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Cap in a sentence | cap example sentences

  1. Wear a cap at night.
  2. That cap is a seven.
  3. He, too, took his cap.
  4. Pooh! I know the cap.
  5. The Cap on the Stairs.

  6. Mary opens up the cap.
  7. The cap rate averaged 9.
  8. The steel cap caved in.
  10. This is a cap on revenge.
  11. He hung up his cap wearily.
  12. I think it was in the cap.
  13. It’s the small cap index.
  14. He wore a tall pointed cap.
  15. Blue jacket and yellow cap.

  16. The lady in the crimson cap.
  17. The bill of his cap banged.
  18. He pinched his oversized cap.
  19. He stood up and took his cap.
  20. The giant takes off his cap.
  21. She put on her baseball cap.
  22. The man had on a baseball cap.
  23. Baseball Cap and Floppy Hat.
  24. I took off the invisible cap.
  25. What a lovely cap and what a.

  26. Andrew unscrewed the cap and.
  27. Soneji tried to cap Shareef.
  28. The equity market cap of the U.
  29. He took off his cap and goggles.
  30. The one in the baseball cap.
  31. Thanks for the promotion Cap.
  33. What is it worth? (Market cap).
  34. I have only my cap to pin on.
  35. He held a grey cap in his hand.
  36. Exempt from the cap are goods.
  37. A ball cap covered a bald head.
  38. It’s the FTSE small Cap index.
  39. Lukashka rose and raised his cap.
  40. Her cap had fallen on her knees.
  41. She had put on her cap and cloak.
  42. The captain put on his cap to go.
  43. Can't you cap the backseater?
  44. She held up the cap of the oil.
  45. He took up his cap and went out.
  46. The man with no cap in the rain.
  47. I ran, putting on Annabeth's cap.
  48. Here! Can you take this cap.
  49. She put her fur cap on his head.
  50. Hazel nuzzled the matted fur cap.
  51. Claire pulled off the plastic cap.
  52. Here's a peg to hang your cap on.
  53. His wadded coat and cap with peak.
  54. I looked at the new cap foolishly.
  55. Book xviii of the Antiquities, cap.
  56. We also have a 17% cap on returns.
  57. He wore a lungi and a chef’s cap.
  58. The black one wore a stocking cap.
  59. Cap in hand goes through the land.
  60. It was full, so he removed the cap.
  61. A yelp, and a cap joined the dance.
  62. I'll go at once for the Golden Cap.
  63. Her cap of tulle still ever wears:.
  64. He pulled down the bill of his cap.
  65. He twisted open the cap on the top.
  66. She pulled the oil bottle cap close.
  67. He reached the top and saw the cap.
  68. I showed her the new cap in my hand.
  69. He let the cap fall to the side of.
  70. Put the cap back on and come with me.
  71. I clapped the cap on, tied the scarf.
  72. Zem put on the cap and turned to us.
  73. Her red cap was the brightest.
  74. Well yes, it was a feather in my cap.
  75. Special seals are placed on every cap.
  76. Dukovski put on his cap and drove off.
  77. They must obey the wearer of the Cap.
  78. His cap is grey without any branding.
  79. The widow's cap of those times made.
  80. I wore a baseball cap with the brim.
  81. I told her it was because of the cap.
  82. He clapped the cap on, tied the scarf.
  83. Holden Caulfield cap on backwards.
  84. Cap decides to take on warmer waters.
  85. The cap was found and brought to Teig.
  86. He put it on the back of his ball cap.
  87. When the cap was in place, Eric began.
  88. I twisted the cap to close the bottle.
  89. Cap, Sampson started to complain.
  90. They were eyeing the money in the cap.
  91. Thankfully, I always wore a cap, even.
  92. He took up his cap and went to the door.
  93. For big cap Land Securities it means 1.
  94. Werner stands with his cap in his hands.
  95. Captain Thrane stood and donned his cap.
  96. Janelle picked out a pink shirt and cap.
  97. Olsen grabbed one and unscrewed the cap.
  98. Cap stands aside allowing them to pass.
  99. Kirillov started, snatching up his cap.
  100. Is it what you call a breakfast cap?
  1. Capping Off the Day.
  2. The capping of the bottles is not so efficient in many.
  3. And capping its many other attractions, Yu-kwau had the Bay of Alexov.
  4. Ella handled this beautifully, capping the silence with another sweet question.
  5. The sun shone directly behind them, capping the mountain as it moved towards sunset.
  6. By an absolute landslide, the statute capping commercial spaces at 40,000 square feet has passed.
  7. The trader may sell a wide Strangle then to create the Iron Condor with the hope of not capping a move in either direction but reducing some cost.
