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Busted in a sentence

Busted his head.
If he busted her.
I busted us out.
Busted his head off.
Adriano busted his.
We’re so busted.
"So were not busted?".

Probably busted a rib.
And I busted them flat.
One had busted her, too.
Busted for the experiment.
opened the busted lock-box.
Your father busted a gut.
Too bad the band busted up.
Diondra busted out laughing.
He busted out with a huge.
Here a captive heart busted.
will have you busted for this.
Khevasiah busted out laughing.
Well, he’s all busted up.
All busted into laughter on it.
This is the biggest myth busted.
My competition just got busted.
I think my nose’s been busted.
A lot of our equipment is busted.
busted fist and laughed some more.
But busting him out was the plan.
& it bounces off the ground, busting open.
You pass out, I’m busting out my strap on.
Hearing the onset of ear busting screams over.
You and me is always busting out with opinions.
Kal had made sure that, after busting her jaw.
The bastard burned off the tonic, busting loose.
busting to use a toilet or just have a place to sit.
If you’re done busting up the place you may enter.
there are extras that can add up quickly busting your.
He threw his shoulder into the door, busting the lock.
the fool for busting my ass in a ski industry that treats.
the kid in the face several times, busting his nose and lips.
contemplated grabbing a stone and busting a window, maybe two.
But, without me busting a gut, the Professor and I got to my.
retained will be absorbed; thus, busting the myth that sperms.
they said at the same time, and started busting out laughing.
busting at the seams with work, and I could use some extra help.
Then I bounced for the top in a hurry, for I was nearly busting.
It splintered and cracked and fell inside, busting off the hinges.
Poor buggers down there never stopped busting their balls, and he.
my grandmother is "busting out" of rehab (with her doctor's permission).
Harry gave me a withering look, but I knew he was just busting my chops.
to be having a little trouble keeping from busting out into laughter too.
Now I’m gonna have every cop within ten miles busting this place down.
reminded me just why I joined up in the first place! And it was great busting.
It was Robert – through his Busting Loose from the Money Game DVD home study.
mounds almost busting out of the top of her dress, but I remembered that girls had.
Isn’t it worth busting your butt for a year or two knowing that you will have the.
Every time I hear that term I think of Michele Pfeiffer busting the 'O' and the 'T'.
He busts out laughing.
One TNI pays for a few busts.
approaching the array of busts.
watch this, and busts out laughing, lmao.
explanation of the destruction of the busts.
news as one of the biggest busts in the state.
a dormant seed awakens, busts through the rock.
Women!! he busts out to ease the tension.
May I ask whether the two busts smashed in Dr.
busts of Raymond, Kennedy and Ulysses on the wal.
The small piece of ivory had the busts of two men.
, at the very moment when these busts were being made.
We ordered three busts of that sort from Gelder and Co.
bedroom and contorted into the busts of writhing females.
The busts! You never can get those busts out of your head.
There were various smaller statues and busts here and there.
If the dealer busts, everyone who is still in the hand wins.
Mate 2nd class with several marijuana busts in his service jacket,.
For an eternity it seems he busts into uncontrollable, abysmal laughter.
Much Roman sculpture, if you except their portrait busts, illustrates this.
She busts up laughing as he goes to his car to retrieve the blanket and basket.
There remained two busts, and it was obvious that he would go for the London one first.
When finished the busts were put on a table in the passage to dry, and afterwards stored.
In their new, clean, and light study with its small busts and pictures and new furniture sat.
A total bust.
It was a bust.
Swell the bust.
Bust his han’.
kilos in the bust.
He made that bust.
They all went bust,.
It's the moon or bust,.
to his illusionary bust.
Soft hands cannot bust.
It's the West or bust,.
cops bust down the door.
specimens of the same bust.
myself, there is a bust of.
Did he bust his leg?.
has to bust his butt in the.
"Got his leg bust," he s aid.
Were you in on the bust?.
"Shit or bust then," said Max.
He was waiting to bust William.
The Rainbow Gathering was a bust.
This morning had been a bust so.
‘’You could say it was a bust.
yet, the attractions of the bust.
It is a bust and is dedicated to.
money should not cause boom- bust.
Sometimes introverts have to bust.
I hope he traded it and went bust!.
asked me to assist him with a bust.

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broken busted