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  1. I bide you.
  2. We dare not bide here.
  3. But he would bide his time.
  4. He deemed it wise to bide his.
  5. Daddy cannot bide me, because.

  6. All I have to do is bide my time.
  7. Daddy cannot bide me, because I swear at him.
  8. They’d bide their time and wait until I was out.
  9. She would bide her time, but she would have her day.
  10. As to marrying, he might bide a while, Peter Ignátitch.
  11. The corporate world was happy, so Nixon could bide his time.
  12. He was furious at the papa’s duplicity, but decided to bide his time.
  13. Nay, bide with Love in the flower of dawn, only the dawn with me!.
  14. He had already decided that he was going to bide his time and hide out in.
  15. He would bide his time, watching and one-by-one assemble irrefutable facts.

  16. She had to bide her time and at least give herself a chance to live and escape.
  17. He'll bide to get a little practice in the calving out at the straw-yard, for certain.
  18. Could you bide a moment? Bezedil asked, and when they paused he shared a quick thought with Dalia.
  19. No, ma'am--the horses were just coming out, but I could not bide any longer; I was afraid of being late.
  20. Medraut too was away with his own troop, so we were down on numbers and would have to wait and bide our time.
  21. No, ma’am—the horses were just coming out, but I could not bide any longer; I was afraid of being late.
  22. She had no choice other than to return to the ship, and bide her time until her next opportunity came to escape.
  23. Her mind can no more be heaved from that one place where it do bide than a stooded waggon from the hole he's in.
  24. He knows how to bide his time and change with changing ways and when all this Reconstruction misery is over, you’re.
  25. As you bide your time and continue to compare different strategy alternatives, you can always have your money invested in Treasury Bills.

  26. Indeed it was: I had as good a right to die when my time came as he had: but I should bide that time, and not be hurried away in a suttee.
  27. He was a thinker and a planner, he would bide his time to get what he wanted and he would do it in a way to cause the most injury and damage.
  28. People with new ideas, opposed to the conventionality of the old ones, expect naturally to bide their time before the public unhesitatingly accepts them.
  29. However, the militarists had to bide their time and timing for a military build-up until public sentiment changed regarding the deployment of nuclear weapons.
  30. I shall take my time, I shall tarry and bide, till at last the right one lies waiting for me, warped out into midstream, loaded low, her bowsprit pointing down harbour.
  31. I would have to bide my time and ask questions later in order to figure out the puzzle of why a nation such as Crona was at war, when it was not in their heart to be so.
  32. And after the towns were built and named, the graveyards were built and named, too: Green Hill, Moss Town, Boot Hill, Bide a Wee; and the first dead went into their graves.
  33. For once having learned for sure that I can always get one hundred and fifty roubles, why should I go so far when I can get fifteen hundred roubles, if I only bide my time.
  34. However, the word of caution from Nikko and the promise to learn something more that could counter the Drong’s huge superiority in numbers convinced him to bide his time.
  35. As a man in a village of many old people, there was nothing your father could do against their irrepressible intimidation except collect pieces of evidence and bide his time.
  36. There were times when David could have killed Saul, could have ascended the throne of Israel with a bloody hand but he chose rather to bide his time and wait on the Lord to accomplish the task.
  37. What if he never found Cecy? What if the plain winds had borne her all the way to Elgin? Wasn't that where she dearly loved to bide her time, in the asylum for the insane, touching their minds, holding and turning their confetti thoughts?
  38. What if he never found Cecy? What if the plain winds had borne her all the way to Elgin? Wasn’t that where she dearly loved to bide her time, in the asylum for the insane, touching their minds, holding and turning their confetti thoughts?
  39. And as she crossed the hall to the library door being held open for her by Soames, with Edward following her in silence on his way out--she had marched out of the office without a word or look, and he, feeling he had done very well so far, was quite content to bide his time,--she wondered whether perhaps he wouldn't be better than loneliness.
  40. Truly, we are deep thinkers, we are ambitious spirits! As I stand over the insect crawling amid the pine needles on the forest floor, and endeavoring to conceal itself from my sight, and ask myself why it will cherish those humble thoughts, and bide its head from me who might, perhaps, be its benefactor, and impart to its race some cheering information, I am reminded of the greater Benefactor and Intelligence that stands over me the human insect.
  41. But m y own e xpe rie nce ha s give n m e the conviction tha t, quite a pa rt from a ny such te rrors or im a ginings, the re ligious se ntim e nt te nds to de ve lop a s we grow olde r; to de ve lop be ca use , a s the pa ssions grow ca lm , a s the fa ncy a nd se nsibilitie s a re le ss e xcite d a nd le ss e xcita ble , our re a son be com e s le ss trouble d in its working, le ss obscure d by the im a ge s, de sire s a nd distra ctions, in which it use d to be a bsorbe d; whe re upon God e m e rge s a s from be hind a cloud; our soul fe e ls, se e s, turns towa rds the source of a ll light; turns na tura lly a nd ine vita bly; for now tha t a ll tha t ga ve to the world of se nsa tions its life a nd cha rm s ha s be gun to le a k a wa y from us, now tha t phe nom e na l e xiste nce is no m ore bolste re d up by im pre ssions from within or from without, we fe e l the ne e d to le a n on som e thing tha t a bide s, som e thing tha t will ne ve r pla y us fa lse –a re a lity, a n a bsolute a nd e ve rla sting truth.
  42. It is axiomatic that every individual who properly enjoys life, gives (reflective) pause to all that is meaningful and of certain value; held motionless by uncertain forms that have yet to take shape however aroused by such notions that (necessarily) compel he or she to probe deeper into their essential nature notwithstanding how they (may) oftentimes exceed the capacious limits of that individual‘s (private) understanding that nevertheless continues to intrigue inquiring minds cognizant of intuitive impressions part real / part imaginary yet real in the real sense of being One in All; (however separated) whose underlying presence, however, conveys a (higher) spiritual or moral standing…that the young, conditioned by the expectancies of youth united with the old seeking redemption for unfulfilled promises or missed opportunities; each converging toward the same starting/ending point, the one embarking on life and the other approaching its end, in some manner, however, occasioning a (new) beginning, a jubilee, an extension of life which becomes younger (while growing older), brought together, youth/age, childlike in all its manly/womanly innocence while the middle years patiently bide their appointed time.

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