  8. All Beale's drawings of this whale are good, excepting the middle figure in the picture of three whales in various attitudes, capping his second chapter.
  9. You can sell the upside call for less, but in my view it is not worth capping the profit in the trade for less than 25 percent of the original cost unless it is a very stable stock with low volatility.
  10. Light faded and the orange of the clouds capping the mountains changed to purple, then black, and floodlights suddenly colored the log yard and pier with yellowed tones; still, the tug strained against its load.
  11. Inland, along the whole northern bank of the Plata, I saw, besides modern tertiary beds, only one small patch of slightly metamorphosed rock, which alone could have formed a part of the original capping of the granitic series.
  12. My colleague Nancy Johnson, Republican from Connecticut and chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, proposed capping parity at a 1 percent rise in expenditures—although she said her experience with companies that had voluntarily adopted parity was that it never cost anything near that.
  1. A dome capped its roof.
  2. A dull headache capped her head.
  3. Brucey-Bruce got his wig capped back.
  4. We capped out at about an hour, and when.
  5. A V of horizontal chicken-wire capped the join.
  6. The trade-off is that our profits are capped at 2.
  7. In the distance was a mountain range, capped in white.
  8. The messiah capped the vial and returned it to this bag.
  9. The signing of the first treaty was capped with a feast.
  10. Note the profit for the call spread is capped out at 27.
  11. Pidge finished writing the inscription and capped the pen.
  12. As soon as he said it, he capped his hand over his mouth.
  13. If the price closes below 90 at expiry, your losses are capped.
  14. They were green capped with dense vegetation and they seemed to.
  15. He smiled at the waitress, poured milk into the cup, and capped it.
  16. Blue skies capped the hole over the cave fortress that Afu had found.
  17. Snow- capped mountains with ascending alpine forests cast long shadows.
  18. Long drifting moors capped off with the bronzed heads of mature grasses.
  19. Capped lancets with a glucose meter marked with the manufacturer's name.
  20. Angled at forty-five degrees, because it capped a staircase, presumably.
  21. Huge Corinthian columns soared above me, capped with ornate heroic carvings.
  22. Knowing he would need more fuel to cross the snow capped Alps, he turned left.
  23. To the north, Italy is capped by the east-west mountain chain called the Alps.
  24. He capped it, stuck it back in his pocket, and dropped his hands to his sides.
  25. Im going to put one in your head if you dont tell me why you capped the cop.
  26. Shadowed by snow capped mountains was a street with a few houses and a gas station.
  27. LP's recollection of the past was a photo of him looking up to snow capped mountains.
  28. Highest of all, there were white mountains, capped with snow, just like sugar loaves.
  29. White capped waves fell across the beach, moving the shingle with a semi-musical sound.
  30. He snapped a couple of awesome photos of the sunset descending behind snow capped mountains.
  31. A laugh burst from his mouth, which he capped with his palm, and he said, muffled, Continue.
  32. The Capped VIX Premium Strategy Index® (VPN®) follows the same investment method as the VPD.
  33. The root beer directions also said to keep the jug on its side and capped with a cork, if possible.
  34. This construction participates in the downside from 50 to 45 and then is capped between 45 and 40 at $5.
  35. She had small green eyes buried in a cabbage-round face, capped teeth, and little fingers like sausages.
  36. Some will have capped their loss by buying the option back in a closing transaction, or buy to close.
  37. Unafraid of going first, Alice closed her notebook, capped her pen, and slid everything into her book bag.
  38. The boundary includes just over two hundred and fifty acres, much of it capped by the pyramid and the dome.
  39. The canisters were about seven inches tall, red with grey writing in Nycarman Naasi, and with a capped top.
  40. Because of recent tax relief legislation, taxes on income generated through dividends are capped at 15 percent.
  41. The entire 3PDh formation is capped by a small head-and-shoulders pattern that resembles the cupola of a house.
