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    1. Alex reaches back over to the plastic bag and pulls out a plastic sandwich carton

    2. Within a few hours he had extracted Nathaniel’s entire life story up until the killing in the church and the second bottle of wine was almost empty and the priest had collected a carton of cigarettes

    3. I’ve seen numerous family, friends, and neighbors leave Grandma and Grandpa’s house with a carton or two full of fresh brown eggs

    4. He replaced the cork, slid the bottle back into its carton and climbed out of the truck

    5. Cops would turn a blind eye to some illegal activities in return for a jug of beer or the odd carton which came their way

    6. I sit at the table in the cafeteria and pick at a banana nut muffin and sip a carton of milk

    7. * Use an egg carton for the little items that end up in a junk drawer

    8. "I feel pretty tired, especially now, after acting like a mover, but I am glad that was the last," Midge answered, kicking the carton with her left foot

    9. entered the shop and bought two sandwiches and a carton of fruit juice, consuming

    10. milk carton he was using as a chair

    11. American soldiers could buy their cigarettes for one dollar twenty five a carton, so they were very happy to occupy the country

    12. Darian had a carton of water and was wide-eyed

    13. Each had a carton of water bottles

    14. matchboxes, candles, and canned heat by the carton

    15. Stand on stairs or carton with a single leg

    16. Anticipating an hour"s rest, we settled to our carton of milk and packet of chocolate biscuits with a gusto only slightly tempered by the plight of the poor man trapped on the cliff face

    17. In the bottom of a wardrobe in a cardboard carton were the papers they were looking for

    18. While returning for another carton, I heard the Commodore’s death rattle, a gurgling sound coming from his throat

    19. and drank it straight from the carton

    20. sides of the carton and down her chin and long neck

    21. Then he piled the stereo and speakers into a cardboard carton and dropped it outside of Steve’s place with a note attached explaining that he was alright, for Steve not to worry and that Steve could do whatever he saw fit with the stereo

    22. Andrew wiped his mouth off as he lowered the juice carton

    23. Andrew closed up the orange juice carton that he was still holding and shoved it back into the

    24. Place a carton of Greek-style yogurt in a child’s lunch for a calcium-packed snack that keeps their brains healthy and alert throughout the day with tyrosine

    25. I thought perhaps I could ask for some water to fill my carton when I reached the travel agent but thought better of it, terrified I'd be drawing attention to myself

    26. "Nothing; just an empty carton I used for water, and a map

    27. The wall had a bumpy texture, reminiscent of egg carton bottoms, but looked more organic than fabricated due to the randomness in size and placement of the bumps

    28. In our house I hid the silver tube under my clothes in a carton box and forgot about it almost forever

    29. By chance, I saw the silver tube in my carton box

    30. I grabbed hold of a 500 ml carton of chocolate milk with my teeth and then leaped onto the kitchen floor

    31. Thereafter, I galloped to the kitchen table, leaped onto it and then placed the carton on the kitchen table

    32. She pulled out a carton of liquid from the kitchen and then closed the fridge door behind her

    33. Then, she placed the carton on the counter and turned the cap open

    34. So, I leaped onto the counter, grabbed hold of the carton of juice and then calculated my moves

    35. I was now holding the carton with both forepaws and standing on my hind-legs

    36. I grinned at Johnny and then I lifted the lid of the carton

    37. left in the pizza carton

    38. And for a second, I contemplated about eating part of the carton, but later brushed it off

    39. I ripped open the plastic covering from the sandwiches and then opened the carton of chocolate milk

    40. typewriter and a carton of cigarettes

    41. He is loud, rude, insensitive and not to mention he is no smarter than a carton of milk

    42. pint of milk in a carton, chips, and a slice of lemon meringue

    43. I took the carton of chocolate milk, thanked the boy, and

    44. carton and then drank its contents

    45. Sharon opened up the fridge then removed a large carton of

    46. The news that Amaranta Buendía was sailing at dusk carrying the mail of death spread throughout Macondo before noon, and at three in the afternoon there was a whole carton full of letters in the parlor

    47.  1/2 carton of fresh soup, with 2 small slices of soda bread toasted and

    48. water and then a carton of milk

    49. the carton, he held it above my head

    50. 500ml carton of milk

    1. He carefully avoided the half finished cartons of Chow Mein

    2. chicken bones, chewed up burger cartons and masticated carrot

    3. Billy pushed the plastic bag full of cartons into the stream of

    4. carefully avoided the half finished cartons of Chow Mein

    5. He loses sight of them as they collect cups, teaspoons and cartons of milk, which forces him to turn round to see where they are heading

    6. Roman stopped in his tracks, balancing the two cartons of milk on the edge of his

    7. Monica, on the other hand, was crying over spilt milk, as the imps had littered her bedroom with spilt-over milk cartons, as her father Byron tried to catch the blighters with a butterfly net

