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    block off

    1. The original house had been augmented by a stable block off to

    2. “How the teeth and the claws and the antlers of the beasts ran red with the blood of traitors, how the trees sent their roots and branches to block off the roads, how the wind beat on the gates of the city? Do you no more tell how the River-Daughter and the Sea-Father swamped the ships of the enemy?”

    3. “Well, they could, but then they’d have to block off your shirt

    4. It is to block off the thinking mind from thought

    5. It was a modern apartment block off Sherbrooke and close to McGill University

    6. His size threatened to block off the path completely

    7. stories about her past, to block off the painful memories

    8. deadies to block off party of the cave

    9. could block off channels with stones to stop fish escaping

    10. completely block off these emotions I think is in the end destructive

    11. “Bruises, my bunions! The bloody ox ‘bout knocked me block off

    12. "That ten-dollar gold piece belongs to the first man among you that can lift the wood block off the top of the milk can using only his hands," Olin declared

    13. Estimating that enough time had passed to allow the steam vapor to increase the pressure within the can, Olin reached out his arm and with his thumb and first finger alone lifted the wooden block off the top of it

    14. That, however, exists no more, and it is with sad reality and conclusion that Mary begins to understand that she must block off any and all sympathy she has for this place, if only to better serve herself

    15. He chose a vein cut off from tourist’s tunnel that they could block off inconspicuously, and use as an escape route to exit and mingle with the tourists and guides

    16. They manoeuvred the Mercedes across the road to block off any escape route and waited

    17. “Maybe we could build something to block off that corridor

    18. Frederick leads them into a five-story town house one block off a pretty avenue called the Knesebeckstrasse

    19. A block off they know nothing of all this

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