  42. She and Gilbert had once picturedout merrily the day on which they should be capped and gowned graduates in Arts.
  43. The profit is capped at $10 plus the credit and the trader has the same downside exposure on a fall in the price.
  44. In the Arctic the Pole is capped by deep ice floating on the sea and all the land north of the timber line is frozen.
  45. Specifically, the upside of a call option is theoretically unlimited, but the downside is capped by the premium paid.
  46. The whole thing was capped off with a high peaked roof that was shingled in gray tiles, like something out of a movie.
  47. Large, majestic, snow capped peaks rose to the sky all around us, as far as the eye could see to either side of the pass.
  48. Glancing up I watched a white capped wave form and mentally I prepared to feel the aftereffect of its contact with the land.
  49. Beyond and above that gleamed the walls of a greater keep, near the line where the snow began that capped Yimsha's pinnacle.
  50. Her words were hard to hear and they threatened to draw my own tears from the well but I had capped that well a long time ago.
  51. Her teeth may have been capped and her lip sewn, but Herminia’s radiant smile lit the packed auditorium as brilliantly as ever.
  52. The distant mountain peaks, still catching the last light of day, were already capped with light snow heralding the coming winter.
  53. Frances slithered hot-eyed from the bed, reached into a cupboard and produced a small whip, its thong capped with a shiny metal tip.
  54. High above, the snow capped mountains watched over them, veiled by the filigree mist that swept off the peaks by the Winds of Dawn.
  55. Barging into her husband’s office and threatening to have his knees capped… that sort of stuff… we call them enemies, Lindsay.
  56. Included in this action is the readjustment of pensions to be capped at $40K with longer service requirements for the civil servants.
  57. The beauty of them when you already own the stock is that you then can earn double the upside at no additional risk, to a capped level.
  58. Now, I realised, it was my own peak which aped those snow capped hills and, recalled to my anxieties, I shook my white head and moved on.
  59. Yellowish thinning hair capped a round suntanned face, framed by a blonde beard which emphasized a large fleshy nose and red sensual lips.
  60. The Director of National Intelligence, who capped all the various national intelligence agencies in the United States, replied nearly at once.
  61. The only difference is that in the case of Alaska the mountains are always capped with snow and not one human being lives in such attractive sites.
  62. As long as your income falls within 400% of the federal poverty level, your health care premiums are capped on a sliding scale that goes no higher than 9.
  63. My mum gave her first Terumah; I explained this to her, because her company said she's capped - because of her education, they wouldn't promote her any more.
  64. It was indeed an extinct volcano capped with a steel dome, situated beside a vast metropolis whose suburbs covered the lower half of it’s slopes on that side.
  65. The full chute extended out beyond the holographic projector’s sphere of influence, but it was sufficient to slow his descent towards the snow capped mountain.
  66. That would be where all the emphasis would be, if the overall amount spent were really capped by their promises…the focus would turn to specific spending plans.
  67. My mum gave her first Tarumah, I explained this to her, because she said her company said she's capped, because of her education, they wouldn't promote her any more.
  68. This makes sense because the short put strategy has a capped upside return, and a large downside exposure (which is the opposite of the long call strategy of Table 4.
  69. Her Illusion showed a squat round tower with a domed roof, with four smaller half-towers capped by hemispheres attached equidistantly around the outside of the main tower.
  70. There was a sharp crack of the whip and Koke screamed out in agony as the individual strands of the whip each capped with a jagged metal barb chewed into his back and shoulders.
  71. In a crashing rainstorm, they hiked for hours, through forest, over boulders, and through ravines, climbing so high that the surrounding mountains were capped in snow in summer.