    8. on milk cartons and gas station windows of missing young women would never

    9. I’ve watched first hand as Grandma would take cartons of eggs to church to hand out to those who needed them

    10. Colling asked Zinsmann where one might obtain black market sausage, and the next day, he informed Colling that lunch would be prepared by some women he knew, and would consist of Weissewurst, dumplings and sauerkraut, accompanied by beer and white wine, topped off with assorted Viennese pastries, if Sergeant Cooley could provide a kilo of sugar – all for only thirty cartons of cigarettes

    11. Colling watched as he opened several of the cardboard cartons and pulled bottles into view, turning them and then holding them to the light

    12. LP returned with two cartons of Resches beer, and Cassa carried the three pizzas

    13. Ferguson had set aside fifty cartons for Colling and stored them in a foot locker in Colling’s new quarters

    14. It was not locked, and when Colling lifted its lid, he saw that it was filled with cartons of cigarettes

    15. His mother had divided the contents of Cousin Jerry’s trunk into four cardboard cartons, distributing the garments evenly so that the other items in each box were padded by clothing

    16. He drove to the big PX in Cholon to pick up, as he did about every fourth day, six bottles of Jim Beam whiskey, twelve cans of ladies Revlon hair spray, and four cartons of Salem cigarettes

    17. " Two other girls brought out the ice chests filled with milk cartons they had carefully lugged around and kept cool for the five days since they had left the States

    18. A bottle of home-brew booze was three packs, a pair of pre-owned shoes in good shape got you four, a chicken from the farmer cost two, half a pound of butter one, and for fifty cartons of cigarettes you could actually pick up a complete house

    19. It was rumoured that one could buy a little black box which would run the meter backwards, but that gadget cost two cartons of cigarettes, or two thousand marks if you wanted to pay in soft currency

    20. Nakamura stepped up to one of the windows and presented a slip of paper to the clerk who retrieved two medium sized cartons

    21. By the way, the cartons had DHL markings on them

    22. I don’t know if you’ll be pleased with my snap decision, but I recalled the old American expression: ‘follow the money’ or in this case the cartons! He took a taxi and I took one as well, again staying a respectable distance behind him

    23. He unloaded four good-sized boxes onto a collapsible handcart and was beginning to secure the cartons with a couple of bungee cords

    24. It was now time for us to move in and seize the initiative and cartons

    25. The Secondary Schools Wrestling Competition was held in the ballroom of a large hotel, one street back from the beach-front and one block from the Ethnic Bazaar, where they had just delivered the cartons of urns and sculptures for Jeff

    26. Angela picked up the box and placed it atop the other three cartons piled against the wall

    27. All cans and cartons were cleaned and the shelves

    28. cartons in the middle of the ultra-modern kitchen with

    29. looked cold and uninviting and other than the cartons it was

    30. these cartons out of sight and under Homer’s desk on the

    31. Tobacco products (even those in cartons, cats can be

    32. and the steam emanating through the cracks in the pizza cartons

    33. booze in the blue coloured cartons behind me

    34. I walked through the gaps between the cartons and boxes on

    35. cartons of milk! Wow! What a joy! I'd always loved milk

    36. Alexa snatched one of the cartons from my

    37. Suppose the inside perpetrator goes to room 666, relieves his junior conspirator, writes down the trigger codes for each package, takes off the outer wrapper, and then places the bombs in conventional shipping cartons with the address of a different federal installation and a hand carry instruction with a code for each, but no explosives warning, and delivers them on a push cart to the mail room

    38. Judging by the fast food cartons littering the room, unwashed cups and plates on the draining board, this is where the four men had been staying, for some time

    39. cartons of cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey into his delighted hands

    40. She also bought two cartons

    41. The lyrics are directed at the customer, telling him things like: ‘we’re so happy you are here today’, ‘we have some great discounts for you’,’ ‘we are here to serve you,’ and it always ends with cheap potatoes, two cartons of washing powder for the price of one or whatever is on special today

    42. festering take-away food cartons

    43. stockpiled cartons of American cigarettes and other items not found in

    44. you buy them in the cartons, but can save you the

    45. Instead, buy a few cartons of egg whites that are a

    46. pushing old food cartons from the chair he sat on it, a roach securing away

    47. old papers, used food cartons and other more unusual collected items

    48. He usually leaves our compound with lots of money, cartons of various types of wine and hot drinks

    49. Caramarin scooped up as many rolls, cartons of milk, fruits, sweets as he

    50. The Cartons lived in an old section of the city which still retained something of its aristocratic air, having been passed by, as it were, like an eddy in the stream of business that swirled uptown, engulfing everything

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    carton cartonful crate case receptacle packet parcel

    "carton" definitions

    the quantity contained in a carton

    a box made of cardboard; opens by flaps on top