seems as bewildered as the rest of the.
  54. She, bewildered, then chilled and shivered.
  55. Bridget was a bit bewildered on hearing this.
  56. What is that? asked a bewildered pilot.
  57. Paulette was bewildered by the change in him.
  58. Aazuria was bewildered by the whole situation.
  59. As to Cocles, he seemed completely bewildered.
  60. The gray army halted, bewildered and nervous.
  61. The details of the sport have bewildered you.
  62. He was bewildered by the progression of his.
  63. The bewildered youth gazed from one to another.
  64. Jane became bewildered, and just stared at Mr.
  65. Completely bewildered, Elowen looked up at him.
  66. It was the Curandera’s turn to act bewildered.
  67. Ira was more and more bewildered, as it can be.
  68. He was surprised at how bewildered he appeared.
  69. The rest of his group seemed just as bewildered.
  70. The man gave him a bewildered look and shrugged.
  71. Bewildered, I said, What is all this for?
  72. The Gold Lake Highway? I asked, bewildered.
  73. Then I wake up, feeling confused and bewildered.
  74. And then she stared at him with a bewildered air.
  75. He was deeply impressed but went away bewildered.
  76. Totski sat and shrugged his shoulders, bewildered.
  77. We also stood bewildered by such a turn of events.
  78. He stared at me, bewildered, then lowered his hand.
  79. No shit…? Joey said with a bewildered look.
  80. Junior came and stood bewildered to see the corpse.
  81. I was bewildered, in a cloud of wonder and horror.
  82. Bewildered, the wanderer questioned the little girl.
  83. This slight friendly gesture bewildered Raskolnikov.
  84. The contortions on the Pontiff's face bewildered him.
  85. Bewildered, she said: Why? No one answered her.
  86. Bewildered by the turn of events, Maizie looked from.
  87. Then she was just bewildered about what was going on.
  88. The bewildered ex-city councilman stood on his tippy.
  89. Her revelations had left him bewildered and wondering.
  90. Ne nodded in acknowledgement, bewildered as the boat.
  91. I was perturbed and annoyed at first, then bewildered.
  92. I am bewildered by the latent overtones implied in Mr.
  93. I was a bit bewildered while seeing those heavy stuffs.
  94. Rosemary was still looking at her, somewhat bewildered.
  95. Bewildered by what she had seen, Elowen turned to Bucca.
  96. Paul felt a bit bewildered, but grasped his hand anyway.
  97. A stark, bewildered feeling, as of death, came over me.
  98. Theodore was bewildered and asked me if I knew that man.
  99. The men sat there bewildered by what the mayor told them.
  100. The young man looked at her with a bewildered expression.
  1. Although the exact nature of the novel technology bewilders me, I believe it will nonetheless launch a new phase in human history.
  2. What will she do? The surprise bewilders me---it will put her out of her head! And you are Heathcliff! But altered! Nay, there's no comprehending it.

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