  72. I’d say have them serve 30 years & retire closer to 60-65yrs old and be capped at $30-40K for adequate care in their old age, not the life of Riley care starting at age 55.
  73. This is worse than the breakers, he said, with a nod of his capped head at the surging crowd, and almost as dangerous, and, of course, you are to be found at the outer verge.
  74. According to the law that governs this tax credit (Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009), only first-time homebuyers are eligible for a tax credit capped at $8,000.
  75. Miniature Aegyptosaurus baharijensis, Seven said and was about to add a description to that only she suddenly found herself thrown to the ground, her mouth capped by Garcia’s hand.
  76. A call spread Risk Reversal, also called a Seagull, has the same characteristics as the bullish Risk Reversal, except that the upside profit potential is capped by the short higher strike calls.
  77. That observation was backed up by a half dozen one liners of gratitude from said volunteers, capped off by Chelsea Patterson, who said From the moment we arrived, they made us feel like we were home.
  78. The table illustrates, for example, that a married couple with income of $40,000 per year would fall between 250% and 300% of the poverty limit, and thus their premium would be capped on a sliding scale between 8.
  79. He extracted the testicles, which he had severed and cauterised, through the slot he had lasered in the bottom of the back of the sac, dropping them both into a plastic container, which she capped and screwed closed.
  80. Her tiny half-circle of chin dissolved in concentric rings of fat into her neck, and massive breasts capped by distended nipples hung diagonally to each side of the gigantic belly whose navel was as large as a saucer.
  81. The snow capped ridges of the mountains rose up to the sky to our right, as everywhere gurgling brooks ran down from the mountains spilling their cold waters into the seas of grass on their endless journey to the sea.
  82. She pointed to me and then in a quite respectful tone she said something in her own language which she capped off with by placing her hands on her own diminutive hips as if in echo of the warrior’s actions before her.
  83. If all works out as planned, you should see something similar to the following screenshot: You can see that the word count of the Preview column is limited to 15 words, where it is capped and appended with three periods (.
  84. The narrow dusty roads, the picturesque red tiled roofs that capped blinding white stucco cottages fitting neatly onto steep hillsides, the tiny fields with centuries-old olive trees, their branches and trunks gnarled by time.
  85. It was capped by a round knoll, half of which was by now cut away, and on the top of which stood an ancient monument, sturdy and squat, for signalling in old days far down into the level lands of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.
  86. Because of the limit the Lagrangian law places on space the object moving is firstly capped by the limit at Π2 /2 and then later at Π2/ 4, but this gets very technical and I have books explaining this very broadly and much better too.
  87. We capped the out-of-the-moneyness to 10% of the equity price because strike prices that are more than 10% out-of-the-money tend to be thinly traded, making the spreads much wider and historical examination of trade profitability less reliable.
  88. The graveyard was enclosed by a thick adobe wall, and at its four corners small stone angels tilted out on stony wings, their grimy heads capped with bird droppings, their hands gifted with amulets of the same substance, their faces unquestionably freckled.
  89. In Danton’s wake a red capped guard hurried on, head bowed, taking two pigeon steps for every one that the committee chairman slammed down onto the unyielding flagstones as they swept past heavy browed doors set in frames of rough cut, foot square timbers.
  90. It had every one How to weave all of these moving pieces together of the above-noted elements powerfully bundled in the manifesto with the right tone and in the into a multisensory experience, capped by a call right order is something that’s taken years, and a to action.
  91. A stock trader may put only 10% of their total trading capital into one stock position and an option trader may buy an option contract using 1% or 2% of their trading capital and risk it all since it has a capped possible loss but a theoretically unlimited upside potential.
  92. Even throughout the extensive and shallow seas within the archipelago, sedimentary beds could hardly be accumulated of great thickness during the periods of elevation, or become capped and protected by subsequent deposits, so as to have a good chance of enduring to a very distant future.
  93. Today you can use a tool, issued and backed by one of the largest banks in the world, that will give you 100% principal protection guaranteed by its balance sheet and allow you to participate in 75% to 90% of the upside of the market (the S&P 500) without being capped! That is not a misprint.
