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    1. Their birth had been celebrity fodder, first Brazilian children born on Kassidor, with pictures of Isabel holding each infant, each half a local decade apart

    2. Fed on a diet of the thinnest celebrity gruel,

    3. She was famed throughout the elite echelons of London’s highest society for humping and dumping the most eligible young men, and all of it was done in the blaze of paparazzi flashbulbs and on the glossy pages of celebrity gossip magazines

    4. The soldier lived well in the city, going out for expensive dinners at the finest restaurants, attending the theatre regularly, spending pleasant evenings in the brightest of celebrity haunts and even doing a little work for charity when time permitted

    5. Later that year, being the largest account holder at the great and majestic bank, and because of his newfound fame as a television celebrity, the soldier was unanimously elected as its new chairman

    6. Politicians come and go, passing through the revolving doors of power and celebrity, and sometimes even infamy, like eels sliding from a barrel

    7. They attended every glitzy party, were invited to every celebrity bash, made frequent guest appearances on television and generally became the most famous couple on the planet

    8. He always worked with zeal, with vigour and not without considerable skill and expertise, but the truth was that the television celebrity and his wife were too busy to see the merits of his arguments about the grand old oak tree

    9. They were especially keen to send their tomatoes to the restaurants run by their celebrity chef chums in the bustling centres of expensive consumer consumption that shined amid the phantom lights of the capital city

    10. He was convinced that the simplest and best way to find his perfect partner in life would be to announce his desire to marry to the world by way of a celebrity photo-shoot

    11. appeared in all of the celebrity magazines of the day

    12. years working in the mire of celebrity shame, the editor of the

    13. spending pleasant evenings in the brightest of celebrity haunts and

    14. celebrity, the soldier was unanimously elected as its new chairman

    15. were invited to every celebrity bash, made frequent guest

    16. That's why the general public is so addicted to the concept of celebrity

    17. truth was that the television celebrity and his wife were too busy to

    18. tomatoes to the restaurants run by their celebrity chef chums in the

    19. Howdy! - the celebrity lifestyle magazine beloved of the little

    20. celebrity couple in every city and in every country where really

    21. He wanted to believe the tales she told because it was a bit of a thrill to be into someone so close to celebrity

    22. Some of those who merely held grudges due to business competitions, now welcomed the celebrity of the little Mercantile and talked about 'how much better business has been this year with the Livingson folks' store just down the street and all' whether a real uptick had occurred or not

    23. So, with more pats on the back and more well wishes, Harry's debut of celebrity was officially inaugurated, and it wouldn't pass until he boarded that train next June

    24. His single refuge from the inundation of celebrity was the time he still cherished with his sisters

    25. celebrity of the day sang into the microphone of legend

    26. Then they at once thought of Harry and all he'd endured of celebrity, and at their hands

    27. For everyone who later recalled the pleasure of being in the audience upon that first performance was ever after given the respect afforded a minor celebrity; to recollect for their listeners the excitement and the thrill of being present at the very beginning of what became a beloved tradition of the little village on the Tahoe

    28. It has nothing to do with your level of living, your influence, your friendliness, your celebrity, your rank in society, the apartment you live in, the value of the car you drive or anybody's assessment about you

    29. there; laugh and celebrity for I am coming and coming with a

    30. To dream that you are having sex with a celebrity indicates your drive to be successful

    31. Consider what movies you associate this celebrity with for clues as to where and what you want to achieve success in

    32. It is indeed a chuffing pig, and not a diminutive Geordie celebrity

    33. Snaps McDougal is now a household name, and his celebrity does much to raise the profile of alligators everywhere

    34. The boy in the wheelchair was the ‘explosive’ local celebrity

    35. He lost, but it made him a local celebrity

    36. I was disgusted by the way they were treating me as a celebrity, when I was nothing more than an executioner

    37. Now he had become like some celebrity within this small community

    38. It was Abbott who started the whole celebrity culture of the Phoenix Project, publicising fights, et cetera

    39. In Rome the people still believe in something more than celebrity, their minds are not jaded by the government’s propaganda, and they exist in a pure world, free of prejudice and hatred

    40. It makes sense, it’s a hell of a lot easier to gun down an American celebrity and get world wide notice than to take down a building

    41. This could be jihad against professional athletes or any kind of celebrity

    42. “Because he was a superstar, a celebrity

    43. He was one of the first celebrity athletes

    44. There was a big crowd outside of Grace Cathedral as a Who’s Who of celebrity and sports figures came to pay their last respects

    45. Dorro suddenly felt a stab of jealously; Rufus was becoming something of an instant celebrity

    46. The blond man grinned and stated, “You are now a celebrity Mr

    47. A thought about palimony: Whenever a woman, of her (own) free will, chooses to enter into a relationship of convenience with a man, a celebrity let‘s say, and that relationship subsequently sours, for whatever reason(s), (as is so often the case, the man in question has grown tired of the woman), and the women seeks compensatory emoluments for ―services‖ rendered or alleged physical abuse or

    48. Out of the many dozens of people who actually tried to kill a celebrity or public official not a single one made a threat to do so beforehand

    49. O‘Connor for failing to live up to his (O‘Connor‘s) politically correct standards of how an African American sports celebrity aught to behave; that is to say, by setting a proper ―example‖

    50. In Bru’s mind Hilier, being a TV celebrity, would have picture-perfect teeth

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    Synonyms for "celebrity"

    celebrity famous person fame renown popularity glory notoriety honour star luminary personage dignitary notability

    "celebrity" definitions

    a widely known person

    the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed