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Bun in a sentence | bun example sentences

  1. Hair in a bun and.
  2. The bug sat on the bun.
  3. Bun hit her head first.
  4. As soon as the bun was.
  5. Yeah, I’m all right, Bun.

  6. And take a piece of that bun.
  7. You could have toasted my bun.
  8. She pinned her hair up into a bun.
  9. He chewed his bun as if he hated it.
  10. Same kind of hair, apart from the bun.
  11. Her hair was tied tightly in a severe bun.
  12. Sara found some comfort in her remaining bun.
  13. He was halfway through munching on a bread bun.
  14. Her eyes were red and her hair was in a messy bun.
  15. Bridget's hair was sandy blond and done up in a bun.

  16. I saw that a few hairs had slipped free of her bun.
  17. Ah, said the lady with her grey hair in a bun.
  18. Serve on a bun with pea shoots and teriyaki mustard.
  19. Friday was baking day, and there was usually a hot bun.
  20. I run my fingers through my hair and smooth it into a bun.
  21. She had sleek black hair pulled back in an unforgiving bun.
  22. Saffron bun and milk and soda lunch in the educational dairy.
  23. I sat down and she put it on me; the veil came behind my bun.
  24. She was wearing a plain work apron, her hair tied up in a bun.
  25. LeClaire was an elder woman, hair in a bun, tighter than a drum.