  94. Traders would choose this structure over a put spread with the same strikes if they do not want their profits capped on a move lower in the short run and think the stock will recover, or if they think that the support will hold for a long time so then can lower their cost of entry in the whole trade.
  95. Meg had an extra row of little curlpapers across her forehead, Jo had copiously anointed her afflicted face with cold cream, Beth had taken Joanna to bed with her to atone for the approaching separation, and Amy had capped the climax by putting a clothes-pin on her nose to uplift the offending feature.
  96. His tendency to move on when he was through with you, or hoped you were through with him, was capped with, “Is that it!” If he received the hoped-for “Yes,” he would clap his hands together and move on to the next thing on his mind, to the next plane of existence, and whether you were standing there or not, you ceased to exist.
  97. Of them, only the one I have identified has any claim to match the descriptions from de San Juan’s few surviving compatriots; ‘waters as clear as a diamond and as deep as the abyss,’ he starts to recite from memory, ‘hills green as emeralds capped with snow as pure as innocence…seven leagues from end-to-end and ringed with trees tall as a score of men’.
  98. Since the goal of a covered put is to either pocket the premium received or to buy the stock at a discount to its current price by getting paid while waiting to see if we get our buy order filled, is there a situation when that waiting is a mistake? Is there an outcome where simply buying the stock would have been better than trying to pocket the premium? Since the profit from a short put is capped at the premium received, the answer is yes.
  99. At sundown, while she was drifting through the shadows in the square, Aureliano, was going along the porch like a stranger, scarcely greeting Amaranta Úrsula and Gaston, who usually dined at that time, and shutting herself up in his room again, unable to read or write or even think because of the anxiety brought on by the laughter, the whispering, the preliminary frolics, and then the explosions of agonizing happiness that capped the nights in the house.
  100. The true fanatics: the true Hebrews, the Black capped, black gowned, evil, hairy, ugly filth; with their ugly snarled hair, their ugly rotting dead hair, growing and growing out of their faces…longer and longer and longer… signifying the growing rotting evil of their diseased obsolete evil sick ancient culture: these Hasidic filth can only endure their own sick evil culture by shutting themselves OFF from the rest of the living world… and living in a self-imposed exile of ghetto-existence.
