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Bodiless in a sentence

1. Come nearer bodiless one, haply in thee resounds.
2. The thief was not asking that an immaterial, bodiless.
3. If the spiritual BODY were an immaterial bodiless soul that we.
4. Airavata blustered in agony while that bodiless Raksha gorged on tender innards.
5. Ezekiel is talking about nations that have gone out of existence, not bodiless souls.
6. A bodiless soul that we are told leaves the body at death, but is not dead is not resurrected from the dead.
7. Virgin, the much lauded and most glorified, the mediations of the bodiless servants of God, the holy angels, the.

8. It is the person’s changed body that is resurrected imperishable in the image of Christ, not Plato’s bodiless soul.
9. Knowing full well that the entities would have to undergo massive changes, bodiless, they couldn't exist in our gravity.
10. Although what they were seeing was not invisible, he used it to prove a person has an invisible bodiless something in them.
11. If the spiritual BODY were an immaterial bodiless soul that we already have it would make all that Paul said above be total nonsense.
12. Venn started running after his whooping war-chief, then tripped over the headless body and fell onto the snow, landing by the bodiless head.
13. Would now the wind but had a body; but all the things that most exasperate and outrage mortal man, all these things are bodiless, but only bodiless as objects, not as agents.
14. The poor lady sang Killarney in a bodiless gasping voice, with all the old-fashioned mannerisms of intonation and pronunciation which she believed lent elegance to her singing.
15. After the judgment God will personally do the tormenting of all the souls of the lost for eternity, and Satan and his angels and all the bodiless souls will be tormented together.
16. He saw nothing; yet he sensed, somehow, an invisible, bodiless thing that hovered in the air, dripping slimily and mouthing obscenities that he could not hear but was in some instinctive way aware of.
17. Death and only death is the wages of sin; there is no passage in the Bible that says a bodiless soul will be in “Hell” for a short time any more than there is one that says anyone will be in a “Hell” that has no end.
18. Most who believe a person has an immortal soul do not believe a bodiless soul that has not flesh and bone can be seen, never the less they will use this to prove these men were seeing a soul that has no substance, a bodiless soul that they say cannot be seen.
19. One for the body to "sleep" in from death unto the resurrection, and one for the bodiless soul (or the living dead) to "live" in from death unto the resurrection; and then a third place must be added for the lost souls to be tormented in forever after the Judgment Day.
20. That the body that is put in the ground is not the body that will be resurrected is illustrated by giving an example of planting a seed; the body that comes forth is nothing like and is far greater than what was put into the ground, but it is a body, not a bodiless thin air nothing.
21. She was thin in those days, flat-chested, leggy; she seemed all limbs and neck, bodiless, spidery; thus far she conformed to the fashion, but the hair-cut and the hats of the period, and the blank stare and gape of the period, and the clownish dabs of rouge high on the cheekbones, could not reduce her to type.
22. Johnson, and many others who teach this view; but lately it seems to be dying out in the church, and is being replaced by going immediately to Heaven or Hell at death without the Resurrection or Judgment, particularly at funerals where preachers often say the bodiless soul that were in the dead person is now in Heaven.
23. Now since the scriptures make appear an immediate entrance at death into the presence of the Lord, and still hold us off till the consummation of all things, and as they declare the wicked angels and unjust are reserved to that day, it is a double argument that the intermediate state of bodiless spirits is a gigantic myth.
24. It seems that these disciples were familiar with the pagan teach that was taught all around Israel at that time, and thought that they were seeing such a spirit; Christ simply pointed out to them that His having flesh and bones was completely inconsistent with the pagan concept of an immaterial bodiless soul they thought they were seeing.
25. Does death mean the end of life, or does death mean the beginning of eternal life? Death, the last enemy will be abolished (1 Corinthians 15:26); Universalist makes the abolishment of death be a resurrection to eternal life of souls or spirit that they say are not dead, a resurrection of all the deathless, bodiless souls or spirits of all the lost that are now the enemies of Christ.
26. Both bohr and ghath are a pit, dungeon or well, a real place on this earth that the living can go down into and come up out of as Joseph when he was cast into a pit; David was asking God not to let him die or be killed, and go down to the pit; they are not a place where bodiless souls are put; they are not a subterranean chamber someplace under ground where all immaterial, bodiless, living, but totally unconscious and unaware of anything souls are kept together, not God’s warehouse where He keeps both the unconscious souls of the saved and the unconscious souls of the lost together unto the resurrection; or not a chamber that has two sides, one side for the conscious souls of the saved, and one side for the conscious souls of the lost that are in torment.

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