  26. Bun ran around in little circles of the cage purposely banging.
  27. Often the red mess would be in a bun to bring out her dark eyes.
  28. She turned my hair into a complicated bun with braids around it.
  29. She had pale skin and blonde rogue curls falling from a high bun.
  30. How had he managed to get a toasted bun? Hers was cold and doughy.
  31. She also wore her extremely long hair wrapped up tightly into a bun.
  32. The nurse drew a hairpin from the bun, then used it to stab the doll.
  33. Long as it ain’t a bun, he joked, trying to lighten her mood.
  34. He watched William rip off pieces of hot-dog bun to toss to a pigeon.
  35. Consider the phrase a bun in the oven to indicate a pregnancy.
  36. She was a pretty Asian woman with red highlighted hair tied in a bun.
  37. Slender, her hair in a tight bun, she was a fixture of quiet authority.
  38. She soon returned with his burger, the bun hot and crispy from the grill.
  39. She burned her hand on the steamer rack and tossed his dog into the bun.
  40. Someone began to tug her hair into a bun, while another placed a coiled.
  41. She had dark brown hair that was tied in a neat bun and large brown eyes.
  42. Her dirty-blond hair is teased up in some kind of bun on top of her head.
  43. Alex was wearing her hair up in a messy bun and wore a sequin black dress.
  44. Mechanically, she throws another dog on a bun, adds the mustard and relish.
  45. Her white hair is lifted up in a bun that is crowned with pale pink flowers.
  46. Even with her grey hair tossed up in a bun, she exuded a youthfulness that.
  47. His lower lip, which had always been thick, hung down now, looking like a bun.
  48. She wore her hair in one old-fashioned bun, and let her glasses tilt at her nose.
  49. Also very popular hot or cold in a bun, to bring with you for a picnic, or as part.
  50. The child had a bun in each hand and had stopped in the middle of a bite to watch her.
  51. She thought as she undid the scarf that was used to keep her hair neatly tied in a bun.
  52. Black hair in a neat bun at the back of her neck, she had a sweet smile and good teeth.
  53. She was plump and pretty, her flaxen hair tied into a loose bun at the back of her head.
  54. She ignored him and finished braiding it, then tied it into a bun at the base of her neck.
  55. Today, she was wearing her skinny red jacket and skirt, with her hair pulled back in a bun.
  56. If she were given a roll or bun in the market, she would hand it to the first child she met.
  57. She put her long hair into a messy bun and walked over to her desk, opening a dark wooden box.
  58. When Rave put his burger down to eat some fries, Leesa thought she saw char marks on the bun.
  59. The Queen wore a serious dress, her dark brilliant hair in an elegant bun, her eyes looked up.
  60. She got hungry and found a frozen raisin bun in the freezer and zapped it in the microwave oven.
  61. She had steel-gray hair in a bun, and she was dressed with last-century, old-country formality.
  62. She was tall for an elf, over five and a half feet, with gray hair in a bun and warm brown eyes.
  63. A bird flew into her head, undoing the tight bun for what must have been the first time in years.
  64. Obviously not happy about it, Kyrin stood up and then began pulling her hair out of its braided bun.
  65. She wore her dirty blonde hair up in a messy bun, and a thin layer of makeup concealed her true self.
  66. I bundled a few handfuls up into something resembling a bun and draped the rest over my right shoulder.
  67. She was tall for an elf at a hundred and seventy centimeters, with gray hair in a bun and warm brown eyes.
  68. You’re not going anywhere, said the dark-haired witch with the bun, her wand raised threateningly.
  69. Though she was all of five feet, two inches, if you counted her bun, she was much tougher than my father.
  70. At my other elbow, in the seat next to the aisle, was a man with a long white beard and his hair in a bun.
  71. He puts half the bun on top of the meat, paints the other half with melted butter, with thin pickle relish.
  72. There was a black-haired nycarman woman sitting by herself, wearing military gear and her hair tied in a bun.
  73. Paul had only been in an eating-house once or twice in his life, and then only to have a cup of tea and a bun.
  74. She smiled a gap toothed smile at him as she lit an unfiltered cigarette and blew smoke all over his iced bun.
  75. My dear young lady, you say that in the same voice you might use to tell me your uncle had gone to buy a bun.
  76. Her white hair was in a bun and she wore the long traditional Navaho skirt, which gave the room its only color.
  77. She turned out to be stylish, maybe twenty-seven, with shoulder-length, chestnut brown hair tied back in a bun.
  78. We picked up Dandelion on our return and stopped at a fast food outlet to buy him a fish burger, without the bun.
  79. Jean had her hair tied up in intricate braids and wound into a bun in a style similar to the two immortal queens.
  80. Her long sandy blond hair was pulled back in a bun and her face had the look of too many hours in a tanning booth.
  81. Have a minute? Martin said to the solidly built woman with her gray hair pulled back in a bun behind her head.
  82. One hand carried the case for her oboe while the other patted at her hair, which was pulled up into a tight little bun.
  83. She was soft-spoken, skittish, and reminded me of a librarian with her constant severely knotted bun and thick glasses.
  84. Great-Aunt Ruby lay propped up against the pillows, pale hair let down from the hard little bun she usually wore it in.
  85. She had long black hair collected in a large bun at the back of her head with long earrings hanging from her dainty ears.
  86. She was beautiful, with her slim figure dressed in a blue pantsuit and her silky black hair twisted into an elaborate bun.
  87. The stand out for him though was Claudine Gautier, a middle aged French woman with greying hair, invariably worn in a tight bun.
  88. She was wearing a red blouse today, and her hair was tied back into a severe bun, which made her broad face appear even broader.
  89. Archibald was just about to take a large bite out of his bun when she put her hand on top of his and said, I was only gonna say.
  90. Bun and she told me that you don’t have a class today, and you were not in the art exhibit either, so where have you been?
  91. Her hair had been lifted into a bun under the hat, hovering above a face pale with make-up, the cheeks rouged, the lips tinctured.
  92. Christine Herold, blonde hair in a bun, with owl rimmed dark sunglasses, and wearing a black dress with small rainbow-colored stars.
  93. There, she came upon Doonie bent over a shipping carton, a wisp of hair escaping from her bun, more white in it than there used to be.
  94. She has brown eyes, and her hair was puffed up, and combed out, not overly formal, or tied up in knots or a bun or anything like that.
  95. She had a curved forehead, which she hid by combing some of her hair in front on it—usually after tying her hair into a traditional bun.
  96. Before she could protest his lips were pressed to hers and she felt the hair-band and bobby pin that held her tightly wound bun slide away.
  97. Peter didn't have any chocolate powder so she zapped some soy milk with honey in the microwave and had that with the bun in front of the TV.
  98. Then she told him the story of the bun shop, and the fourpence she picked up out of the sloppy mud, and the child who was hungrier than herself.
  99. She had white hair tied in a bun behind her head, beautiful skin and a serenity that I suppose derived from having lived ones life to the full.
  100. She looked inside the room and saw a geckoid woman dressed in nothing but her tight, white, loose underwear and her red hair rolled up into a bun.

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