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Blackbeard in a sentence | blackbeard example sentences

  1. Another story, perhaps partly legendary, is the tale that surrounds the famous pirate Blackbeard.
  2. He’d taken, as I’ve said, to wearing Matches ’neath his Hat like Blackbeard, and to wearing his Hair in a most outrageous Bush.
  3. I’d be careful, Lads, says Bonny, ’twas not far from there that Blackbeard himself was fell’d in the shallow Shoals of Ocacock Inlet….
  4. Like legendary Blackbeard, he’d taken to putting lighted Matches ’neath his Hat, which glow’d along their Fuses and made him look the Compleat Vision of a Fiend from Hell.
  5. Ye must take the Cassandra afore she sails into Charlestown Harbour, fer tho’ Blackbeard dar’d blockade the Town seven Year ago—an’ with what fatal Consequence ye know—I’d scarce commend the same to ye!.

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