  1. Pain stung his knee caps.
  2. Both had stocking caps on.
  3. From the melted ice caps.
  4. There are spending caps in.
  5. These caps should be bigger.
  6. She went out, with dirty caps.
  7. Until they develop white caps.
  8. They wore caps decorated with.
  9. Did they use blasting caps?
  10. With roses, caps and looks malign;.
  11. The gravediggers touched their caps.
  13. They chewed pen caps and fingernails.
  14. Our caps will be our helmets!.
  15. The thatched roofs, like fur caps drawn.
  16. Child-proof drug caps are no match for a.
  17. Some wore sunglasses, some berets and caps.
  18. So the CIA really put its thinking caps on.
  19. They've flung their caps over the windmills.
  20. What about the blasting caps? he asked.
  21. That was where he kept his basketball caps.
  22. They’ve flung their caps over the windmills.
  23. Sometimes it is easier to pop out the end caps.
  24. Both Fred and Joe collected their macs and caps.
  25. Large caps are established in their industries.
  26. A sea of red and white Santa stocking caps sat.
  27. We both had our Holden caps on backwards.
  28. They were all wearing baseball caps, and had on.
  29. Here’s to caps and bells and rollicking tunes.
  30. We took our Holden caps off cause it was.
  31. He popped off their caps, and slapped the bottles.
  32. Caps, hands, and tongues, applaud it to the clouds:.
  33. If the English Red Caps caught you after that time.
  34. The reason I put that word in all caps is because I.
  35. There is the melting of the ice caps, but there are.
  36. But heigh-ho! there are no caps at sea but snow-caps.
  37. The melting of ice caps is acting to dilute the oceans.
  38. They looked like huge dunce's caps or sorcerer's caps.
  39. Sweat ran into their eyes from under their steel caps.
  40. These Special Abilities wil be indicated by ALL CAPS.
  41. Do you mean as in blasting caps for excavation?
  42. That would melt the polar ice caps at the top of the.
  43. They wore trench helmets and some American Legion caps.
  44. Small caps have a lot of potential, but a lot of danger.
  45. After all was done we went downstairs, removed the caps.
  46. Jeans and baseball caps aren't staples in your wardrobe.
  47. Corey and I decided to choose baseball caps with the word.
  48. The odd thing was, that though the caps were on, Toinette.
  49. They didn’t depend on the primer caps of the new-build St.
  50. Some will argue that this strategy caps your gain at only $5.
  51. One uses a friction primer, while the other uses primer caps.
  52. Caps off, traitors! shouted Rostóv in a wrathful voice.
  53. Yes, it's in caps, and I'm shouting, and the reason is this:.
  54. It has polar ice caps that grow and recede with the change of.
  55. Touching their caps, the companions resumed their walk, watched.
  56. At the word "Three!" the two boys took off their caps and threw.
  57. I do believe mid caps to some extent offer the best of both worlds.
  58. More water exists frozen in the polar ice caps, and enough water.
  59. Look, they’ve got kitty caps on the shelf over there to our left.
  60. Common sense tells us no one lived on top or underneath these caps.
  61. They put on their caps and approached, one on each side of the car.
  62. It was as cold as the north and south polar caps during Earth times.
  63. Participation rates and caps will depend on the individual products.
  64. At last the fairies straightened their caps and cried, Now for the.
  65. Some people like to collect caps, while others enjoy collecting bags.
  66. Arctic and Antarctic ice caps, the reduction of the ozone layer, the.
  67. They had metallic caps on their ends, and shone with a lustrous blue.
  68. The aerodynamic caps will have automatically ejected, Vogel said.
  69. With your thigh bones pressed heavily into the floor and your knee caps.
  70. Three hours later, Sam and Sheila took off their surgical caps and masks.
  71. On her head she wore one of those red caps that they were.
  72. From behind the mound he saw caps and muskets some two hundred paces off.
  73. Caps and buckshot were mixed pell-mell on the tables with glasses of wine.
  74. They’re the clock that controls aging and are likened to the caps on.
  75. Put safety caps on any unused electrical outlets, especially if there are.
  76. The crown of each was bald so that they appeared to be wearing skull caps.
  77. Making matters worse, I foolishly wore my Boston Red Sox and Patriots caps.
  78. I found the headphones in the house and blasting caps and BBs in the garage.
  79. The ice caps could have melted and we would still be standing there kissing.
  80. Covering up their own evil with white sheets and white caps and white hoods.
  81. Sweat dripped from the small parts of their brows their blue caps did not cover.
  82. Their caps were of iron and they were shod with iron, and their faces were grim.
  83. I knew they weren’t ‘twist-off’ caps on the Hiney’s – but with those.
  84. It was a gift from our General Assembly to the insurance industry, like all caps.
  85. With your thigh bones pressed heavily into the floor and your knee caps pointing.
  86. Other premium tactics include promotional products and items; the pens, caps, mugs.
  87. All my friends had pistols and rifles that would shot those little red paper caps.
  88. On another occasion, she was at the dentist for some replacement caps for her teeth.
  89. On the way to school I sometimes saw the Taliban with their caps and long dirty hair.
  90. Some of the convicts, removing their caps, approached the officer and made some request.
  91. When she saw the portfolios in her guests' hands, and their official caps, she grew pale.
  93. The two youngest boys, with yellow Ribierist cockades in their caps, sat on the front seat.
  94. He saw the whips in their red caps galloping along the edge of the ravine, he even saw the.
  95. Meanwhile as the main indices rally, the small caps and recovery plays have been struggling.
  96. The melting of the northern ice caps will change northern ocean salinity and currents and.
  97. The jailers, with their fingers lifted to their caps, followed the inspector with their eyes.
  98. They were dressed in dark, heavy long coats and black knit caps to ward off the February cold.
  99. There were three bottles of merlot, carefully selected by Jeff because of their screw-off caps.
  100. Some of the men bared their heads, others stared at the new arrivals without doffing their caps.

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