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Bunt in a sentence

He squared around to bunt.
The bunt sign was still on.
If we’re not satisfied, let us have a bunt of our own.
You won't again was his short bunt answer that wasn't helping.
Our drills continued, and then there was a walk-through of our bunt.
Again, checking with the coach, Jimmy saw that the bunt sign was still on.
Jimmy stepped up to the plate, squared to bunt the first pitch and bunted it foul.

Bryant attempted to bunt but was called out after bunting the ball foul three times.
On a psychologically damning play, Paul laid down the second bunt of the inning, exactly the same place Chance had earlier.
Coach Ryan then sent an unexpected bunt call down to the third base coach Ron Star, attempting to utilize Chance's blazing speed for a single.
Before Jimmy went up to the plate, the coach told him to bunt down the third base line because the third baseman was playing way back, protecting the line.
Chance subsequently put the fake to perfection; showing the entire time he was positioned as regular swinging hitter, until grabbing the head of the bat at the last moment, laying down a perfect bunt that rolled slowly along the third base line.

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